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I’ve had one week with the iPad Air 2 at this point, and because I use my tablet day in and day out, I can say it definitely feels like an upgrade over last year’s Air. I honestly never felt that the initial Air needed to get thinner, but the Air 2 does set a new standard. It’s silly, but I didn’t really believe Apple when they said the Smart Cover would fit both devices.
The Logitech Ultrathin I just reviewed also works with the Air 2, although the thinner profile means that the Air 2 rests at a more shallow angle by default. Any plastic or leather cases that are suited exactly for the iPad Air will likely be a little loose on the Air 2, though.
Last year’s Air still runs iOS 8 beautifully, but even so, there’s a noticeable uptick in speed on the Air 2 for things I do tens of times per day. 64 GB of storage is dangerous territory for me because it gets me thinking about 128 GB of storage for just $100 more. It’s hard to show the difference between the two screens in pictures, but it’s easy to see in person.
This is one of those features that really should have debuted alongside the 5S last year, but it’s really great to have TouchID now. As a final thought, I’d like to echo what others have said on Twitter: there has never been a better time to buy the iPad mini 2 (previously “iPad mini with Retina Display”). I’m biased because I vastly prefer interacting with a native app to using a web app within Safari. For example, if you install Pinterest, you’ll be able to activate the Pinterest extension within Safari. As you can see, it fits into the dock very nicely and even has the cutout that I needed for my 30 pin to Lightning conversion cable.
Problem solved and much better angle for recording also!  I am sure the Zagg keyboard cover could be substituted for others or an item made from scratch. When you think about digital devices like tablets you have to think about how they have affected us. If you are shooting with an Eye-fi card, the iPad is a dream as well along with updating or running your blog while traveling, you can do even more. It’s nice to go out with your mind at peace and know you can show your work on a nice screen.
From the studio to the classroom, the field to the garage, iPad Air 2 is helping people discover new and better ways to do the things they love. It just didn’t look like there was enough actual surface area for my existing Smart Cover to latch onto on the iPad Air 2, but it works perfectly. This means I almost never have to tilt the iPad back in the Ultrathin’s stand, since it’s already the perfect angle to begin with.
Evernote feels lightning fast at accessing notes on the Air 2, which makes me love the iPad even more for getting work done.

It’s a change I definitely notice on a daily basis, and it makes the iPad feel more like a computer than a mobile device. Depending on the kinds of apps I open, most of those tabs can actually stay open for the afternoon at work without having to reload.
128 GB used to be an extra $200 that I’d have to justify, but here I am with my 64 GB iPad Air 2 — this incredible machine — and I find myself eyeing the maxed out model just because it’s so liberating to have so much space. I haven’t used the iPad outdoors in bright sunlight, but there is a definite reduction in glare for indoor lights.
I do feel like my data is more secure on the iPad now that I’ve got a fingerprint scanner and a more complex passcode to lock my iPad down every time I turn the screen off.
It recognizes my fingerprint every single time, even when my grubby mitts are sweaty (which they often are).
The device is great to hold, the TouchID sensor is wonderfully reliable, and the extra 1 GB of RAM has already changed the way that the iPad feels for me. I'll be able to help you figure out why Evernote isn't syncing, or recommend your favourite new RSS reader to you. Native apps for the services you mentioned feel a lot more responsive to touch, and also generally more capable than their web app counterparts in Safari. The iPad Air come with a new and free set of apps that actually make it more productive: Garage Band, Pages and Numbers. If you are working out in the field, you can show your client the work right away in a pleasing manner.
The iPad Air is a nice multipurpose device, that is actually an improvement and not just a minor upgrade.
I’m used to using Control Center on my iPhone for locking the device orientation, and it has quickly become second nature to do it on the iPad Air 2. Some people have reported lower battery life on the Air 2, but I haven’t noticed it so far. That’s such a marked difference from surfing on every iOS device before the iPad Air 2, and it’s a clear differentiator for this tablet as a different class of machine. I plan to store some of my music on the iPad via iTunes Match, but I stream most of it through Spotify. It’s a lot like putting on a lighter pair of sunglasses: the reflections still show up on the screen, but they’re dimmer, allowing the content to shine through more.
The presence of any moisture on my hand convinces my iPhone that I’m a total stranger, but my Air 2 still knows it’s me, even through the sweat. If you’re on the market for a 10-inch iPad, I heartily recommend the Air 2 over last year’s Air — especially since the difference is only $100 on a device that already costs a minimum of $400. If you’ve read this review and are feeling like the Air 2 might be too much machine for you, the iPad mini 2 is basically as fast as last year’s iPad Air, $200 cheaper than the Air 2, and still features a beautiful hi-res display. We use them to show our portfolios, have contracts signed, check email, manage things and even read magazines.

I did not buy the iPad mini because the amount as well as what I read, in my spare time, lends itself to the bigger size.
The mute button works the same as it does on the iPhone turning off the sound and or locking the orientation of the iPad Air.
With a tool like the CF card reader and an all-in-one card reader, you can pull your images to the iPad. They don’t have to look at the back of your camera, they have the retina display to look at. If you would like to purchase any of the items mentioned, please do so by clicking our links first and then purchasing the items as we then get a small portion of the sale to help run the website. This iPad still gets through a day of constant usage at work, and I get home with about 45% battery left. Most of the storage will really be taken up by iCloud document files (like for Pixelmator), some movie files for editing on-the-go, and all of the pictures I’ve ever taken. It’s definitely a strange year for the iPad lineup as a whole, but I think the Air 2 and the mini 2 are the clear choices for new buyers or users looking to upgrade. Having a personal portfolio on-line at a place like 500PX or on the iPad Air, you are always going to get a decent display. There’s a 7% difference in weight between the old iPad Air and the new model, but I think the internals were likely re-balanced as well. The last part is really why I’m considering 128 GB, but before I take that leap, I’m uploading my entire collection of photos to iCloud Photo Library and trying out the “Optimize iPad Storage” setting.
Earlier on this year, Apple released the iPad Air–the latest evolution in the lineup.
Its promise of being something everyone needs hasn’t crystalized yet, but it’s slowly emerging as Apple continues to chisel away at its aluminum shell. It makes me glad that I held off upgrading my iPhone this year, since I’ll likely get the same 2 GB RAM experience on next year’s iPhone as well.
If you’re a photographer trying to shrink your overall kit, know that this does fit into a smaller bag nicely.
I do most of my email from my iPad Air and it’s easier to look at for longer periods of time. However, if you’re looking for the drastic difference you’d felt going from an iPad 2 to an iPad mini, then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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