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Paramahansa Yogananda's personal instructions on how to practice the science of Kriya Yoga meditation, taken from the classes he gave for more than thirty years, are presented in detail in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons.
In addition, the Lessons provide his practical guidance and techniques for attaining balanced physical, mental, and spiritual well being — the health, healing, success, and harmony that yoga bestows in every aspect of life.
If you have not yet enrolled for the Lessons, you will find on these pages some basic instructions on how to meditate, which you can use right away to begin experiencing the peace and communion with the Divine that meditation brings. Welcome and congratulations for having the wisdom and consciousness to decide to learn more about meditation. I have been meditating for over 40 years, I have tried many different meditation techniques.
Learning how to meditate does not have to be mysterious or difficult and you don’t have to sit in lotus to become an accomplished meditator.
So whether you are just beginning your journey into meditation or are looking for help on the journey you have already begun, I am here for you. Larry shares with you, meditationPlus, the easiest and most effective meditation technique.
There are some things that we can do to bring ourselves, immediately, back to our practice, whether that practice is a formal one, or an informal one.
For the sake of ease, I decided to share the ten things that I remember when I become distracted by the many things that my mind seems to follow. When you find yourself distracted by a thought, remain with the thought and that’s all. When you find yourself distracted, ask yourself whether what you’ve been distracted by is a thought, an emotion, or a sensation. NEW – this site has a new page, Media, where you can find articles, MP3 tracks for downloading, and videos on the subject of meditation.
Jerome Stone is a Registered Nurse and the author of the book Minding The Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind.
Download TWO FREE CHAPTERS of Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind and a FREE E-Book! Meditation is one of the easiest yet most life changing skill that could help in relaxing the mind and body from stressful thoughts.
Many health experts have recommended meditation to be a part of our daily routine to give time for some quiet moments.
Learning how to meditate for beginners can help a person in doing this mind exercise even at home.
Doing this, you will be able to expel the air that you have already used, making more room for the fresh air. For those people who want to know how to meditate for beginners, using audio Guided Meditations could help in providing step-by-step meditation instructions in a more friendly, non-intimidating and easy way. This could also help them in revealing different approaches that could help in making the mind aware of everything.
Meditate with some light background music. There are some people who find it very relaxing to meditate with a light sound in their background.
First select the most awesome songs on this earth a€“ the ones you just dona€™t want to stop listening to and start playing them in your play list. Most people are familiar with mandalas, having seen them in various forms from prayer wheels and religious symbols, in architecture and design, even on T-shirts, quilts and patterns on fabric. With the crazy and chaotic Holiday Season fast approaching, we've found a way to not only meditate but to multitask at the same time.
For this project you will need to find some mandalas to print, or purchase a mandala coloring book, a set of crayons, colored pencils, markers or paint, scissors and some card stock, glue and envelopes.
There are plenty of websites that offer printable mandalas and you can Google the keywords to find the printable mandalas or mandala coloring books. Once you have printed your mandalas, all you need to do is find a quiet place and get coloring. After your mandala has been colored, cut it out and glue it on the front of a folded piece of card stock.
Mandala books are a great meditation tool for people of all ages and they require little expertise. A great gift idea is to purchase some mandala coloring books, a new set of crayons (and who does not love cracking open a new box of crayons?) or a travel sized set of colored pencils.
To meditate ultimately means to stop thinking long enough in order for the ego to disappear (see also Ashtanga Yoga). When learning how to meditate, we need to accept the nature of mind and not let our ego get in the way.
So don't make the mistake of frustrating yourself by focusing mind too fast on just one boring object. Light some insense or use some essential oils to unify the sense of smell and purify the environment, removing disturbing energies. If you are feeling particularly stressed, you have the option of doing some relaxation excercises in advance of your meditation, mostly asana and pranayama excercises. To meditate thus means to temporarily drop all attention from the world outside, from what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. Mantra meditation is one of the most popular meditation techniques known in all cultures and it is definitely a great way to learn how to meditate. Gradually the singing should be more simple and monotonous and we should drop the bell or whatever else we have added to fully engage mind. During this phase it is advisable to center your attention somewhere in your body, otherwise you give mind an excuse to wander about the body and report on all kinds of things felt there.
One thing which works for many people during this phase is to visualize the syllables of the mantra and thus engage not just the brain hemisphere that works with sound, but also the other hemisphere that works with images. At some stage in learning how to meditate, you will experience that thoughts come less and less frequently. When that is done, there is only one thing left to do : to reduce the strength of your focus without losing the object. However far or deep you get, when the time to meditate is over, or the mala is finished, try to keep entirely still for a moment. For mantra meditation, it is very helpful to chant the mantra inside or out loud whenever you dont need your mind for anything else.
These "how-to-live" principles are an absolutely essential component of any truly successful meditation practice.
Whether you are a beginner or already have experience with meditation, I am dedicated to helping you learn how to meditate, how to go deeper into your meditation practice, and how to use meditation to help you overcome the challenges we all face in life. I will offer you my insights on how to meditate and reveal a variety of secrets along the way. Previous posts on this site have addressed how to work with these distractions and obstacles and I encourage you to read them to find out more. Often times, we take our thoughts, emotions and sensations so seriously, that we don’t allow them to just be, arising as waves in the ocean of our mind.

