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Known to his customers as Keith y Glo - Keith the Coal - he spent his working life heaving massive sacks of the stuff around Carmarthenshire and settled in a modest bungalow. His mum Elizabeth Rosa was working as a 17-year-old trainee nurse at a childrena€™s hospital in Carshalton, Surrey, when she had a whirlwind affair with a handsome Malay prince who was studying in London. Life was very different for Keith who left school at 15 and joined his adoptive dada€™s coal delivery business in Penygroes near Llanelli, where he still lives with his wife Vanessa. But the adopted delivery man spent most of his life in the dark over an amazing family secret - that he was in fact the son of a sultan who lived in a stunning hilltop palace thousands of miles away. Pregnant Elizabeth went home to Swansea and gave up her four-month-old baby boy for adoption a€“ while the prince was sent back to Malaya to avoid a scandal.
Keith, 64, told the Mirror: a€?We delivered 1cwt sacks of coal to several hundred houses every week - I did that for 20-odd years and Ia€™m suffering now because of it. Now, after his story hit the headlines around the world, he has spoken of his shock - and insisted he does not want any of the family riches. Keith had no idea that when he turned 12 his dad Idris Iskandar Al-Mutawakkil Alallahi Shah became the 33rd Sultan of Perak.

His career earned him the nickname Keith y Glo - Keith the Coal - and a chronic back problem which forced him to retire six years ago. MORE: My secret Stone Roses half-brother 'My mum wrote to him care of the royal palace' The new Sultan moved into the magnificent Istana Iskandariah palace in the royal town of Kuala Kangsar and ruled until he died from a heart attack in 1984. But life could all have been so different for Keith Williams as a member of the Malaysian Royal Family and heir to the throne occupied by the 35th Sultan of Perak.
He has three grown-up children and six grand-daughters a€“ and it was his daughter who persuaded him to find his natural parents when he became a grandad.
Instead of living in a modest two-bedroom bungalow built by his adoptive parents, Keith could be next in line to move into an amazing oriental hilltop palace topped by golden domes. Keith said: a€?It took about two years for my wife and I to track down my biological mother. I didna€™t speak to any of them.a€? 'I would have loved to meet him' Keith and one son made a pilgrimage to Malaysia to visit his dada€™s mausoleum and the old palace where he once lived - but they were not invited to the new palace occupied by the current Sultan who Keith believes to be a cousin. He had built up a rapport with one of his half brothers who died suddenly and shortly before Keitha€™s visit.
And rather than being known to friends as Keith y Glo he would have been addressed as Your Royal Highness by his loyal subjects.

He fears other relatives may have believed his motive was to claim his inheritance as the first born son of the former sultan.
Keith only found out about the fairytale life he never got to lead after years of painstaking detective work into his extraordinary family tree. Keith said: a€?I was in my late forties when I found my mum and it was a shock really, a bit upsetting - to find out you are the son of a Sultan is just something you wouldna€™t expect. I wanted to see my dada€™s tomb, his resting place, and Ia€™ve done that.a€? 'It's like story from a Disney film' Keith told how he met his half sister during his visit to Malaysia in September. Keith said: a€?It took us two-and-a-half minutes to drive around the Sultana€™s palace - it would take two-and-a-half seconds to drive round my place.

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