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HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Simply enter “change sounds” in your start menu search, and then select “Change system sounds”.
Here you can change or remove any of the sounds or even turn on or off the Windows boot sound. You can even choose one of the other sound schemes; 7 Starter still includes all of the new sound schemes! This actually looks fairly nice for a background, especially on the standard 1024×600 resolution screens on netbooks. To change the icons for common items such as My Computer and the Recycle Bin, enter “icons” in the start menu search and select the “Show or hide common icons on the desktop” link.
If you’d like to customize your mouse pointers, enter “cursors” in the start menu search, and choose the “Change how the mouse pointer looks” link. This will open the classic mouse properties dialog, where you can choose mouse pointer schemes and change individual cursors.
Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy! I don’t have Starter, but does Windows Explorer still have the option to set an image as the background? Nice … I actually have a Samsung N150 with Windows 7 Starter, which is very similar to the Samsung N210, and I love it. Yes I have tried what you said to change my Windows 7 starter desktop color and yes it WORKS. Alternately, if you’d like to upgrade to a higher edition of Windows 7, you can easily do this with Windows Anytime Upgrade. Is there a way to make imported screensaver software (such as style7’s a-clock-7) work with Starter7? This is good,but i have found a way to change the theme completely,if you are an advanced user and know a little bit about registry editing email me i will happily guide you through. Download STARTER BACKGROUND CHANGER, it works great and it has all those things – wallpaper, sounds, screensaver etc. The easiest way is to change theme in Windows 7 Starter is just to download & install WindowBlinds. Even my GRANDMOTHER could be more helpful in how to change my screen image than you two, because you two should dedicate the rest of your life DOING LAUNDRY.
I have an HP netbook which came with Windows 7 starter and it also came with a program called Stardock My Colors. Any chance anyone knows how to change the size of the scroll bars on the Windows 7 Starter edition? I used Windows 7 Starter for 6 months before I upgraded and yes you can change both the desktop color theme and taskbar by selecting Windows classic and using the color wheel.

I’m interested in seeing how this pans out, if someone would like to take the time and do some more investigating I believe I have found some way to apply themes, or at least partial themes to Win7 Starter. I was able to change the taskbar, color scheme (including taskbar), fonts and buttons, but not icons. As for MachineHead’s comment about system resources and netbooks…did you know, and this comes right from the current issue of PCWorld, that most netbooks that run starter are capable of running several other versions of windows, including upgrades to Win7?
Anyway, have fun and good luck; hopefully you too can squeeze another inch in before microsoft cracks the whip again.
Basically whenever I switched the screensaver through the control panel, I would re-open the panel to find that my changes were not saved. Why would you want to install some dodgy, probably malware, program like oceanis or this when you can do same thing without program? We’re a quaint, pedestrian friendly town that offers boutique shopping, a variety of cafes and restaurants, charming accomodations and signature events, Just park your car and stroll down Main Street.
Check out the latest from the Dominion Power Community Connection for the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. You just need to select the required color (normally white, blue or light-grey) and adjust the settings for automatic background replacement.
A way to do it from what i remember is navigating down to a certain directory and taking ownership of the wallpaper.bmp file and then you find the new one you want and overwrite the old. Right-click on the “Desktop” folder in regedit that you found in step 2 and click Permissions. It only works it you select Windows classic option in settings,then I was able to chhose my own color from the color wheel for my desktop.
Some of my scroll bars are missing for an online application and I’ve been told this has to do with my scroll bar size. In there was a DWORD called AllowChangeWallpaper (which I’m guessing was added by SBC.
Register based on your local address and have messages sent to your phone-land line or cell. There's plenty of features that are extremely useful for a business like ours, smart layout printing and order statistics among them. If you still need to correct some areas after changing the background automatically, it is easy to do with built-in editing tools.
Anyway is it possible somehow to add more themes similar to the windows basic but in different colors(without the aero effect). When I got Windows 7 Starter on my little ASUS EEE PC, it looked even more limited, which of course led me to looking up this article. Now my destop theme color is pale pink,my task bar and menu bar is also now lemon and no longer at the bottom of my screen. I KNOW WINDOWS 7 STARTER IS CRAPPY BUT I’LL HAVE TO MAKE DUE WITHOUT UNTIL MY PARENTS GET ME A REAL LAPTOP. I have standard Windows 7 Home Premium; I think their wavy translucent taskbar options are tacky looking.

My computer screen went black, you MORONS, and I had to restaure my system to a previous point so it WORKED AGAIN.
I used Windows X’s theme patcher (just google theme patcher and you can easily find it). Anyway, I just added AllowChangeColor to see what happens (and marked it as value of Hex-1). Once rebooted after trying to click the desktop icon it created I got the same message telling me to reboot for the program to work. JUST PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO CHAGE THE TASKBAR COLOR TO BLACK ON WINDOWS 7 STARTER ADDITION.
It also seems like computer software is designed to do a billion complex, specialized (and mostly USELESS) things, but it can’t do 3 or 4 basic USEFUL things! I’m was a normal, nice person without a lot of info on computeres, who just wanted to change her stupid computer image to an actual image, instead of a windows-cock-sucker image. I was a normal, nice person without a lot of info on computers, who just wanted to change her stupid computer image to an actual image, instead of a windows-cock-sucker image. It comes with 2 free themes and you are able to change the desktop wallpaper if you don’t want to change themes. But after trying some tweaks to make my laptop perform well, my theme witched to Windows Classic which is really really bothersome.
Im pretty sure that everyone agrees with me here that insulting people when that actual mistake was made by YOU just shows your true mental status. 3) Investigate the registry further (there are some entries for themes in the registry, some of particular interest might be setting the defaults – one idea might be to just change the default style and theme paths to the theme of your choice (changing from the win7 theme that comes with starter). Group AllRXHelp guides nonprofits on fundraising and advancement, enabling organizations drugs sale no prescription. After a few attempts of installing, uninstalling and reinstalling the app I decided the app was broken. Was I only allowed to change the screen saver one time, with Starter’s limited capabilities?! I have no idea if it will do anything, maybe if I can find some time to mess with it at some point I will. To the user who suggested Linux in place of Windows 7… That was my choice as well but it should be noted that installing another OS may void any warranty on the hardware windows 7 was installed on. Kilmarnock, your destination for shopping and the good life in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. I also tried applications saying that it would enable themes and wallpaper on Windows 7 Starter, but then nothing really worked.

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