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It’s being a complicated process to change the password of mail account, especially if you are using it for the business purposes, because any carelessness can swipe the entire mails from your mail account resulting loss of important messages from your computer system. If you are facing any of the above problems or need assistance for Change Outlook and Hotmail Password, you can get instant Hotmail help as per your requirements. There are really two ways that you can change your hotmail password so we will cover both and you can chose which one you prefer, they both get the job done! Once you have logged into your hotmail, click on your name (on the top right hand side of the game).
We do also highly recommend that you add your mobile number to your hotmail account just to add extra security and reduce the risk of someone else accessing your account. Hence, to protect the data of your mails, you should Change Hotmail Password on regular basis. We will help you to achieve this crucial task effortlessly, you just need to make a call on our support number and out technicians are ready to help you anytime as per your availability and scope of our services. We deal in all the issues mentioned above and also provide customer support service for further assistance.
This will take you into Change your password page where you need to enter your current password and select a new password (you need to enter the new password twice).
Once you have completed click the Save button and congratulations you have changed your hotmail password.
I also recommend that you change the password settings so every 72 days it alters you to Change my hotmail password to add extra security to your account.

If you need some help with hotmail sign in then our hotmail sign in information page may be helpful.
Our charges are nominal and anyone can pick from diverse subscription plans as per the need.
If your product is covered by warranty, the support service maybe available for free from manufacturer. From there click on the gear icon located near the top-right corner:Clicking on the gear icon will open a menu.
From that menu click on Switch back to Hotmail:Next you will be prompted with a message asking for feedback.
Ashraf spends insane hours on dotTech (usually writing articles but sometimes doing absolutely nothing except staring). That would be the last straw that broke the donkeys back, as they say around here…Thanks again.
Incidentally, after posting my message in MSN, I went back and checked Windows Live Mail and my contacts are still there.
So I then clicked on the “People” icon under “Outlook” and was shocked (I still am) to read the following message at the top of a blank page:“Sorry, something went wrong.
If you continue to have this problem, please report it to Microsoft.”So the problem is, I LOST ALL OF MY DOZENS OF CONTACTS and I still can’t believe it !!!How can it happen like this? I never, ever, had any kind of problem with Hotmail for about 20 years and now, after just a couple of months of using Outlook, this happens ?!?!?!?… And I’m a paying subscriber !!!Well, I still didn’t turn crazy because I still hope there may be a solution.

I definitely do hope there is !So I guess you got it already — you guys are my first line of help. If you navigate to C:\users\your user\appdata\local\Microsoft\windows live mail\backup is there a mail.message store there? I tried to introduce some order and proceeded to delete the duplicates and to create the new sub-folders.
Subsequently, and inexplicably to me, I noticed that the sub-folders I had in my Outlook account were showing in duplicate in WLM and, in each case, one was a replica of my Outlook sub-folder and the other was empty.
It looked logical to me that I would just delete the empty sub-folders and keep the others.
Is there any way you know of retrieving these lost folders or is this something I have to take as my fair cost of learning?
Mark Kendra farnsMark LeeYou can configure WLM to access ALL of your email in one place (as I do). I have used Windows live mail as a free light weight alternative to Office (which I have to use) and am constantly amazed that anyone uses web mail.

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