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A customer is setting up their new iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and they go through the process of creating an Apple ID. A customer is simply trying to change their Apple ID from an old email address to a new one.
Just to be clear: Even though you know your email password, your Apple ID password may be entirely different. Apple’s support article suggests an inefficient time-consuming method designed to shield you from seeing warning popups that ask you to update your Apple ID after you change it to the new email address. Click edit to the right of your email address under the section called Apple ID and Primary Email Address.
I don’t know how it changed, but suddenly the default search engine on my Apple iPhone 3G is Yahoo, not Google. Forum iMore Community Discussions General Apple News & Discussion How do I change my out of office message?
Reply Forum iMore Community Discussions General Apple News & Discussion How do I change my out of office message? Last Post: 01-09-2016, 10:41 PM Why won't my iPhone 4 s connect to my skoda superb 2010 model? Last Post: 12-28-2015, 04:39 PM My I5C tells me that I am out of storage and can't take more pics even after deleting from phone, what can I do? Last Post: 12-28-2015, 09:44 AM How do I get the keyboard up in order to edit a note on my iPhone? I had the same thing happen on my Apple iPhone a few days ago, mysteriously, and while it might be fairies or wizardry I suspect in fact that one of my children is the culprit. Setting the correct search engine – whether you prefer Google or Yahoo – in Safari on the Apple iPhone fortunately isn’t that difficult at all. When you do this, if you find that your are unable to login to your Apple ID, this means there’s something wrong with your Apple ID or the password. When you get to Settings > iCloud, tap on the Account field and erase and retype the password for your Apple ID. If things are still the same, you’re probably going to have to check out iMessage and FaceTime under Settings.

Try turning these off (I know it can be cranky to get them back ON but you’ll have to try it!). While restoring your backup, if you are asked to enter the password of your previous Apple ID, Skip it.
Are you sure iTunes Store isn’t trying to download something which is on a download-loop or failing repeatedly? Hey there,iv red all the stuff mentioned above bt my problem is my apple id is correct n its working on iphone bt not on ipad bt only for itunes and appstore..
I’m traveling abroad and, for saving battery, i turned off wi-fi and I have no connection to an internet provider. Sure sounds like that Clash of Clans issue with Game Center they have been talking about on the Apple support boards. When they try to update it, their iPhone or Mac tells them the email address is already in use.
Remember, even though they have the same user name (the email address), the accounts are entirely separate and may have separate passwords. I recommend you change your Apple ID on all your devices after you change it to the new email address. I am passionate about helping people to grow personally and professionally using the power of technology.
The Updates section shows you apps that are ready for updates but above it, there’s the purchased apps section. Both iMessage and FaceTime use your Apple ID even if you’re not using these services (but have them turned on). Now, you will have to change the Apple ID to the email address which iCloud ask you to sign in.
If I could sign out or delete account I would be golden, but you NEED to password for all of these things, which is why the stupid pop up keeps occurring. Firstly make sure you do a back up of your device from going into settings then iCloud then scroll to the bottom and click on back up then select Back Up Now once completed you have a unto date copy of everything most recent. Now it keeps nagging for my AppleID password to connect to Facetime and won’t let me access the Settings on anything else!

IMHO bad programing on Apple’s part to allow any program to turn off your iCloud account and nuke your contacts on your iPhone.
I hope this walkthrough has helped clarify the process for you and I’d love to hear about your experiences with changing your Apple ID in the comments section below. If there are any pending tracks that are stuck, remove them, restart your iPhone and check if this fixes the problem. You’ve got the data backed up anyway so if it helps, why not just do it and get rid of the issue? This is happening from couple ov months n im unable to download apps on my ipad plz somebody help!!!!! I know that when I come back to US I’ll have my LTE connection and will be able to enter my AppleID password and access my phone normally, but this is damn frustrating! It’s easier than hunting through Settings on all your devices to sign out of every service that uses your Apple ID first. The data of your phone will remain in the iCloud and when you will sign in, it will be updated. When I click on the app icon, it only shows the background of the app and loads a pop up asking for Apple id and password. So every time i get a upgrade the phone asks for me to put the password in for a old email id!!
IOS should recognize that if the phone has no internet access to login to the user’s account, it won’t try to use Facetime or any other app that may require an AppleID!
What you now need to do is connect your phone to iTunes click on apps & uninstall all of them, yes I know its a pain but its the answer your looking for. Now you can either wipe the phone which i recommend is the best because your starting a fresh or you can just sign out of iCloud by removing details.
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