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It may take a little searching to find the type of yoga and teaching style that is best for you.
Ashtanga yoga is a vigorous athletic style of hatha yoga that consists of set series of postures of increasing difficulty done in a fast paced flowing manner. An athletic type of yoga where a set sequence of 26 poses is performed in an intensely heated and humidified room. Iyengar yoga is another one of the types of yoga that emphasizes precise muscular and skeletal alignment. Kundalini yoga combines yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and chanting with the intention of awakening your kundalini or serpent power that is believed to lie dormant at the base of your spine.
Viniyoga is a gentle form of hatha yoga that emphasizes function over form with lots of attention on coordinating movement with breath. Fitness CentersSince 1960, Sun City AZ has led the way in active adult fitness, offering education and appropriate exercise to seniors of all ages. Recreation CentersRCSC Cardholders have seven Sun City recreation centers in which to play.
Your Sun City AZ Week"Your Sun City AZ Week" is sent to RCSC News Email Alert subscribers every Sunday. CBS Sunday Morning's Conor Knighton stopped by recently for a visit when he realized that Sun City was actually old enough to live in Sun City. Talk show host & travel writer Bill Clevlen visited Sun City AZ and learned first-hand what we already know. Dancing with the Stars 2015Phoenix public radio station KJZZ stopped by during Dancing with the Sun City Stars rehearsal and aired this segment about the competition.
To attend bring a yoga mat, small blanket or beach towel, your current RCSC card, $3 for each class and $5 for yearly membership. The Key Poses of Hatha Yoga feature over four hundred stunning full color illustrations of the science of yoga with detailed explanations.
Hatha Yoga for Beginners Class 1Buy Now$9.25Class 1 introduces you to Mountain Pose (Tadasana) and the first of the standing postures.

The class offers a complete-body practice with some twists, forward bends and balancing postures, finishing with a relaxation section and short meditation. Well known for her ability to explain postures and yoga concepts in a clear, fun and simple way, experienced Jivamukti teacher Sarah Trestrail has designed these series of 7 classes that will give you a clear understanding and experience of the fundamental yoga postures in a smooth-flowing vinyasa practice.
This is perfect for an absolute beginner, or for someone recently introduced to yoga looking for a proper introduction to the most common yoga postures and concepts.
For me, a balanced healthy diet is about more than just what I eat and includes all aspects of my life.
Here’s an introduction to some of the more common styles of hatha yoga to help you get started. It’s designed to be spiritually inspiring while focusing on proper biomechanics to keep you safe. This type of yoga is probably best suited for fit individuals looking for a rigorous, challenging workout. Lots of yoga gear and props are used — like blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters to help you modify the poses to meet your abilities. There is a lot more focus on breathing exercises and less attention to postural alignment detail than with some other forms of hatha yoga. It is usually fast paced and challenging with lots of music and creativity in sequencing of the yoga poses with focus on connecting movement with breath.
Yogafit classes follow the standard fitness class structure of warm-up, workout and cool down. No other 55+ community in the country can boast as many centers as the original Sun City AZ.
Watch the "Fun in the Sun" segment that aired on May 17, 2015 and meet a few of our 2nd and even 3rd generation Sun Citians! Congratulations to Donna Anderson & Joey Williams on their winning performance and a big round of applause for all the Sun City contestants.
Classes are taught by certified instructors and include breathing techniques, stretching, relaxation and meditation, as well as warm-ups and basic postures to increase mind-body connection, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing for a warm environment and please arrive at least 15 minutes before class to register and pay. If you are interested in giving yoga a try, keep in mind that yoga, like healthy eating, is not one size fits all. Bikram yoga provides a vigorous, intense, sweaty workout for those looking for a challenge. This is one of the yoga styles perfect for those who love precision and detail and is widely taught throughout the US.
Many Viniyoga teachers also provide yoga therapy in which individualized yoga programs to help heal injuries and illnesses are prescribed. Visit his blog "Bill On the Road" where you will find the link to his conversation with RCSC Board Director Rich Hoffer which was broadcast in 30 markets across the Midwest. For more information, please see the Hatha Yoga Club brochure on the window at Sundial Yoga Room.
There are many different styles of hatha yoga being taught today from slow, gentle, and alignment-focused to fast, flowing, and athletically-challenging with everything in between.
While some may not be comfortable with the use of Sanskrit language and flowery metaphors, many find it motivating and uplifting.
These aren’t the best classes for beginners since some familiarity with poses is required. Yogafit classes are designed to offer a fitness-based, accessible, user-friendly approach to yoga, free of sanskrit terms and chanting, but may be too vigorous if you are suffering from serious health concerns.
Some styles of yoga consist of doing the same series or sequence of postures every time; others offer classes that are always different.
The focus on body alignment, proper body mechanics, and doing poses safely has allowed me to keep myself safe in a variety of other types of yoga classes.

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