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Lesson Seven makes the connection between healthy dating relationships and successful parenting. Dating violence, like domestic violence, is a pattern of controlling, and abusive behaviors of one person over another within a romantic relationship.
Week 5 Nutrition Guide: The Sane Way to Plan Your MealsMake the most of your meals for weight loss success.
07What exactly is a "square meal?"What exactly is a "square meal?"The ideal plate is half veggies, one-quarter protein, and one-quarter healthy carbohydrates. If your thinking about getting a classroom pet it's important to know a few things first.
This frog only needs to be fed two to three times per week, so it is a very convenient pet to have. Presentation on theme: "Lesson 1 Lifestyle factors help determine a persons level of health.
Lesson 1 Relate the nations health goals and objectives in Healthy People 2010 to individual, family, and community health. Lesson 1 Lifestyle Factors Experts have identified habits that affect peoples overall health, happiness, and longevity, or how long they live.
Lesson 1 More Lifestyle Factors Being physically active for at least 20 minutes a day, three or more days a week. Lesson 1 The Nations Health Goals Healthy People 2010Healthy People 2010 is a plan that is revised every 10 years to promote health and prevent illness, disability, and early death. Lesson 1 Goals of Healthy People 2010 Individuals can take an active role in their own health. Lesson 1 A health-literate individual needs to be:health-literate A critical thinker and problem solver. Lesson 1 Promoting Your Health Wellness and Prevention A key to your wellness is prevention.prevention Prevention is practicing health and safety habits to remain free of disease and injury. The Science of Healthful Living Teacher’s Manual is a 700 page document that provides a solid structure and progressive sequence for the lessons within the Cardio Fitness Club and Healthy Lifestyles units. It includes model lessons with assessment rubrics, vocabulary, and equipment requirements and a copy of the Student Science Journal entry that accompanies each lesson.
Each lesson begins with a student question, summary of essential standards discussed in the lesson, learning targets and assessment rubrics, equipment lists and content distributed in the 5Es format.

While research has shown that classroom pets can be stimulating and help to enrich a students' experience, you must know which animals are the best to get, and which are not.
The health continuum spans the complete spectrum of health from chronic disease and premature death to a high level of health. These habits, or lifestyle factors, are personal behaviors related to the way a person lives. Healthy People 2010 is a nationwide health promotion and disease prevention plan designed to serve as a guide for improving the health of all people in the United States. Health literacy is a persons capacity to learn about and understand basic health information and services and use these resources to promote his or her health and wellness.
The goal of health education is to give tools to live long, energetic, and productive education The Importance of Health Education Health education involves providing accurate health information to help people make healthy choices. Quick Start On a sheet of paper, complete the following statement: When you have good health, you… Give an example of how relationships. Teachers are encouraged to read through the lesson, focusing on key health-related physical activity and nutrition concepts. Lesson closure includes a concept summary and a physically active homework assignment to apply science concepts at home.
Classroom pets can be a lot of work, and if you would like to teach your student's some responsibility, then they can be a great addition to your classroom. You would need to encourage frequent hand washing before and after touching these types of animals.Fish – Like Amphibians, fish are another popular classroom pet because students are not allergic to them nor do they have any bad order to them. Promoting Your Health Lifestyle factors that promote good health include: Getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Activities are available in the Teachers Manual and are collected in a separate SHL Activity Guide.
Transitions between the 5Es segments in each lesson is facilitated by brief teacher scripts, assisting them to build relationships for students among the 5Es, connect the physical activity content to science content and the scientific inquiry process, and guide students to draw conclusions and communicate their findings to others.
Stephanie Middleberg's totally sane plan lets you take off the pounds and eat like a real person. Here are a few quick tips to help you decide which pet is good for your classroom.Best Classroom PetsNot sure what animal would make the best pet for your classroom?

The maintenance is low, all you really have to do is clean the tank about once a week, and students can easily feed the fish with little supervision.
Becoming Health Literate Health literacy refers to a persons capacity to learn about and understand basic health information and services and use these resources to promote his or her health and wellness.
Consider any of the following.Amphibians – Frogs and salamanders make great classroom pets because students rarely (if ever) have allergies to them and can be left unattended for days at a time.
Betta and Goldfish are the most popular in classrooms.Hermit Crabs – Hermit crabs have been popular in science classrooms for some time now.
Frogs have been a staple in many classrooms, a popular frog that most teachers like to get is the African Clawed frog. What people don’t realize is they can be a lot of work, die easily and not to mention they smell really bad.
Other than that, students seem to really love them, and they can make a great addition to your science curriculum.Reptiles – Turtles are another popular choice for a classroom pet. They are another good choice because they can be picked up easily and are pretty low maintenance. Good hygiene is recommended in caring for reptiles because they too like amphibians, are said to carry salmonella.Other Animals –  Pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, rabbits, and mice may harbor viruses and children may be allergic to them so make sure before choosing your pet that you find out what allergies your students have. If students do in fact have allergies then you may need to stay away from any “furry” pets because of this risk.
Try and stick to the animals listed above if you want low maintenance and have allergies in your classroom.Before you decide upon purchasing your classroom pet, take a moment to think about who will take care of this animal on the weekends or on the holidays when you are gone. You should also think about where you would put the pet in your classroom, that would not cause a distraction to your students. Pet Smart allows teachers to submit one application per school year to receive a hamster, guinea pig or snake. These grants are used to support the teaching the of children on how to bond and care about pets responsibility.

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