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As in the Instructor course, this course requires a commitment to personal practice, and the study of applied anatomy, teaching (pedagogy), the Yoga tradition and the classical Yoga texts.
At the conclusion of this second year, you get the diploma of full Teacher in your chosen style: Hatha Yoga. Completion of the Teachers courses provides access to the  postgraduate course 100 hrs.
The purpose of these courses is to complete the training begun in the Instructors Course, developing further all themes both practical and theoretical.
The prerequisite for entering the Teacher course is to have taking and completed the Instructors course of 200 training hours. Our training program meets currently accepted international requirements as a 200 hour teacher training course.

In addition the students will have to complete this course with 40 hours of justified attendance to classes & 40 hours of teaching classes. Develop a one-on-one relationship with your teachers, who will guide you throughout the program and beyond.
Cultivate your teaching skills as you assist your teachers in class, developing your ability to see bodies, offering variations and giving hands-on adjustments. When you sign up for one of our courses there are certain General Conditions of agreement that will apply. Certification is obtained after successfully completing the theoretical and practical tests which are given throughout each course.
All our courses are recognized and accredited by the International Association of Yoga Teachers Sananda (AIPYS) , keeping the standards and criteria established by the international yoga community.

Upon completion of this course as AIPYS 400 hours Yoga Teacher, this course gives access to the advance diploma 100 hours to complete the 500 hours. The Key Poses of Hatha Yoga feature over four hundred stunning full color illustrations of the science of yoga with detailed explanations. After printing it out you can fill it in and then mail it in or fax it to 911850398 with your deposit to reserve your place on the course.

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