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The very idea of subliminal messaging in movies and television shows has always been a controversial topic, and the conversation heats up when the discussion turns to possible sexual content hidden within the cutesy images of Disney cartoons. Is it subliminal messaging when a beautiful model wearing a skimpy bikini takes a huge bite out of a massive cheeseburger bulging with bacon and cheese?
You’ll have to decide for yourselves if you can see or hear the subconscious picture or sound that the “message hunters” say are there. If the conspiracy theorists are correct and Disney is on a mission to make children think the word, “sex,” then they went over the top in the making of the Lion King. Okay, there’s nothing subliminal or even subtle about the Jessica Rabbit character in this not-for-kids Disney flick. One of the first Disney films, this classic children’s tale gets a different twist (or gets twisted) in a scene where all three pigs are celebrating in the brick house, with the smart brother playing music on his brick piano while sitting on his brick piano stool. Okay, if you take away everything else in the picture, I can see where Minnie’s blue dress kind of looks like a man-part, but come on!
3.4 million copies of this video were recalled by Disney officials, who stated that the original home video version had been tampered with and an “objectionable image” could be seen in the background. Some of the most well-known and possibly most obvious subliminal sexual messages are said to be found in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
One of the potential sex scenes occurs when Ursula is trying to trick Eric into marriage using Ariel’s voice.
However, the Phallic Castle is really obvious even to someone not out to put forth a Disney conspiracy theory.
Every time I see anything like this come up, I want to laugh and then punch whoever’s said it in the face. Although I concede that one or two may have just disguised it enough to look like SEX as a further joke. Unless the author outlines in red or otherwise tells us what to look for the average person is totally unaware of any subliminal messages even if you are looking for one. Disney is a film production company known the world over for its wonderful films for children and young adults. When you’ve got a children’s flick whose poster features a main character clad in nothing save for a shell-shaped bustier and a… fish tail (!), chances are there are going to be lots of sexual innuendos afoot, be they intentional or otherwise. What could be cuter and more harmless than a tale of two mice, Bernard and Bianca, and their exploits in a menacing city? Jessica Rabbit, the sexy and sultry love interest in the Roger Rabbit series has been regarded as a true cartoon sexpot in her own right. One of the most beloved children’s movies of all time, Lion King, features a possibly accidental, yet racy hidden message. Disney’s Aladdin is a wonderfully exotic tale of bravery and love, inspired by the classic Arabian Nights.
While many may be unintentional, over the years Disney has owned up to some of its mistakes or double entendres snuck into the flicks by its scriptwriters, voice talent, animators or designers. A113 is a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts, where many talented animators studied. It’s in Lilo and Stitch a second time when Stitch pretends to be a giant monster after he makes a San Francisco replica! IG99 could also be a Star Wars reference since one of the bounty hunters in The Empire Strikes Back is named IG88. I’m sure the heading was concocted by the writter of the article and had nothing to do with the report itself. Jopnesy, why are you mouthing off like joppa the hut to someone who complimented the article? On the wiki there’s a bigger list of movies and animations in which that easter-egg appeared. IT’S NOT JUST DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of “secret mark” would I leave if I knew it would be seen by millions?

