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The Norwegians are hoping to use their hollowed-out mountains for the altruistic, though ominously named, Doomsday Vault. If I had a hollowed-out mountain, I'd use it to store all my excess rocks and sand and junk. Of course, a giant, underground theatre with surround sound loud enough to move the mountain would be nice. I mean, just because it's underground why does it have to be something out of the ordinary?
Stockpile nuclear weapons, epidemic pathogens, CFC's, Kung-fu equipment, bad luck, Apple computers, American automobiles, rap music, and republicans. When I see a hollowed out mountain I see the ultimate couch potato nest packed with copies of every book, movie, and song ever produced and recorded sports events. I always wanted to make a house and workshop in a hollowed out rock hillside, with spring water piped in from above, or a well sunk internally, with electricity roduced by a water powered generator. I would have a candy factorie and I would test all of the candy while floating around in a jetpack. Food is cooked on a huge BBQ griddle, laid over a circular hole, which goes straight down to the sleeping volcano under your feet. Satellite images show a mysterious airfield base in Saudi Arabia that could very well be the US drone base. It's like if I took a hi-res photo of a 100,000 person crowd and one person was a secret agent.
Sure, but Bing doesn't really "win" all that often, so let's just let it have this one, ok? Just out of curiosity, if those are drone hangars, why are they cluttered with so much crap around them? The core premise of Pokemon isn’t lost on the copious number of consumers that invest in every core installment of the near-annual franchise.
Right from the beginning, longtime fans are treated to an opening that sets the tone for the entire game – ensuring that those looking for nostalgia will immediately find it within the first few seconds of starting their new adventure. This option is liberating after being forced to walk in lines throughout every past entry in the franchise, but it’s oddly stripped away from players when they enter certain buildings.
Another setback is that, once again, is that 3D cannot be enabled outside of battles, a handful of cutscenes and areas.
Not content with just sticking to new Megas, Game Freak has introduced a new temporary evolution in the form of Primal Reversion. Even Pikachu dives head first into the Contest-centric action this time around, as players can dress special variants of the beloved mascot up as several different things for a  competition (i.e. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire aren’t simply better looking ports of the original GBA games. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arrive exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS on November 21, 2014. The state of New Mexico and Colorado have been used for the construction of a series of underground bases. The Taos facilities goes north approximately along Interstate 25 and eventually ties in NORAD. BTW currently there are 2 underground cities being constructed in north East America both the size of the empty Chinese cities.
Maybe ita€™s time to consider that there are still aliens under Dulce Base as well as many other underground locations, what risk will they pose to us? Most of those facilities are located where the Yellowstone super volcano could happen without warning.
Following on from the original games, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire feature Secret Bases. To create a Secret Base, you need to have a Pokemon knowing the move, Secret Power, and take it to one of many places in the Hoenn region.
This game has a great number of Secret Base locations across the region, each with different shapes and sizes. One of the core aspects of Secret Bases is the ability to share your Secret Base with other players.
QR Code: The second method is to allow for you to share your Secret Base with people around the world. You can also gain the QR Code by accessing the special page on the Pokemon Global Link after you have done the Game Sync.
A mainstay of the Secret Bases remaining from Ruby & Sapphire is ther ability to completely decorate your base. This helps you to completely personalise the space, based upon your own likes and dislikes. When you go to other people's Secret Bases, you will meet a representation of their player. Another feature of the Secret Bases, and one that stems more from Diamond & Pearl, is the Capture the Flag option.
If you have a person as a Secret Pal either through StreetPass or Passing By online, when you talk to them in their base if that player has collected flags today, you will be able to receive an amount of flags equal to the amount they have collected, up to 30 per player. Using the Level Release item, you can remove any restrictions to Pokemon levels, and using the Proclamation, you can set what type of battle you want: Single, Double, Triple, Rotation or Inverse. With the Secret Pals you have in your base, when you battle people's Secret Pals in their base, they have a special team based upon their Trainer Class.
From time to time, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo will distribute a variety of QR Codes for special people in the franchise. In Mossdeep City, there is an oldman who stands by his door in his house hoping for a special Secret Base to appear. The vault will be a depository of seeds of all the known varieties of the world’s crops, just in case anything goes down. Shame on you all for being so rude!" and everyone would just kind of look at eachother and timidly apologize.

When the world goes to hell, we can open the Doomsday Vault and rebuild; then tear it all down with this vault and start this cycle all over again. We would need a vast collection of DVD and CD players and couches and something to keep them powered up. Plenty of room for everything, no tax assessment, and a year -'round stable temperature. Then I would be so rich I would force SONY into giving me every high-definition item (including 9 PLAYSTATION 3's with 9 copies of every game)they make. Place humans on the inside and let them grow and prosper (or not) with no knowledge of the outside world. The base was built two years ago, had been used for dozens of drone attacks in Yemen, and was originally hidden by the news until it was revealed this week.
