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I’m thinking through some of the next steps for my Reclaim Your Domain process, in preparation for a hackathon we have going on this weekend. I went through all the online services I use, and made sure all of them are listed, and I understood more about why and how I use a service. As I’m going through each of the 50+ services I depend on, and change my password this weekend, I want to apply a little critical reclaim my domain thinking to each service as I pass through.
Update: I published this piece in April when our second iPhone had been stolen by a student in a classroom several months prior. I believe we were able to recover the first iPhone because the thief couldn't take it offline unless he powered it off, let the battery die or went to a location with no coverage.
When you suspect your iPhone has been stolen, you should immediately report the theft to police so you can be issued a police report number.
While you'd think it's just as easy for a thief to power the phone off, where's the fun in that? All it takes is a quick swipe up from the bottom, a tap on the airplane icon and now you can probably get away with wiping it and restoring it if the owner wasn't smart enough to enable Find My iPhone. You may refer to me as Mistress Protector of The Experience and heed my advice or else pay the price.
Siri from the lock screen is an awesome, awesome feature and I really miss using it that way, but there were some disturbing revelations during my testing.
If the thief gets a guilty conscience, they can always drive to your home in the middle of the night and put your phone in your mailbox, right? Now the thief has the contact information for that individual if you've made the connections in your Contacts under Related Names. This means a thief has from the time they pilfer your phone until you initiate Lost Mode to mine your sensitive information by getting Siri to spill the beans on you.
I still love using Siri for these features and I rely on Find My Friends a lot, but from now on I'll be doing so only after unlocking my iPhone with my fingerprint Touch ID! This Find My iPhone feature comes in really handy when you suspect your iOS device is lost somewhere near by like a sofa, under the bed or in a child's room. If you think your phone is just lost, you might want to give it a little time, but if you know it's been stolen and have no hope of getting it back, then you should probably wipe it remotely using Find My iPhone.
So, of course, the answer for now is to just disable all of this stuff from showing up on your lock screen or from being accessible from Notification Center or Control Center or Siri while locked.
If you do choose to keep these features enabled for convenience, then you had better be the type of person who treats their iPhone as an appendage and never leave it out of your sight. It's a whole lot easier to float down the river in a boat without a hole in the bottom of it! Managing your login credentials and maintaining good passwords helps you stay aware and on the lookout for anything nefarious. Now, I just told you not to use the same password for each site which I know sounds like a tall order, but what if I told you that you could memorize just ONE really, really good master password, hide it really, really well and let that be the key that securely stores and unlocks all the other keys? The app I've chosen to invest my security in over the past several years is 1Password by AgileBits. At the time of this posting, there is a sale on 1Password and I highly recommend that you have the latest version.
If you've ever signed up for any of the services listed below, you need to change your password.
If you use any of their related services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, for example, you should change your passwords at their websites first and then don't forget you need to make that same password change in the settings on all the devices you use to access that service. Here are some links to easy-on-the-eyes articles if you want to educate yourself further on what this bug is and why it's important to act. There is a password used to manage the device and then there is also a password used to connect to the device.
Disclaimer: I was not compensated to write this, but I am using affiliate links for the app downloads.
I've been using these Powerocks over the past week or so now, showing them off to clients and bragging to friends and family about them. This little charger came in uber-handy while I was at Cirque du Mac this year because my friend Barry was running out of juice on his iPhone.
Next up is the big boy — The Magic Cub 2 — at 12000 mAh this mighty little brick packs a ridiculous amount of power!! A code, key, or string of text required to gain access to a particular service or resource.
My girlfriend forgot the password for her MacBook (don't ask), so I reset it using the Utilities.
Just now, something strange when I open my Macbook Pro Retina : the password entry was locked for 30 seconds and a tooltip saying me to use the machine's encryption passphrase to unlock it.
An ex-employee change her administrator password when she was fired and nobody can access the MacBook Pro (late 2013 model).
I'm trying to update an old and outdated Puppet manifest to setup a new Jenkins slave on OSX El-Capitan and hit an issue which I suspect could be related to new security features in El-Capitan. Follwing having to create a new keychain on my laptopm, I have had to reset my icloud keychain, follwoing the advice on apple's support page. The other day I was surprised to have to remember my restrictions passcode when reseting my iPhone. What is the right way to think about doing lower value work when small talking with an executive?
Would allowing a cantrip cast as a bonus action to be used on the same turn as a non-cantrip cast as an action break the game?
