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A guided meditation on praying with scripture from "The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth" Teacher Guide. Experience the self-empowering spirit of Dream Week with a special guided imagery meditation. A handout that describes how to write a script for guided imagery meditation, and why students enjoy participating in this type of meditation. Each meditation is accompanied with enchanting music and followed by a life enhancing message. Meet the king of the Gnomes in the enchanted forest, and let him show you the wisdom of every drop of life.

There are five meditations corresponding to the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Enveloped in five sheaths, our body is multidimensional; these meditations will take us to the different dimensions of being, allowing us to experience our true nature.
Let the Mermaids take you on an adventure to the depths of the ocean floor, a magical kingdom awaits, and see the secrets of the mermaid kingdom. These meditations are wonderfully descriptive and magical allowing children and adults the access into the world of mind stuff. Journey with me into the different koshas or vital sheaths that surround this body; learn to control the senses as we become more aware of them.

Realize the “Self” as you melt into bliss, the world your creation, your playground; then drift off to sleep on a cloud of music, taking you to the source… the beginning of time.

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