By chastising ourselves for our distraction, we actually continue with our patterns of distraction. Instead of fretting over having become distracted, celebrate the fact that you’ve interrupted your habitual tendency toward distraction. Also, don’t forget to download the free ebook, Can Meditation Change the Way that You View Your World?, for help with getting started in you meditation practice. Let me and others know what situations you find yourself in when you’re able to be compassionate with yourself when finding yourself distracted during a compassionate moment.
He also has over thirty years in a variety of health-care settings and is a long-time practitioner in meditation, with an emphasis in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and Christian and Kabbalistic Contemplation.
It also helps in enhancing a person’s understanding about his body thus developing the potential skills of the mind.
Even without attending meditation classes, he could still perform the exercise making it attainable to get him out of the stressful environment that he lives in. Here are some of the most important tips that a person could follow when deciding to meditate at home.
An empty or full stomach while meditating could be distracting so make sure that you have eaten enough to make you feel comfortable while sitting. Choosing the appropriate music that would calm your mind and would not distract you like the sounds of nature and traditional songs would fit.
Understanding the basics of meditating is one of the essential knowledge of how to meditate for beginners.
Hi, I'm Debbie and this is my site to educate you with the importance of how to meditate properly.
I didna€™t dance with planned steps a€“ but the music made me jump and dance the way it wanted to! Researchers and many physicians suggest that meditation can help to boost the immune system, reduce stress, combat depression, lower blood pressure and help to promote restful sleep. One of the ways physicians are using mandalas as a tool to promote better physical and mental health is to have their patients color them. Although this kind of goes against all meditation teachings, in reality, you will not only be giving yourself the gift of meditation but gifts for your friends and family as well. Insert your personal, handwritten greeting inside, slip in an uncolored mandala you printed for the recipient to color, pop your card in an envelope and voila! Glue a color coordinated sheet of paper on the front to cover the original design, then glue on your mandala. We are a Yoga Retreat in Mexico located just minutes south of Puerto Vallarta.We look forward to keeping you updated via this blog on our upcoming Yoga Workshops and Yoga Retreats, promotions, interesting information, healthy recipes, philosophies, inspirations, featured yogis, students and more.
Xinalani Retreat is about discovery, admiration, love for nature, magic, conscious travel, eco-adventure, wellness, serenity and mindful living. Yet in each technique the process of meditation is also not different in its general approach. To stop thinking is of course not easy, yet it is also not difficult when correct understanding of the process of meditation is applied with sufficient time and patience. And neither make the mistake to keep changing your focus : just gradually move towards the essential objective of being softly but firmly focused on one tiny simple thing only.
Typical here is the corpse pose combined with simply slowing down breath or even stopping breath for a few seconds between inhalation and exhalation.
If you dont fix that somehow, you are only giving mind a million excuses for stopping the meditation prematurely. That way, whatever doubt mind may produce, your ego will want to stick to this promise, because if not it will feel dissatisfied with itself afterwards. The powerful effect of the sound syllables on both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is a great help. People that are just starting to learn how to meditate will put most time into the first easy phases, and less time into the later, more difficult phases. By singing as beautifully as possible, putting some emotion into it, feeling love for the divine, any mind will be interested to assist. Then you just start from phase 2 or 3, which may be more difficult, but is really good excercise. Then gradually also the singing should be less loud and perhaps more slow, so that our breathing rate can slow down too.
The main places in the body where you can focus are between the eyebrows (the third eye), the heart chakra and the tip of the nose.
This is definitely a difficult step for many, but fortunately also at this stage we still have many options to create the variety needed to engage mind. If we use only sound inside, then mind can more easily disturb our focus by bringing up some image that causes us to start thinking.
At this point, you can further try to simplify the object of your meditation, so that it becomes increasingly calm.
Let the mantra be recited by your mind, while you are simple witnessing the mantra, using minimal effort to keep it going. However, one should realize that a running jump takes you much further than a standing jump. While it is natural to make that mistake at first, try to move towards more regular, daily meditation.
In 1978 I founded the Spiritual Life Society, Ohio’s oldest yoga and meditation center. All of the basics can be found in my book How to Meditate, Secrets to the Easiest and Most Effective Meditation Technique.
Instead of being hard on yourself, simply return your attention to the present moment, to your practice, and to the object of your meditation. Each moment that you’ve remembered to be present, to remain undistracted is one less moment of distraction. Also, you can now download the new ebook, How to Work with the Four Distractions to Meditation to learn how to deal with some of the obstacles to meditation. And, as always, please feel free to contact me if you’d like to see additional content or other discussions on this site. If you are curious about how to meditate for beginners work, then knowing the basics about meditation would not hurt. Achieving inner peace, regularizing a person’s pattern of breathing and relieving stress are just some of the most helpful benefits of knowing how to meditate for beginners. Neither does it have to be too tough.Meditation I think is just rising above daily routine troubling thoughts like "Why-doesna€™t-X-have-lunch-with-me?" or "Why-did-that-guy-talk-to-me-so-rudely?", and chilling and feeling peaceful!So meditate in these unique ways. Taking mantra meditation as an example, the following text explains all the practical do's and don't on how to meditate.
