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In this article you’ll learn about different strategies for maximising learning and development effectiveness. When we think about professional development, the first thing that comes to mind is formal learning.
Target date1 NovemberLearning outcomeGot some great tips about how to structure and deliver a good presentation. Target date15 NovemberLearning outcomeThis video reinforced some of the content covered in the training course.
Make note of why you think these skills are important, and what you would like to learn from the upcoming training session. Posture: I feel that posture is very important for projecting confidence, and this is something I don’t pay enough attention to. Content of presentation: I find it very difficult to find the right balance between giving enough information and covering too much detail. Target date1 NovemberLearning outcomeThe course covered all the skills I wanted to develop.
Target date15 FebruaryLearning outcomeAttending the business conferences after learning about public speaking skills put the event in a brand new light. Target date28 FebruaryLearning outcomeThis video reinforced some of the content covered in the training course. Temple University Harrisburg will host the series, which will be videoconferenced between Harrisburg and Philadelphia. Fees: $40 per person for each three-hour workshop and $100 per person for the nine-hour workshop series.

People really value a good supervisor – it makes their work life easier and more rewarding. Whether you supervise a few or a number of employees, or coordinate a team, a project, or program, this workshop series is for you. Great collections of Good Personality Development Quotes, Thoughts about Character Develop can helps you in life, don’t forget to share with you friends and family.
In the Simplest Terms, a Leader is One who Knows where He wants to Go, and Gets Up and Goes.
Whoever is Careless with the Truth in Small Matters cannot be Trusted with Important Matters. Integrity is Choosing Your Thoughts and Actions based on Values rather than Personal Again.
As well as some very practical tips about how to capture the audience attention and using body language to each person’s advantage.
Pay attention to how great speakers are applying the skills covered in the Public Speaking course.
It was interesting to be able to pick up on body language cues and techniques the speakers were using. This could have prevented the awkward tilt and read situation the last speaker found himself in.
The cost for each additional person from the same organization is $32 per workshop and $80 for the series. Certificates of attendance will be emailed to participants.
During these engaging and thought-provoking sessions, you will learn how to tap your own experience and that of your employees to improve your effectiveness as a supervisor.

Skip provides results-based organizational development and training services, including virtual workshops and long-term on-site consulting tailored to your organization’s needs. I now understand that there’s no hard and fast rule about ‘the style’, but the key is to find one that suits you.
Generic continuing education units (CEUs) also are available for non-licensed professionals.
Skip’s passion is helping staff, executive directors, boards, committees and volunteers work mutually and to achieve their agencies’ missions. The final activity saw the employee give an outstanding presentation at the company’s annual investor’s briefing. You may have the knowledge and skills to do each person’s job, but you cannot effectively do the jobs of several persons. Since 2005, ConnectSynergy has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations in south-central Pennsylvania. A team of workers gets its strength from the diverse skills, knowledge, abilities and personal styles each person brings.

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