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Uns podem dizer que e forcacao de barra, mas muitos acreditam que no game Mad Max existe uma referencia do jogo que todo mundo espera, mas ainda sem novidades, Hal Life 3. E claro que tudo isso nao passa de especulacao e nem podemos confirmar que isso e um Easter Egg, referencia ou bizarrice da mente do rapaz. Muitos cairao a minha esquerda, a minha direita, a minha frente e atras de mim e eu so sobreviverei se eu tiver aquela pocaozinha de life marota! Mad Max is inviting players into a desolate virtual wasteland, and with the game now a few weeks old players are starting to discover some very cool easter eggs.
As you can see in the pictures below, a charred Gordon Freeman (the Half-Life series' main protagonist) has had his arm blown off, and you can see it hanging from the crate still clutching onto a crowbar. And if that wasn't enough to give it away, the number "3" is painted in orange on the crate. Earlier this week, a new open-world zombie game hit the market, and developer Techland made sure to include homages to some of gaming’s biggest hits ever.
As you can see in the video, you can find this Easter egg by heading to the southwest part of the town map.
Also, the blood splatter probably spells out the release date for Half-life 3 or something. For the last decade, there have been three dream gaming projects that fans have wanted, but many doubted would ever actually see the light of day. The game in question is Half-Life 3, and while Valve seems adamant on not saying anything about the game, no one has forgotten about it. Although most gamers would love to see Half-Life 3 become a reality, Avalanche is less optimistic.
The Easter Egg is found inside a cave in Mad Max‘s desert wasteland, in the southern section of the Grit Canyons area. For example, there is a large crate with the number 3 painted on its sides with orange paint (orange being a color commonly associated with the series). Speaking of the beloved bespectacled Gordon Freeman, he can be found lying on the ground next to the crate, in just as bad of shape as his severed arm.
At this point Easter Eggs like this one, and the Half-Life 3 Easter Egg that was found in Dota 2 earlier this year, are likely as close as gamers are going to get to the sequel.

Embora esteja desaparecido ha varios anos, a Avalanche Studios tem uma ideia do que aconteceu a Half-Life 3.
O credito da descoberta deste Easter Egg vai para o utilizador "Swagmastavondagmasta" do Imgur, que publicou as imagens.
Tem a inclinacao de gostar de jogos estranhos, principalmente que envolvam violencia e sangue aos montes. Half-Life 3 e sem duvida um dos jogos mais esperados de todos os tempos -se nao for o mais- e uma das coisas que os jogadores que o aguardam mais gostam de ver sao referencias ao terceiro titulo da franquia da Valve. Falando nele, PC Siqueira, digo, Gordon Freeman tambem pode ser visto, num estado tao lamentavel quanto seu braco, tanto que so pode ser reconhecido por causa de seus oculos.
Agora que voce ouviu o cast e nos amou, vote ja no Critical Cast para melhor Podcast do Brasil!
Rafael OliveiraRafael Oliveira escreve no Critical Hits principalmente sobre quadrinhos e series de TV, tendo adicionado bastante a um tipo de conteudo que pouco costumavamos abordar anteriormente, alem de ser fa de Shadow of the Colossus e lembrar disso em todo episodio do Critical Cast. Een sneer naar andere games, spelen met de langdurige ontwikkeling van een game, Avalanche Studios heeft in Mad Max lopen klooien om ontwikkelaar Valve iets duidelijk te maken omtrent Half-Life 3. Onderstaande afbeeldingen tonen een locatie op de map waar een verbrandde en verkoolde Gordon Freeman op de grond ligt, een arm op een krat ligt met een breekijzer in de hand en een '3' in de stijl van Half-Life op de krat geschreven staat. Het lijkt er dus op dat Avalanche Studios wil zeggen dat Half-Life 3 niet meer gaat gebeuren, tenzij Valve de mond opentrekt en de ontwikkeling van de game bevestigt. Misschien handig om plaatjes in de app te ondersteunen, mensen die via hun smartphone nu bezoeken zien weer eens niks. It offers plenty of things to do and exploring the world is fun, but that didn’t stop Techland from including a little bit extra. This is a clear reference to publisher Valve’s four-player cooperative Left 4 Dead games.
The gas pipe, which has a literal valve, and is similar to the logo you see at the start of the publisher’s games. And then E3 2015 happened, and two out of those three projects were announced in the form of Shenmue 3, which is being funded partially through Kickstarter, and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In fact, even video game developers are getting in on the fun, referencing Half-Life 3 any chance they get, like Avalanche Studios did in their recent Mad Max game.

Following the narrow cave tunnel will lead players to an open space that features a few items of interest that are clear and obvious references to Half-Life 3. On top of this crate is a severed arm that appears to have been burned or flayed, and in its grasp is a crowbar, the signature weapon of Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman.
Freeman would be completely unrecognizable in this state, if not for his signature glasses stuck to his disfigured face. After all, if someone asked six months ago if Shenmue 3 would ever see the light of day, the answer would’ve been no.
O easter egg, que pode ser encontrado numa caverna ao sul da area dos Grit Canyons, e basicamente uma serie de itens que fazem referencia ao terceiro Half-Life e ao protagonista do jogo.
O fato de Gordon estar morto pode significar que o protagonista morrera no terceiro jogo ou que Half-Life 3 em si ja esta morto?
De zandbakgame Mad Max bevat namelijk een Easter egg van Valve's inmiddels omstreden serie. Gamers have already uncovered a few Easter eggs, and we’re gonna share them with you now. Also, the circular-saw blade was common in Half-Life 2 as a projectile players used with the gravity gun.
All in all, considering the horrific state that we find Gordon Freeman in, it seems that the Easter Egg is suggesting that Half-Life 3 itself is dead.
And with the more time that goes by, it becomes less and less likely that we’ll ever see Half-Life 3. Nuns caixotes ao lado, encontra-se o braco do cadaver, que tem o simbolico pe-de-cabra de Half-Life.
Nele ha um braco que aparentemente foi queimado por alguma coisa -ou alguem- que segura um pe de cabra, principal arma de Gordon Freeman, o personagem principal de Half-Life.

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