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Watch spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra explain the many sides of well-being, which means caring for your happiness in five specific areas of your life. Join Oprah and Deepak, starting on August 5th for a transformational three-week guided meditation journey into the heart of true love. Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues! His knowledge and understanding of the heart is enlightening and what he calls the field of infinite possibilities is available through the heart. He discusses that there is no separate self but that we are all part of a greater consciousness, energy field and even one breath.Journey to Wild DivineIn this video Deepak dicusses what happens inside your body, mind, soul and spirit through use of Wild Divine Biofeedback Games and Practices.
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Deepak Chopra videos show how we can use relaxation and meditation techniques to glimpse the field of infinite possibilities. Chopra says that through conscious intent (mind-body medicine) we can lower our blood pressure, influence our nervous system, and change our heart rate and body temperature.The Stress ResponseThe Stress Response is defined as an inappropriate fight or flight response. Stress underlies all the major health issues of our time.Technology and Prevention of DiseaseTechnology can help us learn mind-body techniques much more quickly than was previously possible.
Meditation, yoga, stress management, and breathing techniques, can be learned more quickly and efficiently through the use of biofeedback devices and games. How Bio-Feedback WorksVideo #4: Dr Deepak Chopra answers the question: What is Bio-Feedback? These are:Galvanic Skin Response which is used in lie detector tests and has to do with the flow of electricity in the skin.

Heart Rate Variability has to do with heart resilience and the ability of our hearts to deal with ups and downs of our emotional responses. We can do magical things through relaxation and breathing techniques, visualization and through meditation.
By putting our attention on our body we can go on a mythical journey, build bridges, go across canyons, and open magical doors. Take the JourneyYou can purchase Wild Divine in Several different packages.Super Bundle Package (your best value) contains the NEW Secrets of Meditation, Relaxing Rhythms, The Passage, Wisdom Quest and the Grapher (recommended)Secrets of Meditation with Iom Hardware (required).

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