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Question: I have a question regarding Muslims changing their entire name after coming into the faith of Islam. Islam does not consider it an obligation for any new convert to Islam whose mother tongue is not Arabic to change it to an Arabic name or other language. Assallamu Alaikum, I became Muslim in June 2011, and just wanted to know that even if it is not mandated to change your name, can you do this as a symbol of such a total life change? As a convert of 10+ years myself, I can tell you that part of the conversion process is the eventually recognition that you are the same person that you were before and that Islam is a natural part of life. When I converted to Islam, I did not embrace Arabism, neither did I reject my parents, close friends nor the teachers and other adults in the community who helped raise me and make me who I am. The Lamppost Education Initiative (LEI) offers expert analysis of current events which impact Muslims in the West as well as offerings in the classical Islamic disciplines in written, published, and audio-visual formats. Before you change your display name, think about how you’d like your name to appear to your Facebook friends in their newsfeeds. When you’re ready, click the little down arrow at the top-right side of the screen and select Account Settings. If I wanted my name to appear as Diana Freedman Urban, I would add Freedman to the Middle name field, and select “Diana Freedman Urban” from the Display as dropdown menu.
If you also changed your email address to reflect your new name, you should update your email address in Facebook. For a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a Facebook page that makes money, download the ebook 20 Day Facebook Fix. October 19, 2011 44 CommentsAbout Diana UrbanDiana Urban is the author of the U Stand Out ebooks and blog teaching people how to do online marketing using content marketing, social media, and SEO strategies. Nice information and yes near in future and getting married and then i will change my display name now i learn from your post how to change it and will keep in mind this way. Before read your post i was unaware that we can change our name on facebook, it was my misconception that we can set it only for one time and can never change it. You can’t change the name of your fan page after you create the page, but you can change your name on your profile page! And then neurotically panicking that every single social networking site and ID and the ladies you talk to at the supermarket when you check out and that guy in front of you at the red light ALL KNOW IMMEDIATELY.
I got married last Saturday and would really like to change my surname FROM Simpson TO Date. I would like to change my user name I used for my personal facebook, and use my user name address for a facebook page, is this possible? I carry out these steps and it doesn’t work, when I change the name fields to my new name after I got married. Hi, I just tried to change my name on Facebook because of my recent marriage and it won’t go through. If you’ve reached the limit on the number of times you can change your name on Facebook, that is something you would need to reach out to Facebook directly about.
When I was younger I had a habit of changing my name a few too many times after my boyfriends last name!

My husband Mel Schrock does not want to be on Facebook anymore and I want to take his place. Even those that are second, third generation Muslims when their parents became Muslim they changed their last names. Rather, it is only highly recommended for one to do so when the meaning of one’s name is something offensive or overly presumptuous in sound, like one indicating that one is pure or the like. Rather, their last names were connected to tribal affiliations or titles attaching them to certain tribal or regional sectors, like Qurashi, Khazraji, Makki, etc.
I feel as though I want to share with everyone what for me is the most wonderful thing that happened to me. But I do think that there is something to converts adopting new identities as a way of breaking with our past. African-Americans, we have our own issues with names, but until we can be recognized as legitimate Muslims with names like Keith, Crystal and Michael, Islam is always going to be viewed as a foreign religion.
So with all due respect, I generally advise new converts not to change their names unless they fall within the above clarifications Ustadh Abdullah gave in the original answer. Our commitment is to establishing an authoritative voice for American Muslim scholarship reflective of the historical tradition and contextualizes Islam in light of the challenges and cultural particularities of Western societies as was the case in all societies where Islam spread historically.
If so, you’ll have a lot of forms to fill out, from updating your driver’s license to updating your utility bills. You have a few options; I’ll use my name as an example (Freedman is my maiden name, and Urban is my married name). Whenever someone abruptly changes their name on Facebook, it’s a bit confusing, especially if their Facebook profile picture isn’t a clear closeup.
Note that if you have a Facebook fan page for yourself, you will NOT be able to change the name of that page or its vanity URL.
Please keep in mind that this article is simply a tutorial on how to change your name on Facebook for those women who have decided to change their names. I have used four different names but all four have been different ways to say my name ie Cazzie Simpson, Carole M Simpdon, Caz Simpson, Caz M Simpson for example. I know this because I tested it and it requires an attached photo copy of ID with the legal name. I just commented about what I did for name change in the comments way above and as I scroll down, I see you already knew lol. I understood that to change your first name is okay, but to change your last name is not permissible. During the Prophet Muhammad’s (saws) time, he changed the names of a number of women whose names were too pious sounding, like the name Barra (ultra-pious).
This, I think stems from a number of things, but something that I suspect is unique to the contemporary Western mindset. Fortunately, Facebook makes it much easier to change your name than the Social Security Administration. Not all of your Facebook friends will know your husband’s name, so this way they’ll see the new name after your original name, and will make the connection.

I’m concerned that if I get married, how will I change my last name on facebook if it’s not allowing me any more name changes? Now this year I am engaged and I don’t wanna put his last name now because I want to wait until I’m legally married! Mr Robinson is a wonderful spell caster, he has made my life complete again by helping me cast a spell to return my lover and also make my lover to be faithful to me again. I have two children whom now carry my last name now, and I am bothered that I may have made a mistake in giving them my last name. I believe that we assume that there is something anit-Islamic about our past, when that simply is not the case. I didn’t obnoxiously use my left hand for all sorts of weird, awkward public gestures so people could see my ring, or update my profiles obsessively. The Companions, as Ustadh Abullah said, only changed their names when they implied something pretentious or idolatrous. This same trend can be detected in the European and other traditions (although I plan to exhaust more research on the matter) such that last names that are familiar today originate in some sort of occupation, tribal affiliation, or regional ascription.
You can only do a change of name with your marriage certificate, you contact the newspaper adverts on change of name and they will tell you what next to do. But if you know that you just want to do the traditional alone without getting marriage certificate( you get it in the church or registry) you still contact them and they will give you all the information you need to get. But if you are not working in any organisation, say you are a complete housewife, so to say, then you can go ahead and start bearing your husband's name.
So, in the end, you have not done anything inappropriate by giving your children your last name unless they are not biologically yours. Although some big organisations wld not mind all that, just write a memo to ur HR attaching ur i.v and stating ur new status and name u want to be addressed with. A To the best of my knowledge, you cannot just go to a newspaper whether you are a man or woman and just declare that you want your name to be change.
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To change you name in your place of work or schoolThose in the Legal profession should also help with this matter. I just went with a write up and i ve used dis same publication to change name on my cheque book (i had an Islamic wedding). A However, you don't just present a marriage certificate without an affidavit for change of name in order to apply for a change of name for International Passport, bank account, or at a place of work etc like you have posted. A The fact that a woman is marry and possess a marriage certificate does not automatically mean she's now a Mrs.
A In fact she may choose not to change her name even while she's still married!I've seen situation where a lady got married but she and the husband agreed that she should bear the husband first name and surname as A a compound name e.g.

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