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The Zipper-Pull Hidden Handcuff Key is exactly what it sounds like: a zipper-pull that inconspicuously hides a handcuff key. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Well, if you’ve ever had a jilted ex-lover come to your place with the promise of freaky sex, only to be left handcuffed to the futon with your pants around your ankles waiting for your roommate to come home and find you, you would understand why this could come in handy. This might look like an average birdhouse from the outside but it’s a hidden key holder in disguise.
So instead, I took my key to the local hardware store and got a regular key made, put it inside a magnetic box, and hooked it under the car. The birdhouse comes with a small hook on the bottom of the door which will easily hold a key ring.

This kind of birdhouse can really prove to be very useful for families where every member steps in or out at different times of the day. I bought two magnetic key holders and gave one to my neighbor to hide (I know where) on her porch for my house key and I put the other one under my metal mailbox with my neighbor's key in it. If someone happened to find the key holder, the key wouldn't work in the lock where the key is hidden and I doubt they would go around trying the neighbor's doors. Also, her kids often forget their keys and can get their spare after school to get into their own house even if I'm not home. What I do is wrap my key in plastic wrap and coat it with Vaseline to retard corrosion and rust. I had several experiences of climbing in windows in the cooler months and disturbing neighbors to call my daughter on several occasions, and finding out that this is just a flaw in my lock.

Now I have a hidden spare key on the inside of the door to my outside laundry room that has a secret combination and holds a spare key.
However, to tell the location of a well-hidden key for a 911 call may not be easy, especially by the person who may be in need of emergency personnel.

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