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Do you ever wonder what is included in your current life script?  Have you ever been curious about your past lives?  Have you ever thought about your next lifetime or lifetimes after that one?  In this guided meditation, Anne’s guides take you on a journey to the Akashic Records, which is the place on the other side of the veil where all of our life scripts are stored - both our current life script and the life scripts from our past lives. You deserve to and can feel totally safe, secure, and protected while exploring your psychic, mediumship, and healing abilities.  In her newly released Psychic Protection 101 ebook, Dr. I review Anne’s ebooks, Psychic Protection 101 and Channeling 101 every few weeks as my reminder and instruction for psychic protection and channeling skills, since this will be a lifetime practice every time we channel or give\receive readings.
I used to have a hard time meditating, but I knew that it was important for me so I could “tune in” psychically. Those who listen to Trip to the Akashic Records: Guided Meditation report feeling a deeper sense of faith that everything is happening for a Divinely Ordered reason and that all is truly well.

Anne Reith, has finally released her ebook Channeling 101.  In it, you will find the tools, tips, and techniques that she has used to successfully train hundreds of students how to channel over the past decade.
Anne Reith will explore many topics, including (1) the difference between Light and dark energy, (2) how to feel safe under any circumstances, and (3) a wide range of highly effective and easy-to-use tools, techniques, tips, and actions you can take to protect yourself and others at all times. It’s so good to know that we actually have training and instruction for this gift that we were born with, but didn’t know how to control. Anne has used her background in therapy, her training in hypnotherapy, and her experience in the field of metaphysics to create a very effective tool for anyone wishing to explore their past lives!
Anne’s guided meditations make it easier for me to focus, since they are without music.

I believe that the universe of Light and Love sent Anne to us for this purpose during this lifetime. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who, like me, has trouble quieting their mind and meditating on their own.

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