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A couple of readers noticed this morning that the Google homepage has updated with a much more minimal UI, including a new flat logo.
It should be noted that this Google homepage style has been an experiment for a few months, but this appears to be a rollout to non-experimental users. And here are some screenshots showing how the new app button will work throughout services.
Right, I have been using a cheap shutter release I got off of ebay, but planned on getting one and using my N7 since i have photo editing apps right there as well. I bought the international 3-pin car dock for cheap last year for my VZ Gnex, and have been using that. I also have an extra gnex with a cracked screen that I use to charge my spare batteries so I just swap a newly charged battery and run out the door every day. They make everything flat in a way to make technology look simpler and more accessible to the public. So what you’re saying is that a new crappy bandwagon has replaced the old crappy bandwagon? Not too long, you get 1 point for every 2 web searches (15 per day), plus they have bonus points every day. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
Google's highly anticipated homepage redesign has just gone live for a bunch of more people. When it comes to design, especially that of its search engine, Google is very conservative and carefully weighs even the smallest tweak. Front and center is, as always, the Google logo, which is also getting a visual revamp with a little less shading and brighter colors.
The search results page is featuring the three-panel layout we talked about before, which is pretty much the same as activating the Search Options in the regular Google search results page. The iconic Google logo has remained more or less what it was, but has received a completely flat design and a slight color change on a few of the letters.
This is one of the most fundamental imaginable lessons in business website design and content creation. Google does one thing better than almost anyone:  they focus on the needs of webpage user rather than the needs of their business. Make Google your default search engine Search right from the address bar, wherever you go on web.

Have you ever asked yourself how do I make Google my homepage?If yes,then here is a detailed step by tutorial on to this easily in any browser.
A short clip on how to make Google, or any, website, your homepage using internet explorer 8.
How to make Google your homepage- simple & easy guide my homepage on chrome,Firefox Internet Explorer in 2014.Must Watch! Remember how Google argued “we do believe that having very limited text on our home page is important” and that it was pitched as some great sacrifice to include the word “privacy” and disrupt the homepage’s aesthetics? Apparently none of this is nearly as important as shilling promoting Google’s new phone, the Nexus One. Michael Zimmer, PhD is an Associate Professor in the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Director of the Center for Information Policy Research.
Google has been pretty bullish on its local and location services and one big aspect of that is Google Places and all of the services around it. Now though, it looks like the company is making the biggest step yet, it has started testing Places integration on the Google homepage for mobile devices.
The buttons provide quick links to Restaurants, Coffee, Bars as well as a drop-down menu with more categories. This makes sense, since a large percentage of mobile searches have to do with local information and location, according to Google itself. Even on the mobile front, Google only has a few links to its most popular services and that's it, the page is dedicated to the search box and little else. Google is likely still experimenting with the feature, but it seems to be a pretty widespread test indicating that it may roll out the new homepage sooner rather than later. I setup my DSLR for long exposure shots on a tripod and then don’t have to touch the camera (shake) and can operate it from the phone.
Everything was designed to look as much as its real-life counterpart, in order to make everything comprehensible for everybody. As expected for such a big change, Google has been testing the new homepage and search results page for several months, making tweaks and adjustments based on the user feedback it got from early testers.
With that in mind, the new Google homepage is a huge revamp, with everything getting updated, modified or tweaked. The left sidebar also features a dynamic categories listing allowing you to filter your results to just Images, Videos, Blogs, and so on.
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Whether you believe that works or not, there’s no doubt that Google will have carried out lots of testing before going live with this. Google is the most popular Web site in world, so it only makes sense that you would want make your home page. I’d be curious to see what kind of discussions led to the original design, and this revert.
Places is becoming a huge directory of every place of interest on Earth and Google has been integrating the service and the data into some of its other services, like Maps and the search results. There's nothing new here, all of the data is already accessible via Google Maps, Place pages and sometimes via search results as well.
On the one hand, it signals that Places has grown up, it's now an integral part of the Google search experience, at least on the mobile front.
The company has prided itself in maintaining a clean homepage, even as it added tens of new services to as arsenal. It also makes for a decent security camera over wifi and I use it regularly as a remote control for my Google TV. I also use the cracked screen version to connect to a bluetooth OBD2 sensor in my car using torque.
And the results are quite stunning, the new homepage is absolutely gorgeous, even as it maintains Google's well-known minimalistic approach.
The idea was to remove any distractions in order to boost searches, since Google doesn’t make money until you start searching.
The use of the phone versus the camera allows me to keep the LCD off the camera and save some battery life. Finally, all the other links on the homepage also look a lot better and there is a small border between the menu links at the top of the page and the rest, very much like YouTube's newly launched redesign. It can also save the pics directly to the phone instead of the camera which is a handy feature because sometimes I take lightning shots and as soon as they come through, I can share the photos online using wifi.

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