Yep, satellite images in Google Maps (which does its fair share of blowing up secrets) doesn’t show any sort of airfield base. Certainly has something long and straight on the southern side when looking at the actual Bing site. It is under construction and much of that "crap" is shipping containers where all the components came out of for assembly. The 2016 Defence White Paper has revealed an additional $29.9 billion budgeted for Defence, and brings investment in capability to an "unprecedented" $195 billion over the decade to 2025-26.
12 new "regionally-superior" submarines, nine future frigates and 12 offshore patrol vessels are expected to "drive jobs and growth in the new economy we are building". Granted, a lot has been untouched in the new titles – making for a euphoric trip down memory lane – but the remakes manage to maintain a sense of nostalgia while still updating the games to remain relevant alongside recent releases. Afterwards players are thrown into a 3D world filled with graphics comparable to the aforementioned Pokemon X and Y. No longer are users forced to walk on an imaginary grid whilst running around outside, allowing for a number of new gameplay options to be implemented as a result. This instantly makes common visits to the Pokemon Center all the more annoying, and the reasoning for this is not evident whatsoever. Running with the same concept that was introduced in the last pair of titles, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire build upon the premise of further evolving monsters that were previously believed to have reached their final forms. Both Kyogre and Groudon can utilize this technique to become Alpha and Omega-branded versions of themselves, respectively.
Secret Bases and Pokemon Contests have returned, and they’re more fleshed out and enjoyable than ever before. Instead, Game Freak has gone ahead and brought these older titles into 2014, and those who played the initial pair of games will appreciate the immense fan service that’s present throughout the titles.
Tehachapi Ranch- 4 saucer bases, Tecachapi Canyon has a new underground base which was finished in Sept. Boulder, COa€“The headquarters for EMC, a type of electra-magnetic mind control that is being broadcast to modify the thinking of Americans, and to control slaves. Atlanta, GA a€“FEMA regional center, which is appropriately placed since Atlanta is to become a capital within the NWO redrawing of boundaries.
Lower Goose Lake area in the general area of Oakley, ID.a€“Wackenhut of the Illuminati run a a€?model prisona€? for the NWO.
Camp Davida€“just north of the camp is an underground facility important to the intelligence agencies. Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland, Area 51, The Area, the Spot, Red Square, Sally Corridor, Watertown Strip.
There may be as many as three underground installations in New Hampshirea€™s hills (according to reports). Coos Bay area has had three separate but coordinating underground facilities built for UFOs. Bluemont, Mount Weather base, Federal Preparedness Agency & FEMA, small-city underground, top-secret, staff of several hundred, does secret work for FEMA and contains a complete secret government with the various agencies and cabinet-level ranking administrators that keep their positions for several administrations and help run the United States. White Sulphur Springs, under the Greenbriar Hotel, a mini-city large enough for 800 people equipped with its own crematorium, if there are any other purposes otherthan listening to U.S. If 10% of this is true there must be protection for the Army of Civil Servants above a certain Pay Grade. In addition to that, three special areas are located in the game, needing Dive to get to initially, that have a lot of Secret Bases within them. While in the originals, this was done simply by mixing records, in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, there are two different ways to do this.
When you have this feature activated, whenever you locally pass another Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire player, it will download the data into your game. At the PC, you can create a special QR Code for your Secret Base, which is then saved onto your SD card for you to upload. This is done with a variety of items that you obtain throughout the game, such as as a special gift or through purchasing at stores in the game. There, you can interact with these players and invite them to return to your base, to help build up a special amount of Pals. The team they use is based on the team the person had when they created the QR Code for their base, or StreetPassed their base to you.
This allows for you to turn your Secret Base into a small pesudo-Gym with yourself as the Gym Leader.
If you scan these codes, it unlocks a special Secret Base which is not in any of the usual locations. If you scan a special QR Code, the new Secret Base will appear on the other side of the door.
NASA, on the other hand, recently announced that they'll be upping the speed on the whole hollowed-out-mountain game by harnessing the naturally occurring hollow lava tubes on the moon as a library. And snacks, lots of snacks like pizza, Cheetos, hot wings, and meatballs, I really like meatballs. Parts removed from those containers are still lined up on the taxiway in front of the hangers.

