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I am such a big fan of your youtube channel and your website where you explains everything about lots of things! Hey I was hoping you could give me advice on which set would be best for my needs im pretty sure I know which one i want but id love a second opinion.
It’s just a different line and the volume is the difference, but if you aren’t going to wear them all the time, I would just go with the Bellissima!
What brand and color do you use to dye your hair when wearing the Bellamy mochachino extensions? It is wise to be in the comfort zone, meaning that you need to stay in the range of most flattering colors. At Secrets Hair and Beauty, we know how important your hair is to you and we want to help is bigger and better. Let’s face it, most women are not born with Repunsel-like hair and sometimes we all need a little help in the mane department, including celebrities! GuestThe Travelin Diva4 years 10 months agoWearing extensions is a guilty pleasure for all women. If you want to “get wild”, you can easily do it with zebra, leopard or tiger print hair extensions. Zebra, tiger, leopard or cheetah print hair extensions are clipped into the hair without damage or permanent dye. Whether or not they become popular, print hair extensions will help you create dramatic look that will make people take a second glance. I know sooo many of you are seasoned hair extension queens, but I am completely new to trying these babies! Now, I tried Keratin hair extensions, which basically means they take small strands of your hair and then wrap the very small piece of Keratin that is attached with the hair extension.
GuestTasha2 months 18 days agoYeah I got them in right now did ask for micro beads so be carful ladies if your not to sure like me!
Guestsara1 year 3 months agoHi Huda your hair look great can you please let me know where did you make them ?
GuestHair Extension1 year 7 months agoThis is very informative post, we also work in the same field.

If you’re seeking full length with serious volume, the Hair Secrets Clip-in Extensions Ultimate Volume is for you.
When you think of premium wefts and high quality human hair, only Remy hair extensions can bring both of those things together in one amazing product. Hair Secrets supplies clip in hair extensions that are made from premium quality remy human hair.
Starting with how long have you had your bellami extensions and did the company pay you to say any of the things you said? I would love to order them, but I worry that they won’t exactly match my red hair color. I would personally recommend the Bellami because the wefts tend to lay flatter on the head. I just ordered Hair Secret and am worried that the clips win’t clip or hold in my hair. With our knowledge and expertise we are confident we are able to offer and provide a full range of hair extension services. I know it seems like the water in Hollywood gives everyone in the celebrity world perfect hair, but the truth is, they have quite a bit of help from their hair stylist.
They can be styled using heat tools because they are designed with heat-friendly synthetic fiber. Then they kind of melt it on to your hair with a hot rod–yeah I know that doesn’t sound too good! The first couple of weeks, they definitely were annoying and I could feel them, now I don’t notice them at all! At Hair Secrets, we have designed a series of extensions that are made of totally natural, human hair.
We have clip in extensions for fine hair, clip in extensions that bring you excellent volume and extensions that can stay in place for 6 weeks or more. I personally love wearing extensions (check my video out here) when I go out myself, but it’s always healthy to give your hair a break! The whole process takes about 2 hours or more depending on how many you want, it took about 6 for mine, which felt like FOREVER!

And that last thing I wanted on my hair as I lost half a head from bond glue hair and yesterday a strand for my keratin hair came witch took my real hair to now you can see my scalp with the hair missing so think about it before getting and make sure you know what your getting before hand unlike me…. Because our extensions are all the same length and we ensure that the cuticle of the hair is always running in the same direction, you get an exceptional quality that is unmatched by other suppliers. When only the finest extensions will do, find a stockist that only carries the finest products and ask for Hair Secrets. I’ll probably wear some for a wedding event for example for a special hairstyle but not for an everyday look.
I am so worried that I will mess them up because I have never colored hair myself before :) Also, I was wondering if I have short hair, is it ok to get 220g just in case? Of course I felt like I needed some longer locks IMMMEDIATELY after I cut off my hair, and I ended up calling my sisters salon to add as many hair extensions as I could! Instead of having to spend hours at the salon getting extensions placed within your own hair, the clip in extensions from Hair Secrets are easily applied in only 5 minutes. Next, it’s common for people to maintain hair, especially if it is exposed to harsh chemicals. You definitely shouldn’t use conditioner with them, maybe just a conditioning shampoo, otherwise your hair will look really greasy! You will gain volume, length and beauty in a fraction of the time when you use the natural hair extensions from Hair Secrets.
Before it is sent to our stockists, each weft is manually processed through by hand, two times, in fact, to ensure that there are no shorter strands. I love that they have a really nice curl to them, I actually just washed my hair, the curled the top with a tiny curling iron today and they looked really nice! I definitely want to see how my hair will look once I take them out, but so far I love the way they look on!

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