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Our friendly group also have the chance to discuss  the meditative journey, and explore the ways in which Nature can move us to contemplate, create and rejuvenate. One of the easiest and most effective way to reconnect with the divine source is to spend some time with nature. Meditating surrounded by Nature has many advantages as pointed out in this excellent article.
I for one will make sure that, for today at least, i will take a pause from my daily activities and take a walk in the park. About UsIn the today's fast paced world where our mind is bombarded with thousands of things to do and as if like a mechanical robot- our life is whirling in a vicious circle of responsibilities, dead-lines, commitments and what not- this website is a small attempt to give it a chance to slow down a bit. If using another meditation, you can listen first to get an idea of the exercise so next time you play it, you are prepared to utilize the audio to its full potential.
This entry was posted in Holistic Lifestyle and tagged guided meditation, quiet mind, zen by Lorraine Scott. The 101 Relaxing Tracks album from Spa Maestro offers over 7 hours of sounds created to positively reinforce your mood and attitude. Often in our busy involvement in the daily tasks of life, we forget about this eternal truth. We all are part of the nature, yet for most of us nature has become a sort of alien subject.
I myself especially love to feel the breeze across my cheeks and watch the morning Sun before closing my eyes and commencing meditation. We tend to forget about how amazing nature can be and unfortunately are too busy to appreciate it.
To see the world as it is evolving, to learn to take the notice of the smile of a child, the flowering in a plant, the blackness of the cloud, the sparkle in the water drops - all things we used to do as a child.

Abundance can be in the form of success, prosperity and doesn’t always have to do with money. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Guided meditation is a technique to experience health benefits of meditation.In this meditation we use our imagination with purpose of achieving healing and realizations through purposeful contemplation and reflection. Relax the body - Sit or lie down in a relaxed position, close your eyes and follow the words and scenario. Concentration of the mind - You can visualize something simple in your mind and concentrate at that. Expansion of the mind - When yours bodies, emotions and minds are quiet, you are ready to expand your imagination and awareness through guided imagery. Try to touch and feel at least some part of the nature be it earth, water, wind, plants, trees, grass or any animal. In this short time span, we should try to increase our awareness towards this phenomenon called life. The ocean breeze and sound of the waves made you forget most of your cares and enjoy nature. This is something we need to be reminded constantly – to go out and get in touch with the elements. The exercise involves bringing to mind what is blocking your success, abundance and prosperity without getting too deep into the emotions of it and judging yourself (needlessly adding stress and negativity). Let any stray thoughts pass through, always gently drawing the attention back to your subject of visualization. To look at the rain drops, to experience the cool breeze, to walk on the grass, to observe the greenery, to touch a tender flower- all these tiny tasks can result in an instant connection with the nature.

Are we doing something meaningful in our life – something that will have a lasting impact on our lives? We should not forget either that Buddha Himself achieved his Enlightenment while meditating outside.
My meditation audios usually have a theme to help work out specific issues or to create a certain result.
You can light some candles, close your eyes and imagine any place in the world where you would like to be right now. It is a technique which involves a particular journey, story or script in mp3 audio file, or read out loud. You can also concentrate on the sounds of the words, the voice, the music and sound effect of your guided materials. You will able to see you on a movie screen in your minds as a person that you want to be.5. Are we living a life of quality or it is just a life of quantitative abundance with no real charm ? This mental practice could last from 3 to 30 minutes, but depends on individual preference and comfort.
Productive activity - At the end of process you slowly bring your attention back to your body. You can try another technique for relaxation where you relax each body part, starting with the toes and ending with the top of the head.

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