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Last week, I was suspecting someone hacked into my Gmail account by sending an unrelated email to my friends, I decided to change my Gmail password immediately. 5)      Enter your current Gmail password and new Gmail password twice (New password and Confirm new password). The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Your Google account is the identical account for all other Google products such as Gmail, and You Tube. On the top right corner of your screen, there is a “gear” like button exactly below your profile picture or icon.
From the drop down menu, select the “Settings” option which will open up Settings menu for you. You will see “Accounts and Import” on the top of the Settings tool bar which is the fourth item from left. On the top of the page select “Change Password” option which will open a new window named “My Account”. Enter your current password to confirm that someone else is not attempting to change your account password. However, in the case when you forgot your password, there is a different approach to reset it. Then Google asks you to choose either to send a text message or an automated phone call to provide a verification code to you.
Either option you choose, you will get a code to verify that it’s you and not some phishing activity.
A new page shall show up for your assistance, type in the verification code, and a new password that have not been used already with the same account. While you change the password for your Google account, one thing to make sure is that you have selected an appropriate secure password. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged change google password, change gooogle account password, changing google password, google account change password, google account password, google password change on December 28, 2015 by Gmail Help. Gmail account is one of the most encouraging and the most popular web in the email history. Free service oriented: It is the special feature of Gmail login as it provides the free email service. Easy way of communication orally, written or visually: Using Gmail is an easy way to communicate by texting email messages or video calling. Strong chance of prohibiting junk mails: Junk mail is unwanted advertising that arrives in your postal mailbox. You can check the mails form any place with the connection to the internet:  Along with that you can easily make a attachment of the important files, pictures, documents, or videos.
This entry was posted in Gmail and tagged Gmail Login, gmail login 2015, gmail login and sign in, Gmail Login Tips, Gmail Sign In, gmail sign in 2015 on December 22, 2015 by Gmail Help.
Undoubtedly one of the best and free email services available for many people across the globe, Gmail renders many more services besides its email.
The second reason is my favorite where Gmail enables users to undo the message they sent to some other users.
Beside email service, Gmail has built in chat feature that includes all text, voice, and video.

Gmail provides a huge space for you to save your emails, and furthermore it will also let you to purchase the space if you happened to need more. This entry was posted in Gmail and tagged gmail account benefits, google gmail, how do i use google gmaiil, how to use gmail account, how to use gmail email, using gmail, using gmail for business on December 21, 2015 by Gmail Help.
Gmail Login Mobile verification is the process of matching user and there account to make secure login.
Go to account setting option and drop down menu then select edit profile then go to mobile number and enter your mobile number then you will get the mobile verification code then enter that code in to your account and verify your account.
After matching found your account will be verified by gmail that help you to secure login if you forget password or you face any problem that help you to recovery your account so gmail mobile verification is important for security of gmail account. This entry was posted in Gmail, Gmail Account, Gmail Issue, Gmail Login Change Password and tagged create a gmail account, forget gmail password, Gmail Login, gmail loging forget password on August 11, 2015 by arjun paudel. No matter you are using Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail; you need to change the email password frequently to prevent hackers hacking into your email accounts.
However, I could not find the change Gmail password option at first and it took me at least 5 minutes to find the change password option.
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. This makes your account quite significant factor to save your identity or basic profile information.
Pick up the mixture of words, numbers and special symbols for a higher strength of the password that will strengthen your security. The best tips on creating a password is to choose about 12 or more characters that combines the random letters, numbers and special symbols.
Nowadays, many people are using it daily for their own private as well as official purposes. You can make a circle in Google+ and share thoughts, pictures, videos and get in touch with others. If you send any wrong message in the email, Gmail help us to wait number of second before sending message. For example, if one of our contacts sends us a message with an address in it, Gmail will preview it automatically.
You can also select your own image to use as a custom theme, or choose from a selection of photos. You can hangout with your family and friends having conversation in video call with the use Gmail. The service includes sending file, documents, make video calls (both one to one and one to many) etc.
Like me there are many people out there who hate the spam in their inbox, however hardly other email service acts to eliminate the spam. In other words, if you accidently happened to send a message to wrong person, then Gmail gives you 15 seconds to undo the sent messages. With just one click you can execute the chat with other users whom you already emailed or make a Gmail voice or video calls. Since, you now know the great features of Gmail, then why not starting using it, if you haven’t?
User authorized number is registered in the account profile if some problem arise while login user can check their account by getting verification code in the mobile.

Actually it is my first time to change my Gmail password and that’s why I took some time to figure out how to change my Gmail password.
Also, during the process if you are logging in from an unusual place, or some different devices, Google will ask you for an email id or phone number that is on your account for confirmation.
Many people are using it day by day as it has so many features which makes Gmail very easy, swift and hassle free in use. Auto-Advance available in Gmail Labs, lets us choose what Gmail does in this situation, so we can go straight to the previous email whenever we delete or archive a message.
With more than 420 million active users worldwide, Gmail estimated that 60 percentages of companies in US used it for email purpose.
But, Gmail does make sure that its users receive spam less then possible; which is absolutely great the thing for those who despise spam. And, this will let you to search any message whether it is been sent to you an hour ago or years ago.
And to perform the voice and video calls all you’ve got to do is download the apps which will not take more than a minute or two.
If your code is successfully matched with your account you are safe otherwise you need to do some process for making your account safe and secure.
It has become simpler and faster that many users are registered to this account on daily basis.
Emphasizing solely on Gmail, in today’s article I will give you an insight on five reasons for using Gmail. If you provide wrong verification code it will be hamper your account login so be careful to enter your code.
If you’re having trouble with that and even if you forgot your passwords, this guide will help you solve your problems. Check out the list below for why you have to opt for the Gmail than other available in the online market. All in all, you don’t have to squander time searching for email, just search for a message when you need it and it will find it for you. Make sure that you have a password with uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols for this account, to make the password harder to crack. 4) Facebook will offer you three options: use your Google account to sign in, send a link via email or send link to your phone. You don’t want spam links being tweeted from your account, so keep changing your password by following these steps. 2) Here you need to type your current password and the new password and click Save changes.
3) Now Twitter will ask you to choose whether you want a password link on your email or phone. 3) Enter your old password, type your new password, and click Save changes to complete the process.

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