Is an inside joke present as an Easter egg in animated films created by alumni of California Institute of the Arts, referring to the classroom number used by graphic design and character animation students at the school that was used by John Lasseter and Brad Bird among others.
The writer of this might not be at blame for the confusion, Headlines are often written by an editor. Not only did you not read the whole article, you didn’t even look at all the pictures. No one likes the idea of someone trying to influence our thinking with subconscious trickery, but a lot of people believe that many commercials on T.V. That’s a little devious, but how about if the catchy jingle about the world’s tastiest cheeseburger has a barely audible voice chanting over and over, “you want a cheeseburger, you want a cheeseburger…” That’s kind of scary.
Plenty of them are about movies I’ve watched with my kids over and over, and I never for a second suspected these sexual innuendoes and images.
If you have an original VHS (some of these are old school,) or the DVD, look for yourself and see if you can see it on a copy you know hasn’t been touched-up, edited or altered in some way by someone who wants to convince you that what you don’t see is really there. According to a certain YouTube theorist, the letters S-E-X are spelled out over and over throughout the film, in the grass, in the water, in the flames, in the landscape, in the rocks in the trees, in the animals’ hair.
She walks, talks, and acts like a porn queen, and her voluptuous assets are barely covered up at all. Anyway, in the version you can see online, there’s a scene where Bernard and Bianca are sitting in a sardine can passenger seat on the back of transporter bird, Orville, and as they fly past a brick building you can see a naked woman standing in front of an open window.
Apparently the minister performing the wedding ceremony is quite excited, if the suspicious protrusion in the front of his trousers is any indication.
It’s actually on the DVD box cover, a scene that shows King Neptune and wicked Ursula larger than life on either side of the spectacular, underwater castle, with a smiling Ariel and Eric in the foreground.
You ” heard something about Aladdin where he was fighting jasmine’s tiger and he says ”Good teenager take off your clothes”. Let’s be absolutely clear – you would need to be the sort of person who thinks about sex ALL the time, INCLUDING while watching a kids movie, to even see or NOTICE half of these! So with Mickie and Minnie if you don’t see the thing in the picture unless you take away everything then it is a sublimnal message. To begin with, many have argued that one tower of the underwater castle featured on the poster is rather phallic in shape. However, not many of you may know that the theatrical release of the story features downright pornographic imagery.
In the scene in which Simba goes to the top of a cliff and reminisces about his father, there is dust flying all around him.
However, less of a classic is Aladdin’s whispered line, in the balcony scene in which he is trying to reach his belle Jasmin, while also engaged in full-contact combat with Rajah the tiger. Many have been let ‘slide by’ in the theatrical releases but removed from VHS and DVD versions. First-year graphic designers and animators studied here before they went on to work for Disney and Pixar, and the mark that classroom has made was left on many of our favorite films and TV shows. When I went thru Graphic Arts course, the school asked me to make out the diplomas for our graduates. Even drawing over it with red lines just shows me that someone wrote “sex” in red over a movie scene, but maybe you can see it yourself. The hot button for this movie comes at the end of the car crash scene, when after Jessica is thrown from the vehicle her slit-to-the-hip dress rides up and you can see quite obviously why there’s no panty-line in that skin-tight gown. However, he does have really knobby knees and unless someone told you to look for an erection, you probably would never think anything untoward. The castle is a fairy-tale concoction of tall, soaring towers and spires, one of which bears a striking resemblance to…you guessed it…a man-part. Your subconscious mind noticed it but it did not deem it important enough to alert your conscious mind. Some of those messages were obvious, and even if they were hidden to the conscious mind, they have obviously had an effect on this generation. They have delighted generation upon generation of viewers, who reveled in watching their beautifully cinematic stories, where evil was vanquished and the forces of good always prevailed.

That is to say, subliminal messages are those which fall right below our threshold or limit of perception. Legend has it the graphic artist commissioned to draw the poster learned he was about to be fired. Freeze the frame in the scene in which the two heroes are flying about through the city and you will notice… two topless models in the background.
The scene in which Jessica and Bob Hoskins are riding in a taxi cab that goes on to crash into a lamppost apparently features a split-second shot of Jessica’s vulva! For an instant there, the dust rather clearly spells the word “sex,” yet it is unclear whether the goof was intentional or not. Whatever the truth, it’s rather unlikely that the media franchise is trying to brainwash either us or our children, but, like any major company, simply has certain employees who like their fun a bit on the tongue-in-cheek side. The internet would have conspiracy pages dedicated to them, and I’d just be sitting at home laughing at having driven millions of people to the brink of madness.
Do not waste your time and intelligence reading this – and before you accuse me of doing the same, I actually came here to get the pretty Lion King picture. However, some of you might be shocked to learn (while others will have forever suspected this) that Disney movies are not as ‘clean’, pure and innocent as the film industry moguls would like us to believe.
Disgruntled, he decided to boycott the flick with his best weapons and added a spire that looked just like a penis.
This glitch was actually confirmed by Disney officials in 1999, twenty-two years after the initial release of the film.
Freeze the frame at the exact instant where Jessica is thrown out of the car, with her legs spread and her dress splitting.
The American Life League actually used this line as an argument to convince audiences that the studio is trying to sneak sexual messages to the children.
Quite the contrary, actually—many Disney films (and we’re talking classics here, not some obscure short length features that no one’s ever heard of) contain subliminal messages.
Our subconscious, however, is quick to pick up even such subtle signs and record them for future reference. Apparently, the truth is the artist was simply in a hurry to finish his work before the very tight deadline imposed by the studio. The company went on to recall no fewer than 3.4 million copies of the film which had been sold up to the date when the controversy ignited.
I’m going to be watching every one of these movies to see which of these screenshots are photoshopped.
Since this is a subconscious process, it is difficult to become aware of it and control it appropriately. He drew the controversial tower without realizing the similarity and remained oblivious to it until he was contacted by an angry member of a youth church group. The Disney spokesperson in charge with the case at the time contended to say that the scene had been altered “more than twenty years ago,” as if such a crime against morality could have become null and void. They didn’t even try to throw in a guess as to what the number is, just threw a bunch of screenshots in it and mentioned the number.
Proponents of censorship in the United States have been long protesting subliminal messages in a variety of media, from Led Zeppelin and Beatles songs to various video games and film. Another ‘iffy’ scene is the one in which Ariel’s nemesis Ursula is about to marry Prince Eric. Allegedly, the priest is having an erection in the scene, although it is equally plausible that the featured protuberance is his knee knob.

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