The lotus posture is ideal, but the half lotus will also do (put the right leg upon the left leg rather than vice versa), as will the simple crosslegged posture.
If you have no clear idea what you will do, then you will have to think about it while you meditate.

Mind is literally sung to sleep and this effect is not just felt when singing the mantra out loud, but it is also present when the mantra is silently recited inside. If you feel like it, you can even add the sound of some instrument to it, like a bell, just don't make it too exciting. Accept that to keep mind quiet for a long time works best after letting the mantra work its magic for a while. Your meditation will help you to do that and doing that will also speed up your progress in meditation. It will help to establish the neural pattern of the mantra in your brain and it will stop you from going through the same thoughts again and again. In one of my videos I explain the two major meditation techniques of mantra and mindfulness, and I share with you the advantages and disadvantages of both.
With it you will receive a download of me leading you through a complete meditation session.
For more information on using the breath as an anchor for meditation, please refer to this post. At the moment that you find that your mind has moved to another thought, return to the object of your meditation. Recognize your distraction for what it is, and once you’ve determined the nature of your distractor, return your attention to the object of your meditation.
Take your time and focus on the mandala as you color, using the part of the brain we often neglect. First, we get a nice calm feeling after the meditation, which we may still experience many hours afterwards. If we try to forcefully focus mind on the object of meditation, mind gets bored very easily and tries to escape by bringing up all kinds of thoughts and feelings. If you have more time, other asana and pranayama excercises might help to remove more stress from your body and improve the flow of energy. Use cushions or some rolled up yoga mat or blanket to support your posture and allow you to relax your legs.
For real meditation, it is advisable to let the hand that counts rest on your knee, rather than holding the mala up in front.
Mantra meditation is also popular because the mantra can be used in many different ways and is thus very suited to gradually move mind from an entertaining object towards a more simple object.
But even people that already know how to meditate quite well, might put some more time into the first phases any day that they are feeling less calm than usual, because of life and all that. Sometimes also mudras (hand postures) are used during this phase, as well as ritual acts like the offering of flowers, water, light, sweet, insense, etc.. The speed at which we recite the mantra is another variable to work with, gradually moving from rather fast to rather slow, as the slower we get, the easier it is for thoughts to move in. The image of a yantra or deity can also be used together with the mantra, especially for people that are good at visualisation (like most artists). Whenever the mantra comes to your mind naturally, at least finish it once - don't break it off halfway or you might damage the neural pattern that you have already created. When you are not feeling particularly disturbed, your meditation will be more effective and it will help to prevent future disturbances. But more than that, on this website you will find many helpful articles and videos to help you on your journey. Instead, we simply drop the thread of attention that was following the thought, sensation or whatever, and return to the object of our meditation.
You will be amazed how soothing and nourishing coloring is and how focused you become without focusing on being focused. You might use some meditation music at this stage also, but it must go once you really start to meditate. So, if your knees are not fully touching the floor, put something underneath to support them. With fairly short mantras, it is also possible to synchronize the singing with breath during this phase, though this should be discontinued as you move further inside (focus on breath is rather outside of your inside).
For people that are not so good at visualisation, visualising the characters of each syllable as you recite it works best. Whenever you notice that you are (again) thinking something, just drop it and return to the mantra. Accept that while you are as divine as anything else, to bring out the divine into your entire being requires regular effort. Please, learn from my mistakes, and learn how to meditate and reap all of the benefits from your meditation practice.
I share with you secrets to relaxation and the three areas in your body that hold the most stress. The first objective is reached from the beginning, for everyone who gives meditation a serious try without too much care for the result. Will power is a requirement, yet the hard concentration only makes mind's resistance more strong. When we can focus mind on an entertaining version of our object of meditation, the object will start to affect mind, calming it down so it can accept a more simple, calm, less entertaining, more boring version of the object to meditate upon. Do it long enough and the doing will go along with the doer and you will enter samadhi, effortless meditation (see Ashtanga Yoga).
Accept that it is a matter of steady growth, while the only one who can slow down this growth is the one who is impatient with the speed of it. Whether your interest is practical, spiritual or you would like to use it in conjunction with your specific religious tradition, whichever one that is, I have been there and I can help.
Like you today, I just knew it was something I needed to do, something that would help me lead a healthier, happier, and more productive life. I will go into details on specific breathing techniques and what to do with your tongue which I describe as the most dangerous muscle in your body.
Chosing a particularly sanctified place may be very beneficial, but of course it is no requirement. If during meditation you experience pain in sitting, just allow your body to readjust itself, while you remain focused on the object of your meditation.
I sit before you as testimony to the fact that meditation works, that it has done all of those things for me and more. And once you have found a technique that seems to work for you, use this technique for a long period of time, so that you dont even have to think about what you will be doing and can easily fall into a know pattern of meditation. Are you stuck in a traffic jam a€“ look at the unique color and shape of the car in front of you!

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