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So in this post I’ll consider what it  means to meditate or muse on God’s word with an invitation to join me in this much needed practice. Similarly, for us to abide in Christ as our good land, we also need to muse on the Scripture day and night (Col. What was Muller’s actual practice of “meditating?” He wasn’t just trying to think about, understand or memorize Bible verses. These are my considerations on how to meditate or muse on God’s Word. So what about you?
Meditating or musing on God’s words and His works is a tremendous help to us as believers in Christ!
Musing is a great way to meet and know the will of God in our life, and early hours are the appropriate time to have and experience the Lord’s presence.
Consulting God reminds me of the psalmist in Psalm 27:4 where he speaks of inquiring of the Lord.
Timeo, it’s so true that all the electronic noise can steal our quality time with the Lord.
Gods and goddesses are powerful energy beings who did big merits on donations, precepts and meditations in their past life times. Also their have 20 great heavens called as Brahma Loka, which have life time more than 9216 million years. Upulwan or Vishnu God : Upulwan god is main protector of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, who is another Bodhisattva god. Sometimes we put our work, our kids, or even our friends ahead of our soul and that ends up getting us into trouble.
While reading the bible everyday is a great idea, sometimes we can read too little or we can read too much.
As we’re reading the bible, many times the Holy Spirit will cause a verse or a passage of Scripture to really stand out from the rest. Additionally, a lot of churches give out bible bookmarks with daily readings on it for the members. It’s best to let the Lord guide us as to the additional scripture He would like to speak to us through that day. I found that praying about a bible reading plan and sticking to it daily works really well. There are plenty of wonderful devotionals that are available both online or in paperback format. The great thing about devotionals is that they can cater to your gender, your marital status, or to whatever stage of life you are in. For example, there are devotionals for moms, dads, singles, people struggling with the loss of a loved one, and so much more. The important thing here is to do your due diligence about the author and make sure that he or she is writing the devotional based on sound doctrine. Your thoughts bounce back and forth from your text messages to various forms of social media, with little consideration for God’s Word. Rather, after asking the Lord’s blessing upon His word,  Muller would begin to muse on the Word, searching into every verse to get blessing out it—simply for the sake of obtaining spiritual food for his own soul.
Do you have any experience of musing on God’s Word, or are you interested in learning? May we follow the pattern of the God-seeking psalmists in matching our reading of Scripture with our crying out in prayer, thanks, praise and worship. The morning is the best time to muse on God’s word, to seek Him when our inner being is the most undisturbed. But some devils are observing five precepts, respect to Buddhism & practice Buddhist teachings.
However Buddhist people can get their attraction from mind request in every day after worshiping to triple gem.
These four gods also called as Satarawaram gods and stay under rules of god Shakra Devandra. Kataragama god is stay in Sellakataragama area in Sri Lanka who is also protector of temple of Kiriwahera and related Bodi tree.
Maheswara became god cause of his merits on helping to poor people and donating cup of bee honey to Kasapa Lord Buddha.
In her past life she help to poor people by giving money & free education for students, when Skanda Kumara rule in villages in Kataragama area. Some people get help from her and ask future predictions from this goddess in some Devala or herbal medicine centers.
Kadawara is cruel devil leader & have many states such as protection, punish people when we neglect to remove Bara of Kataragama god, take spell bindings, etc. So very villages have gambara devatha, who tells about their villages & people in there to Gambara Siddha Suniyam god. As well as low power gods, all main gods have groups of devils or powerful hungry ghosts, who are used to give punishments to people who do bad things. I want to motivate and encourage others to be the best Christians they can be, to inform them about Christ's love and salvation, to assist in strengthening their faith, and to push them to their next best level in their walk with God. It’s better not to look at your phone or computer before musing on God’s Word or your mind will be gone before you can reel it back in. This is so that the same Spirit that revealed the Scriptures would open them afresh to you.

