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Microsoft's email service Hotmail recently received an update that improved the options to recover an account. But account recovery is only one of the options, and sort of a last resort, and we take a closer look at those later in this guide. The Windows Live ID, or the username, is the email address the account was registered with. If you can sign in, you are taken to the Hotmail Highlights page, from where you can access the inbox and send emails. You probably would not be reading this article if you were able to log in successfully to Windows Live Hotmail. Probably the most common error encountered on the Hotmail sign in page is that the password or Windows Live ID are not accepted. The first thing that you should do is to verify that the Windows Live ID and password are correct. If you are sure that the login credentials are correct you may want to consider resetting your password.
You do need the Windows Live ID to reset the password, and enter the characters from a captcha image. There is no option to recovery the email address, or have it displayed to you in the process. Hotmail users who have already added a mobile phone number to their password reset information, can use it to receive a temporary one-use sign in password. This displays a new page where they can enter the single use code, or request a new one if they do not have one. Users need to enter their Windows Live ID and the phone number they have added in their Hotmail account to receive the single use code.
Another option for users who cannot log in to Hotmail is to visit the Windows Live Solution Center to post a request for support. It may also pay of to try to sign into Hotmail on another computer system if available, or to use the Windows Live Mail software.
Here are a few precautions you can take to avoid sign in troubles at Hotmail or other Windows Live services.
It is possible to enter multiple alternate email addresses (which need to be verified once), mobile phone numbers (for single-use sign ins and account recovery), trusted PCs (for password recovery) and to change the secret question and answer. A password manager can help to avoid troubles logging into Hotmail and other Windows Live services. Make sure the password is secure, we suggest to use at least 16 characters, that are mixed upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters.
Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
I don't give a frak about their security upgrades if I can no longer use my hotmail account!!!!!!!!
I set up an alternative email, and I believe a security question (though I can't remember what the question was to cue me for my answer).
Then the only choice left was to fill out a long form providing your identifying information.

Microsoft must have known it would be creating inconvenience and even serious problems on an EPIC scale. I see a lot of people have problems similar to mine, but their outcry is taking place on forums.
I will never be signing up for any other Windows Live, MSN, or Microsoft-related service after this fiasco. I found when they ask for your phone number, I hit the back arrow on top left of keyboard twice and then hit the refresh key and it puts me in my inbox. They are just trying to collect cell phone numbers so they can sell lists that contain all of your contact information, including your cell phone number. My hotmail account is blocked, had a note saying it had been hacked, and was told my new password will be sent to my email account, but I cannot get into my account, what do I do?
I've been blocked out temporarily and I think I will try the reset password options and go to the right corner and click options so that I can add alternate snails that work. I receive my email without signing in just fine,but can't send any emails and I wonder if it's that i owe them any money. ATT SENT TO ME DIRECTV TO INSTALL A DISK AND THE INSTALLER 39624 DAMAGED MY ROOM AND STARTED STRIP AND THAT WAS 50 DAYS AGO AND THEY REFUSE TO FIX MY ROOF AND THEY TOLD ME TO GO ON THE ROOF AND TAKE A PICTURE.
Life Savings Systems #489 Pro Vest - NEW.A compact, lightweight, and comfortable to wear inflatable life preserver and survival vest combination for the professional pilot. Enter your account user name and click "Send Email".A temporary password reset link will be emailed to you. That's helpful for users who cannot sign in to Hotmail, either because their username or password is not accepted, or other errors or even attempts at hacking the email account. Please note that Hotmail will eventually add a so called captcha to the log in process if the ID and password are not accepted. Some users may run into problems here, if they do not remember their Hotmail email, or if the email they enter is not accepted in the password recovery form. If the password reset email does not arrive in your account, you have the option to use other means of verification after a 24 hour period.
To use it, they need to click on the Get a single use code to sign in with link on the Hotmail sign in page.
Users can recover their account by either entering the secret answer to their secret question, or using an alternate email address if one was configured during setup.
This is done after sign in, by going to Options > More Options in the right corner of the Hotmail interface, and selecting View and edit your personal information under Manage your account. Microsoft is operating a status page for their Windows Live services, that indicate if a service is running normally. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. The responsible thing to do was to provide a toll free number with live tech support empowered to fix things on the spot. Ironically Microsoft PR notices about the security upgrade are mostly in places people can't talk back. There is a lot of fuss about hotmail due to some crazy reason that they are making it very hard for people to access their account.

The password is the case sensitive account password that has a minimum size of six characters.
This should not be confused with temporary lock outs of the account, which only happen if Hotmail detects spam-like activity from it. You may want to check this page if you have troubles signing in and are sure that you are entering the right login credentials.
I believe this is one of the biggest money-saps driving the middle class down to the poverty class. I don't remember what information I used to set up the account, but it certainly wasn't my real information. Please can someone help me or tell me what to do.I need to used my computer and I dont want to buy anotjer.
I don't believe in giving my real information online and making myself an even larger target for marketing, robocalls, and identity theft.
Despite all the mailing lists I've signed up for (most pretty mainstream), I barely get any spam in that account at all. That company is closed and i am (obviously) no longer there so notification there within 24 hr s will not reach me. I have yahoo & gmail and am thinking of getting the hell out of hotmail once and for all.
I used that email address to sign up for services that will make me a pay a fee to change the email address now. Yet here is Microsoft making the assumption everyone who uses a computer must have a cell phone! My plea for help has been sitting in the Windows Live tech support system for a week already, and I haven't gotten so much as an email to my alternate address with an estimate of how long I will have to wait. I made a guess since it was the only thing I could do with that form, but I really resent the idea that security to Microsoft means people give their real personal, private information or get their emails taken away. So that leaves me to conclude that Microsoft just blocked my account to punish me for not meeting its new password standards, without giving a FLYING FRAK what it would do to my life if they blocked my account and took their precious incommunicado forever time to get around to fixing it. I've had this account for years, and I'm getting increasingly angry about Microsoft's failure to provide beefed up emergency tech support to handle the problems caused by their "security upgrade"!
I have many people here looking to other sources of changing their hotmail account to something else. This has started a lot of problems here and I know that it is a nationwide and global problem. All hardware is noncorrosive and the vest is equipped with two double ply nylon pockets providing impact and abrasion resistance.

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