This update breathes new life into the naturalistic Hoenn region, making it feel shiny, new and well worth exploring. Wild Pokemon that will make their presence known by shaking bushes, splashing water or kicking up dirt in caves now require trainers to sneak up on them in order to engage in battle. That said, Game Freak is on to something and the overall game benefits from players being able to move more freely. The third evolutionary stage for each starter Pokemon (Sceptile, Swampert and Blaziken) all have Mega Evolutions this time around, and – although Mega Blaziken was previously established in other games – pushing those starters past their preset limits adds a nice bit of newness to the familiar adventure. This bestows new Abilities and upped stats in the process, but the new mechanic isn’t further explored with any of the other Pocket Monsters found within the games. Players are able to customize their very own base to their liking, and they’re encouraged to share these locales with friends and strangers alike. Both of these fan-favorite features add a good amount of replay value to a pair of games that are already more than capable of sucking countless hours out of players, and there’s little doubt that longtime fans and newcomers alike will find themselves jumping into these features with little hassle.
31A°50a€? N 1100 19a€™48a€? W, saucer base below, intelligence training above, mind-control incl. Atlanta is believed to have several underground installations in its area, one to the north at Kennesaw Mtn., Marietta, GA connected to Dobbins AFB and one to the south of Atlanta at Forest Park.
The worst of the federal prisoners are placed in this underground prison which has 7,100 cells which are filled with about 2,700 federal inmates.
Meade, of the National Security Agency, 10 acres of the most sophisticated supercomputers that can be built, very large complex, massive surveillance of all the worlda€™s communications, including all transmissions in the U.S. Visitors to the deeper levels report humans kept in glass cylinders, plus many other strange things. The facility farthest east, about 20 miles inland in the wilderness near Hwy 42, has been shut down. Ritchie, known as a€?Raven Rocka€? or a€?Site Ra€?, Army, major electronic nerve center, 650 ft. The Supreme council of the 33A° of the Scottish Ritea€™s House of the Temple has a 14a€? x 25a€? room in it with 13 chairs where the Illuminatia€™s Grand Druid Council meet. Kennecotta€™s mine (reported to be owned by the World Bank) in the Salt Lake City area is serviced by Union Pacific, which is reported connected to the Mormon Church. The Americans use a lot of foreigners to build underground bunkers, long distance underground high speed carbon infused titanium magnetic railways that goes extremely fast. Each Secret Pal has got a variety of features that are available when you speak to them, but they can only do them once a day. When your base is sent to other people, via QR Code or by passing by, your team is sent with it and as such, people can battle you once a day, and you can battle other players.
Everything else about these bases is conventional, with the ability to battle all the characters within and to take their flag to add to your flag count. And if you’re truly evil, you have the option of carving it into the shape of a skull, making it your secret headquarters, or periodically host kung-fu tournaments there.
Oh, and a collection of reading glasses so we don't get stuck like that poor guy played by Burgess Meredith in the Twilight Zone. The mysterious base, which can be seen here at Bing Maps, is on the Eastern Saudi Arabia-Yemen border and houses three hangars large enough to hold US Predator and Reaper drones.
It’ll be interesting to see if the feature is built upon in future installments, but at this point it appears to be more of a gimmick than a true gameplay addition.
I have had the opportunity to debrief some people who have been in the lower reaches of some of these facilities. I’ve seen it, been on it and know the fast underground exposure to a huge network of alien bases and huge alien cities underground.
At least it’s good to know that if one day NORAD happens to unleash its missiles or a kung-fu tournament on Skull Island goes horribly awry, all our seeds and back issues of PopSci will be safe. The clamshell hangars, which measure about 50m long and 20m wide, are similar to other bases associated with US drones. Meanwhile, Contests permit longtime fans to once again create some PokeBlocks and win some ribbons. NORAD also controls many Monarch slaves who have ALEX, JANUS, ALEXUS endtime callback programming. Another underground facility may also exist in the area, FEMA & possibly NSA, the facility may be 10 levels deep, purpose unknown. Two large underground facilities close to but separate from Groom Lake but controlled by the demonic beings are Papoose Range and Cockeyed Ridge (S-4) underground bases. One eye- witness, went to level 17 (via an elevator) and stated that he believes that deeper levels exist. In other words, it appears that the heavy train & tractor trailor activity indicates something besides mining. They hover 3-5 ft off the ground, then the guys jump out, run to the side the airport, and then instantly disappear.
Purpose is the testing of various UFOs and other secret aircraft like the Aurora and Stealth. This underground complex is to allow the government of the United States to escape a nuclear attack. Many levels have been built t these three complexes, and a 7 mile long run way (which is actually 39 miles) Page 305 a€¦ has been built over Groom Lake, a dry lake.
The walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into the ceilings.

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