But it’s even better to find someone in your daily life to whom you can speak the word your musing on. I'm the writer behind Holding to Truth in Love, and I love the Lord Jesus and His life-giving Word.
This kind of musing on God’s Word is really pleasing to our Lord and brings much nourishment and joy to us. Even during wakeful moments of the night we can turn our heart from anxious thoughts to reconsider what we have read and studied of God’s word.
Then according to how the Lord touches us through His word we can inquire of Him concerning His desire.
Some gods live in heaven (Sadiuya Loko Devo) and some are live on human world or sky near to earth, they are called as Earth Based gods (Bumatu Devo).
But some people can get their attraction very soon cause of past lives relationship with gods. He is one of minister of Sri Vishnu god, army leader of Kataragama god & grandson of Kuwara god. His past life, he was father of Sakanda Kumara and also had mind power which can help to poor people. Maheswara god take care human world & help to good people while punish to every bad people. It is advised that all people want to remove Bara by give some help to devala after god help to you. But some hungry ghosts & devils mislead us from devala by saying in truth about past but say lies about future.
I usually put my phone on silent and any other device – no internet for an hour or so.
This kind of prayer rally honors the Lord, taking Him as the source of our prayer and of our actions.
The more we set our mind on the things of the Spirit through careful consideration and prayer over the word, the more our mind is one of life and peace (Rom. Lot of times god's thoughts are powerful which means they can create some physical things from their mind.
Another Brahma god is Sanath Kumara who lives in Brahma Loka, help to our Buddha's Bodhisattva times. These gods are can call as guarding gods, cause about 25 years by 25 years they care human world as each by each. From research from light reading, found that Vishnu god use his value time for meditation & observe precepts, hence don't has time for look at every devala in worldwide. God Saman's duty is protect Buddha's relic of foot mark in top of mountain, protect people who come to worship Buddha's relics & temple on mountain. Iswara became god cause of his virtuous on helping to old women, pregnant women and mothers as his own mother.
As we research Rawana had aero vehicle called "Dadumonara" which can be controlled by power of sounds (i.e.
Lot of times these low power gods help to success our Bara via asking help from their ministers gods. Gods are can't mislead by giving pujas or by visiting to devalas, cause they are know every thing about us. Reminded me of the absorption received that we recevie spiritually and physically, after the first service.
You may also enjoy reading another Holding to Truth post on Learning to Pray Inquiring Prayers for God’s Work. Gods look at people who do merits and use their mind power to help those people's life, which means make easy their works. Gods who are not belongs to lust world stay on Brahma worlds (Brahma Loko Devo) & gods who are in Anagami state (person who removed lust) stay on pureland heavens (Suddawasa Devo). Some of them live in sub heavens which are located between earth surface and main six heavens.
This god doesn’t go every devala in island wide such as other gods, so only we can get bless from this god in Samanala rock area. In his human past life, he was person who protect law in society when Sakanda Kumara's human life.
Iswara god helps to people who do yoga, kundalani meditation, light reading, mantra & yantra sciences.
This goddess likes to earn merit from Kiriamma Dana which is tradition in Sri Lanka. It is highly advice to students with problems in education, must do Saraswathi Puja in real devala. Pideni must include red or dark color flowers, meat, fish, oiled eggs, rice, curries, oiled meals, etc. Before get helps from these gods you must know that whether there haveIshta Devatha for you or there have attraction of particular god or goddess.
Some low power gods who do entertain for higher gods from art, music and dances are called as Gandrawa.
Tissa Brahma is another god who helping us to understand Buddhist sutra and advanced Buddhist teachings. People began to boil milk when start new auspicious task also for get attraction from Pattini goddess.

Best way to treat her is, give Kiriamma Dana, and then transfer merit to her as well as Pathtini goddess.
As example Saturn have most powerful gods & goddesses, those gods are ruling by most powerful one main god. If you are live in another country, you can do same deva puja in Hindu temple or devala in those countries. It is good to determine is that devala having god or ghost by talking with main priests of devala. If you have, then that ishta devatha can ask help from these main gods for you as representative.
By such a continued practice we’re helped to grow in Christ and are transformed to His image.
Then gods think you neglect their power, so they remove their attraction from you or your family.
He became Anagami state from our Lord Buddha's time, because his past life he stayed as educated monk.
This god came & helps people as normal person in his area, lot of time as very old village person.
In Sutra Pitakaya there have groups of sutra called Gandabbakaika Sanyuttaya, which are discussed about these kind of god by Lord Buddha. But it is not good do deva puja in garden or outside in homes cause some ghosts and devils hunter those smells.
Gods don't like to waste money, but ghosts are tried to collect money from people who come to devala. Ishta Devatha are our past life relations or friends or teachers who became gods cause of their merits.
Lot of times these inhumans trouble us with spell bindings & hunting our homes or body.
He is jockey, kind god but also gives big punishments to people who don't remove onus right time. His main duty is give protection for good people (also gods) from bad people, enemies & other evil powers. She helps to cure sicknesses and mainly protect new born babies from all evils and sicknesses. This god's main devalaya is located at Kuliyapitiya, Kabalawa village in the North-West province of Sri Lanka. In his past life, he stayed as rich salesman then became Buddhist monk when our Lord Buddha Gautama preached Dharma.
People can ask help from this god for problems with hungry ghosts, devils, evil powers, sicknesses, spell bindings & curses of negative people. If you reduce your merit works then gods also reduce their attraction as same amount from you & your family.
From our research we found this god can give medicine, because he has vast knowledge about herbal medicine, astrology & mantra sciences. Dhamapada said person who not get angry, who say true words & who give donations may close to gods!
Mainly these gods help to Buddhist people who work hard for attain path and fruition of Buddhism toward Nibbana.
These gods finished their spiritual path into final level and always look at human world for support noble followers and seers. When we keep pujas for planet's problems relevant gods in particular planet can reduce such problems. He gives permission to his servants (devils) or low power gods to say future prediction in Devala. But gods don't punish to people who blames, neglect or refuse existence of gods, also they don't help such people. In this case priest don't become awasha, instead he can know what telling by gods via some objects such as oil lamp, leaves, white paper, water cup, etc. Sometimes priests give Herbal Medicines, in that case before take such medicines, ask from experienced Ayurvadic doctor whether those medicines are valid according to traditional Ayurvadha.
People who do businesses can ask help from this god for develop wealth & success in their firms. This subjects or skills they achieved by their merits of their past human life. You need to consult good Astrologer for doing correct deva puja, Because according to your problem and also different gods like different type of leaves, odors, flowers, fruits, oils, meals & smells.
Also we need merits for get help from gods, means they can't help us when we face big negative karma. Sometimes gods are also face negative karma, when such periods comes they become some what powerless. But also you can keep such puja in devala or near the Bodhi tree by your hand then mindly request to take your puja. Therefore Buddhist female people who practice Dharma can ask help or attraction from this goddess.

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