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Search through Frequently Asked Questions about the whole process from I-129F - K1 Visa - AOS - ROC and other processes.
The articles found on this blog are applicable to all I-129F Petitions, K1 Visa Applicants, AOS (from a K1 Visa), and ROC applicants unless otherwise noted.
For the question that has been asked a million times, how do I get my passport out of the plastic package?
I just wanted to ask you what is the validity of the visa that is stamped on your passport? I am a little bit worried about my case i was interviewed and got approved last june 17 and they told me to wait for 3 weeks bec. 3.) I told them to have it delivered to my home, how can i change it to just pick it up at any mall or branches of 2go? Based on that statement, one can assume that it’s probably being prepared for pickup by the courier.

This option has been the most wanted option for all 2go users because mostly all of them might have lost their 2go registered Phone No and willing to change it to their current phone number, but let look into it ourselves. How do you want 2go to implement that option that wouldn’t make you loose your account to unknown person? I once wondered how this will be possible but lets wait and see what will happen when its Available.
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Don’t forget to tell your mom about the Pre-departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) at CFO for Intending Immigrants. Read the KnowledgeBase: I’ve submitted complete documents during my interview and was told that I was approved.
Some K1 Visa Process articles are written specifically for applicants from the Philippines.

This guide was made with the sole intention of helping other K1 applicants to understand what goes on during the K1 Visa Process. Ask questions if you want, but make sure you've read all the articles I've written and searched both the Facebook group and KnowledgeBase for answers first. Was able to schedule my interview, finished my medical examination, my visa was approved and I just got it today (my cfo seminar will be on friday).

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