You can view and edit your data in the same view, there is therefore no need to change between different views to do different tasks. Based upon defining, and executing on my own #Reclaim process, I want to come up with a v1 proposal, for one possible vision for the larger #Reclaim lifecycle. After the recent OpenSSL Heartbleed security episode, I am going through all of my accounts and changing my passwords.

I’m not naive to think I will be able to reclaim 100% of my domain, but I should have a bar defined, of what I expect from each provider in the area of domain management. Most security breaches occur due to weak passwords, a result of people using common phrases like 1234 or password, and easily identifiable things in our daily lives. Once you have that number, if you can track the phone to get a location on a map, you can call 911 (they told me it's ok) and a police officer will meet you at the location to offer assistance.
Maybe they want an extra flashlight, timer or calculator in their pocket or they want to take selfies with the camera in case you do get your phone back so you can see all the fun you missed while your phone was away.
I am not a frequent flyer and I'm fine with unlocking the phone and going to Settings to enable Airplane Mode. While your iPhone is offline, you will not be able to track it, but at least you'll know your data is safe. To see what I mean, try these little exercises while imagining you are the thief who has your iPhone in their hot little hands. Of course it's not too hard once they figure out your name to start poking around in your Contacts using Siri to rat you out. If the thief disables connectivity by enabling Airplane Mode or disabling Wi-Fi or both, then Siri from the lock screen will no longer work, but your iPhone will show as offline when you try to track it. Just know that if you do this, there's no hope of ever recovering your phone using the hi-tech methods currently at your disposal. Only you can decide where that balance between convenience and security lies and I hope my experience, time and report here helps you make a more informed decision.
You can get thin, transparent tape for it and it looks really nice on along the side of your iPhone or on the back of your iPad — almost as good as an engraving. I know too many people who use the same password, or a variation of it, over and over again because when given a choice between security and convenience, most will choose the latter.
Your credit card has an expiration date on it and each time they issue a new one, even though the number may remain the same, the security code on the back changes. Doesn't that sound much easier than having to remember or write down a bunch of stuff only to forget where you put it or maybe later not be able to tell if you wrote the letter 'O' or a zero. It has worked so well for me and my family that I am using it with more and more of my clients. If you still have the older version, now is the best time to upgrade because they've added a lot of new features. It's a lot of information to digest and even then it still might not make sense, but I tried to pick articles that explain it a little easier than most. You may have given the latter password out to family and friends who have visited your home and connected to your Wi-Fi. She had the power and now I do too because thanks to Powerocks, I no longer worry about being without power for any of my gadgets. I had this handy Magic Stick in my pocket which charged my iPhone so I lent it to him for his ride home because Friends Don't Let Friends Power Down! The Flash Magic Stick came in so handy and I'm very pleased with this product. I totally lost my paper with the secret password for my encrypted external GUID hard drive. My vision for Reclaim Your Domain, is to not create yet another system, we have to become slave to. I’m using this opportunity to being using 1Password which has been on my list for a while now, after watching Audrey use it this year.
Eventually I got my domain back, but it taught me some serious lessons about navigating this new online world we were creating for ourselves. What is worst is many people use the same password across all of their accounts, and when an online provider experiences a security breach, guess what?
I did keep pinging it, meaning using Lost Mode to send a message to the screen, and finally someone decided to text me and tell me they "found" it.
They will ask you on the phone how accurate the GPS signal is and you can tell them within 10 feet of the suspect. All of those features are still available from iOS 7's Control Center while the phone is locked and offline so their friends will think they're cool.
First they pluck its legs off so it can't go anywhere and then they just bat at it to torture it. What kinds of revealing information would your iPhone's thief be able to mine from the lock screen before it goes into Lock Mode? Of course it probably won't do much good to put your cell phone number on your iPhone's label if you lose it since you won't be able to answer it right away!
You could even put it on the side that has the SIM card port to deter a thief from removing it. I was able to play around with the features in the lock screen before putting the phone into Lost Mode then I could see what would happen and what wouldn't.
Websites or software products with login screens like those used for banking, payroll access, insurance, healthcare, etc. If you like his method of instruction, you should really consider subscribing to his other videos! If you're like a lot of people, you may have used the same password there that you use in other places. Using 1Password makes this easier because you just copy and paste it into the boxes calling for it. I love, love, love that it gives me feedback on how much charge it has with its blue indicator lights on the side.
Hackers have your login information, which will probably work across everything you use—they iget to work finding out what they have access to in your world immediately after a breach. Long story short, the iPhone was allegedly "purchased from a friend" and the person's girlfriend tried to restore it and discovered the message.
