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With Star Wars Land plans on hold for Disneyland, have they been cancelled for Disney World? In the past year, there have been rumors and news coming out about Avatarland, Star Wars Land, a second Cars Land, and even Monstropolis coming to Walt Disney World. One of those that could never come to fruition is the creation of Star Wars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and recent reports have that to actually be true. MiceChat has given an update on Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland, and they actually go into detail of how things are going to work out as Tomorrowland is transformed. Star Wars Land has not been officially announced for Disneyland, but all reports point to it being given the green light out in California.

With that being said, it is believed now that Star Wars Land for Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been indefinitely postponed and possible cancelled completely.
Astro Orbiter to be temporarily removed and eventually brought back in with a Star Wars theme and placed on an upper-level building near Space Mountain. Doctor Disney (1690 Posts)Having visited the parks down in Orlando ever since being a newborn, it seemed only right to move right next door to them. For a good while I’ve been upset over the idea that new Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios was not in the works for WDW. Callie Conrad Michael Ward Kristen Hamlin Agent Orange BirdDisney TA Disney In DisguiseMs.

While some may be coming true and others could come true…some may just be rumors forever.
No matter how much inside info one may have, nothing is set in stone until Disney officially says it.
Here you'll be able to find all the info you need for all things Disney including character locations, pin trading stations, attraction information, park hours, and so much more.

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