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With the stream of scientific and anecdotal evidence showing us the benefits of meditation, it’s no wonder that it’s touted as the tool for a happy and healthy existence.
Headspace is a project that has set out to simplify meditation, to make it bite-sized, accessible and relevant to your every day life.
Beginning a meditation routine is just like learning any other skill: it requires practice and patience. You are viewing a limited version of the website due to your browser, an unsupported version of Internet Explorer.
Inside the Headspace Meditation Pod, a discreet built-in screen leads practitioners through the company's library of guided meditations via headphones. Launching later this year, with price upon request, the Meditation Pod aims to trigger a reevaluation of how the built environment supports mental well-being. Outside Providence, Rhode Island, a little retreat takes up no more space than a standard two-car garage.
With clever storage and a retractable skylight, a London apartment feels larger than its 576 square feet.
In Tasmania, an eco-conscious architect builds a vacation home that can stand up to an untamed island.
A creative couple flips the script on their family home, a former workman’s cottage on the northern edge of Brooklyn. The Eames scion and "geographer-at-large" traverses the globe on behalf of Kcymaerxthaere, a network of markers and monuments that tells fictional tales about real-life communities. In southwest England, interior designer Kathryn Tyler built her home around her ever-expanding furniture collection. On the sandy shores of Fauntleroy Cove in Seattle, renowned firm Olson Kundig Architects crafts a subtle home with striking steel accents. An architect and an interior designer put the tools to the test for this impressive renovation. The city of San Francisco has been eagerly awaiting the reopening of SFMOMA for years—and as the May 14th opening approaches closer everyday, the anticipation continues to build for art enthusiasts both near and far.
In our April issue, we showcased an apartment in Hamburg, Germany, with a striking, matte-black kitchen from Vipp. Calico Wallpaper founders Nick and Rachel Cope showed us through their home in our March Issue, now step inside their studio. Each week, we tap into Dwell's Instagram community to bring you the most captivating design and architecture shots of the week. It's all part of Dwell on Design + designjunction's three-day event, featuring a program of talks chock-full of leading figures in design, architecture, urbanism, and beyond—coming up May 13-15 at ArtBeam in New York.
Los Angeles may be a few hundred miles south of Silicon Valley, but it’s a hub brimming with up-and-coming tech startups. The app, which was founded in 2012, is perfect for beginning investors, because it doesn’t require much knowledge of investing, and it only charges you a dollar a month if your account has a balance of less than $5,000. Your measurements are used to perfectly tailor your tux, which arrives in the mail one week before your event.

The app is free to download — all you need to pay for are the voice and text credits, depending on how many you use. Club W bases its monthly shipments off the survey results so that members always find things they like, but learn from the experience as well. It eliminates the number one reason many Americans don’t take their medications (the cost) by finding cheaper places to get them.
The goal of Headspace, which was created in 2010, is to make meditation easy and, literally, give the user more head space. Whether your car breaks down, or you’re locked out, faced with a flat, or out of fuel, use the app to select your issue and the GPS locator will log your location and send help usually within 15 to 30 minutes. Instead of taking the e-commerce route favored by tech startups, however, Stance is making a name for itself by selling its socks through partnerships in brick-and-mortar retail stores like Nordstrom and Fred Segal. Unlike general question-and-answer websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers, Trippy provides travel-specific reviews and answers with pictures and maps. Founded in 2014, Workpop works by letting employees set up a profile, importing information from LinkedIn and Facebook, and listing their hourly availability. These minimalist wooden pods resembling natural geological formations make it easy for people to zone out and practice meditation.
The studio designed the pod as a minimalist structure on the outside, with a machine cut wood interior that forms a curved seat for a single person. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. While rave reviews and stories of changed lives sure inspire us to want to try it for ourselves, it’s not always easy to know where to start. And we’ve teamed up to break it down for you to get the basics just right and show you that anyone and everyone can experience the benefits of meditation.
In the guide below, Andy and the Headspace community share their top tips for understanding meditation and explain why sticking with it makes all the difference. For full website functionality, please upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 (or greater), Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Brooklyn is set for the return of BKLYN DESIGNS at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint from May 6-8, 2016. This morning, we were given the opportunity to explore the newly expanded space before the crowds roll in. The 77-year-old company became famous for its iconic pedal trash can before venturing into kitchens and other tools for the home. Every time you use your card to make a purchase, Acorns rounds the amount up to the next dollar and invests the change from that purchase into a diversified portfolio of index funds.
When you decide to rent, The Black Tux sends you measuring tape and instructions on how and where to measure. Total rental cost averages around $150 — far cheaper for better quality than many other tux rental services, and without the commitment of buying a nice tux.
Founded in 2011, BloomNation also helps florists with their online sales, from building websites to point of sale systems, e-marketing, and social media.

Created by Ad Hoc Labs, Burner is a free app that allows you to create temporary phone numbers, which you can use for as long as you want, and then dispose of them when you no longer want to be contacted on them. Burner launched in 2013 with the rise of online dating and contract jobs like Uber and Lyft drivers; consumers want a way to communicate safely and securely.
It also makes it easier for local companies to find transportation for their goods, especially if they need transportation last minute. The subscription-based site asks members a simple, six-question Palate Profile survey that gets to know their tastes. It lets you type in the name of the drug you were prescribed, enter your area code, and compare the cost of the same prescription across pharmacies nearest to you. GoodRx collects prices and discounts from pharmacies nationwide every week to keep prices current. More than 1 million people in 150 countries use Headspace to listen to guided meditations that serve a number of purposes, from improving health to relationships to performance and confidence. HONK takes this one step further; like AAA, HONK provides roadside assistance, only you can request it from your smartphone.
Tapiture has been funded by a number of celebrities, including Hilary Swank and Dwight Howard. It’s offered both as an after-school program as well as a remote program that lets kids build robots, play games, and learn programming. In addition to having one central place to push out YouTube videos, shorter Vine videos, Instagram posts, and more, Victorious also lets the people who use its platform make money through native advertising and e-commerce. Each of the structures, designed by architecture firm Oyler Wu Collaborative for Headspace, an online and app-based course for guided meditation, features a cozy carved-out spot for a person to sit back, slip on headphones and watch a meditation guide on the screen in front of them. Inspired by natural geological formations, the Headspace Meditation Pod features an organic wooden interior laid on top of a steel structure. After a series of speeches, remarks, and tours, we left the grounds feeling thoroughly inspired and excited to share what we discovered. This isn't the first time that the Danish company's products have graced our pages, and here we've gathered additional examples from our archive that show how the brand's minimalist black kitchens are always a win in modern interiors. Subscriptions are incredibly affordable as well, starting at $39 for three bottles of wine per month. Monthly revenue being generated by the app through its freemium service is apparently pretty impressive too.
There’s no fee to pay rent with a debit card, and you can even schedule automatic payments every month. If employers decide to hire a certain user, they can use Workpop’s platform to onboard the employee.
ZipRecruiter also lets employers easily comb through a database of more than 4 million potential employees.

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