I think Apple should also make it so that the phone can not be powered off while in Lock Mode.

I get that it's a convenience and encourages more people on planes to disable connectivity easily, but leaving it available to disarm the wonderful security features of Find My iPhone?
I've even had a trusting family member on the other side of the country ask me to log in on their behalf to track their device when they had no other alternative at the time.
Put a different phone number on that label, like your spouse's mobile or your landline or even a Google Voice number that will ring or text your replacement cell or that of a friend you trust. I chose to put mine along the side with the volume buttons in hopes someone will see it there.
That makes you more vulnerable because that's what hackers will assume when they target you.
I've found it helpful to write or print out the password (so it's legible) and tack it to the fridge or someplace accessible so you can just hand it to your guest and they can enter it in their device. The Powerocks designers are so smart because they made it so that you must press the button twice in order to turn on the light and twice again repeatedly to cycle through the different features: solid, blinking and strobe lights. My hope in revealing this experience is that our loss will be your gain and maybe you'll have a better outcome. We had to "pay off" this individual for a small sum of money, but we got the phone back and no data was lost of compromised.
I found it helpful to take screen shots (command-shift-4) and note the location on the iCloud map then plug that information into Google Maps because from there, you can look up "what's here" and get local landmarks or businesses.
The commands you issue will show as pending and if your lost or stolen iPhone ever resumes connectivity, it will receive the command and complete the action such as enabling Lost Mode or sounding a audible signal.
I prefer to hold out hope and try to ping it every so often in hopes it will come back online at some point. This way, if a good samaritan finds your dead iPhone months later, they can call you or text you on a number where you can be reached. I keep a transparent case on my phone, so this is visible through it, but I removed it here for the photo to give you a better idea. Of course changing your password is not the be-all-end-all, but it certainly helps to thwart attackers. You lock your home and car while away, so why leave the all the keys under the door mat? Everything you enter into this software is for your eyes only unless you decide to share it with someone you trust who also has 1Password so they can lock it away in their own vault. While both pieces of software are on sale right now, it's really worth the price when you see what all it can do.
The colors are nice and bright so they're easy to spot when you're digging for one inside your bag. It drives me nuts when products are designed with loose buttons that easily power on and waste energy for who knows how long inside your bag that by the time you need to use it, it's drained! I will write more about this story in another post because I learned a lot more about the recovery process.
I'd like to see the ability to customize that area or disable the connectivity icons for Airplane and Wi-Fi altogether. Of course for ultimate, added protection, I encourage everyone to use a password manager and never store their passwords in the browser (Safari). Tsk. I mention this because I don't want you to be under the impression that some thief could have your phone and it will just keep wailing and dinging because, unfortunately that's not the case!
Maybe, just maybe the message will get across while I'm obsessing over something else in life. I think cell phones are best because they can receive a text in case it's someone who can't figure out that they need to tap the green number on the screen. The developers are constantly polishing this app and they stay on top of all the security risks so you don't have to. Be sure to use the auto-generation tool in your password manager so that you're using a password you'll never use anywhere else.
If you use a router other than those who've already issued statements to get your wireless devices connected to the internet, contact the company who makes it to find out if they've issued a patch. Unless you registered your warranty with their site, you'll need to check this on your own as it's unlikely you'll get an email about it. After this first incident, I realized how handy it was to have our family photo or something with a picture of the phone's owner on the lock screen because this way, the police officer took one look at us, knew the phone belonged to us and handed it over with no additional paperwork. Of course, having Bluetooth there has come in very handy for me, so I'd like to see that stay. I've heard people say they don't care much about their phone if it goes missing — it's just a thing, right? I've said it before and I'll say it again, 1Password is good for this plus it even has a built-in browser.
You can use iCloud or your own secured Wi-Fi connection to sync between devices so that your information is not intercepted while syncing. I just think that disabling settings which compromise security should be passcode or fingerprint Touch ID protected.
Ok, but this thing has a lot of bells and whistles turned on by default for your convenience and I'm here to tell you to take a closer look at this thing. If your password is ever extracted somehow, like in the case of a bug like Heartbleed, the fact that you can change it and update your login credentials more efficiently WILL keep you safer. There are multiple charging cables built right in with a USB port to plug in your Apple devices requiring a bring-your-own Lightning cable. If you plan on abandoning an online service, just be sure no personal or financial details like a credit card are linked to the service in question and if you really do not plan on using it, maybe now is the time to close it off. I'll definitely be taking it with us when we travel out east to visit family because it's great for charging multiple devices — power for the whole family!

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