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At Coffee Hour on January 25th, representatives from MIT Community Wellness spoke to Sidney-Pacific residents about relationships. After brainstorming warning signs of abusive relationships, Sidney Pacific residents started coming up with components of healthy relationships. The discussion started off with a sobering statistic: 1 in 3 American women will be victims of relationship abuse during their lifetime (American Psychological Association). In a collaborative effort, residents came up with verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Some of the characteristics of unhealthy or abusive relationships seemed obvious, such as physical violence.

Even if there has only been one incident, it is not appropriate to contextualize physical violence: it is a warning sign of probable escalation that must be taken seriously.
A partner can be verbally or emotionally abusive, and this should be taken no less seriously. So this month, with Valentine’s Day just passed, let’s take a moment to celebrate healthy relationships! Indeed, this type of abuse can precede physical violence, and should be seen as a red flag. Verbal abuse is expressed through the way one partner communicates with the other, such as in a threatening, disrespectful, or humiliating manner.

The abuser may blame their actions on alcohol, or their temper: remember, there is never any excuse for abuse.
In all types of abusive relationships, one partner employs a pattern of controlling behavior used to gain power over the other person in the relationship. Be there for them, and refer them to MIT Medical’s 24-hour confidential Violence Prevention and Response hotline: 617-253-2300.

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