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Although Samsung Apps TV is filled with a ton of fantastic free content, there are also quite a few apps that need to be purchased for a small fee. This tutorial is simply tell you how you can change your internet bowser homepage in your Samsung Galaxy S3.
Now you are ready to transfer all your contacts, content and data from your old iPhone to your new Samsung Galaxy.
Using Smart Switch and a Micro USB connector* you can move data from your old iOS device to your new Samsung Galaxy. Using Smart Switch and iCloud you can move data from your old iOS device to your new Samsung Galaxy.
Using Smart Switch and iTunes you can move data from your old iOS device to your new Samsung Galaxy. If you've finished your Smart Switch transfer and there is anything else we can help with, visit the topics below, or visit our FAQa€™s section. We can help you find your favourite apps available Android or suggest alternatives for you to download.
If you've finished your Smart Switch transfer and there is anything else we can help with, visit the topics below, or visit our FAQ's section. Making face-to-face video calls to your friends and family is just as easy on your new Samsung device a€“ and thanks to the number of apps available on Google Play Store, youa€™ve got more options available than ever for getting a bit of quality time in over the phone. Say "hello" to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free. If you're already a fan of talking with your phone to get things done then good news, OK Google offers an impressive number of ways to create reminders, check direction, search and more - all using your voice. Checking your latest notifications is easy on Android, and customisable to suit exactly what you need.
You can receive notifications for all sorts of apps, including email, instant messaging, social media, software updates, reminders, weather and more.
Notifications will also show on your device's lock screen - you can manage what's shown using the 'Settings' app. Whilst it's easy to send SMS messages from Androida€™s pre-installed 'Messages' app, if you'd rather express yourself through the full emoji alphabet then there are all sorts of free apps available for download. Built to perform, your new Samsung device is more than capable of keeping up with the demands of modern working life.

Create, edit and collaborate with others on documents from your Android phone or table with the free Google Docs app. With so many tools available, on the go, right at your fingertips, using your new Samsung device as a way to enhance your day-to-day productivity is a no-brainer.
Get started with Google Drive for free and have all your files accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer. If you like checking in with your favourite podcasts on a regular basis, subscribing and streaming via a good app is a far more convenient option than manually downloading each new podcast as its released. With Podcast Addict, you can manage all your audio & video podcasts, radio on demand, YouTube channels and RSS news feeds from your Android device.
We hope you found everything you need, if not please have a look at these FAQs below or click here to find out more. Answer: You can find your content in the native applications on your Samsung GalaxyA® device. Answer: Smart Switcha„? finds apps within the Google Playa„? Store that are similar to your transferred apps and displays them all. Question: What can i do if i am having difficulty connecting my new Galaxy with my old Galaxy or Android phone?
Answer: To connect the smartphones successfully, make sure both devices are within 4 inches of each other, select content on your old smartphone and tap a€?Transfera€?.
If you are still having difficulty, make sure the ambient noise level is low and try connecting again. In order to use Social Sign-in, please sign up Samsung Account and connect your SNS accounts in "Preference". If you don’t already have a Samsung Account, you can create one at the area highlighted in green.
Click the "Change my credit card" button highlighted in red to link a credit card to your account or change the credit card for your existing account. Here you can enter in all the necessary credit card info and click the blue "Confirm" button at the bottom.
By default, my SGS3 internet browser setting is pointed to the homepage of the tele company website where it actually promoting their plans and some addon services.
Select Other if you wanted to set your own homepage else you can select blank page as default.

You are done and you can see the default page you set when you open your internet browser in your SGS3. Message friends, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group.
Join the millions of people using Skype today to stay in touch with the people who matter most. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, and Voice Messages. Messenger is just like texting, but you don't have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan). Whilst your device features basic calculator and calendar apps, these time-saving additions will make your smartphone even smarter.
Transform your everyday photos and videos into works of art and share them with your family and friends.
Thankfully, Google Play Storea€™s selection of podcast and radio apps offers something for all needs. With over 100,000 stations, TuneIn has the largest selection of sports, news, music and talk radio from around the world. For example, contacts can be found in the Contacts app, music through the Music Player, notes through the S Memoa„? app and so on. If a similar app is not found, Smart Switcha„? recommends alternate apps that match it most closely.
If your Galaxy device is not mentioned, please use a different method of transferring your content using Smart Switch (iOS iCloud backup or Desktop app). I prefer to have Google Search Engine become my homepage when I start up my internet browser.

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