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October 15, 2012This is the first of a series of blogs I'll be writing about the Activating CS4L in Ontario project (which, after this, I'll just call "the Project").
Now our Project has entered a new phase, and I'm busy booking interviews with all the clubs that responded positively to the invitation from their PSO. Paul Jurbala is a member of the Canadian Sport for Life Leadership Team and Project Lead for the Activating CS4L in Ontario project. Es obligatorio registrarse para poder participar en todos las secciones interactivas, foros, concursos, votaciones o contenidos exclusivos de la web, asi como recibir informacion de la Copa Colegial.
Todos los datos deben ser reales, y la direccion de email debe ser su direccion habitual ya que es como nos comunicaremos con usted en caso de avisios importantes o cualquier otra circustancia. El Administrador puede invalidar la cuenta de un usuario bajo la sospecha de que los datos introducidos sean falsos. La Organizacion eliminara los comentarios que no cumplan estas normas y se reserva el derecho de impedir la participacion permanente de los infractores. El movimiento colegial se va sintiendo en la Costa del Sol como nunca antes se había sentido.
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Back in the 1950s, a plastic surgeon called Maxwell Maltz claimed that it takes a minimum of 21 days to change a habit.
The 21 days theory stuck for a lot of people, although others have chanced upon other numbers, 18 and 28 being popular ones.
Another key finding of the report was that all is not lost if a person slips up here and there.
Are you interested in gaining a better understanding of where your ideas come from, and learning how to increase your creative abilities for free?! Complex and interconnected challenges require thorough and detailed solutions—and that takes time. Everyone is eager for change in the world of energy, and the thought and action leaders in the sector are all moving toward the future at—when viewed in context—considerable speed. Among the main challenges that necessitate lengthy solution processes, experts say, are parochialism and protectionism. Development of renewables has also involved subsidies, in the name of quicker improvements and scale-up. Elena Giannakopoulou, an energy markets economist, says her BNEF team has spotted a catalyst for progress with renewables, to occur by around 2020. The missing link, in Giannakopoulou’s analysis, is battery-storage advancement, plus an array of “energy-smart technologies” to optimize the generation-and-usage cycles.
You can learn more about the Project elsewhere on this website - the Project page is here - but in brief it's a collaboration with three Ontario Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs - basketball, soccer, volleyball), the Toronto Sport Council, and Brock University to learn how best to integrate CS4L-LTAD in community sport clubs and develop a new generation of CS4L leaders to work in the community. The pace of work within a PSO, and the number of "fires" to put out on a daily basis is daunting.
Those I've completed have been exciting and energizing, with each coach or leader eager to tell me about their approach to integrating LTAD in their club. He runs his own consulting and management business, communityactive consulting where he develops strategic and governance plans, LTAD plans, and competition reviews for National and Provincial Sport and Multi-Sport Organizations.

A combination wrench, socket wrench, vise grips and a large flat-blade screwdriver are required to complete the task.
No se admitiran insultos, palabras malsonantes ni faltas de respeto a personas o entidades. Con su firma, usted consiente expresamente y autoriza a la Fundacion Baloncesto Colegial para que trate sus datos personales segun las finalidades expuestas. It’s true, to a certain extent, but with a bit of willpower, planning and time, habits can be changed and changed for the better. He realised that when performing surgery such as an amputation or nose surgery, afterwards it took the patient about 21 days to get used to it. However, research conducted more recently found that the timeframe is a bit longer – 66 days on average. You can still achieve the desired behaviour change, even if you don’t manage it all of the time. So, changing bad habits can be done. In order to effect behaviour change, individuals need to think long and hard before starting out on the process. Success will also spur you on to address those more difficult habits – such as changing a negative or hostile relationship pattern with a colleague or addressing a tendency to talk over others in meetings. Some people find email such a distraction at work and drain on productivity that they only allow themselves to check it at particular times of the day. We’ll send you 10 engaging emails (one per day), to give you a thorough understanding of how creativity works.
But that context is key, because a massive industry serving the entire world cannot simply slam on the brakes and suddenly head in a completely new direction. Long-term price subsidies are decried for causing price distortions that favor outdated systems. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that, in 2013, renewable power capacity expanded at its fastest pace to date, reaching almost 22 percent of the mix, compared with just 18 percent in 2007.
At that time market forces will make electricity generation using solar and wind less expensive than using coal and gas. She also sees opportunity for late-developer nations to rethink energy infrastructure in a way analogous with India’s establishment of telecommunications—cell towers and wireless devices, versus millions of miles of wooden poles and strung wire. The Project is very much about learning how organizations change and supporting them through change. At the starting point of the Project, I believe we were a little jaded by experience into believing there would be a struggle to bring people on board and get them interested in integrating CS4L principles into their programs. While our partners feel they "live LTAD" on a daily basis, they also agree that the Project itself is not a priority on a day-in, day-out basis. All have shown a deep understanding and support for CS4L-LTAD, both as individuals and as organizations. Many studies of change in organizations have found initiatives move in discontinuous and unpredictable ways. Worse, from the change agent's point of view, the period of "inertia" can jeopardize progress: an organization, or worker in an organization can easily become distracted and diverted by new urgencies and forget about the original project. But even as the pace accelerates, I anticipate it will slow again as each of the clubs enters the "thinking period" that appears typical when implementing a new project.

That goes for workplace habits, as well as personal ones such as giving up smoking or exercising more.
He was so struck by this and other related discoveries that in 1960 he published his observations on behaviour change in a book called Psycho-Cybernetics. Carried out by a health psychology researcher at University College London, the study found that depending on the behaviour, the individual and the circumstances, forming a new habit takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days. Or they invest in technology that literally locks them out between certain hours or if they exceed a designated period of usage.
We expected that they would encounter resistance as they moved LTAD forward within their organizations. An early request we made was for PSO partners to identify a few clubs and individuals they wanted to invite into the Project, and it took between three and five months for those invitations to be sent out.
One of them was simultaneously trying to hire a program manager to lead their LTAD initiatives. In research published in 1988, Connie Gersick studied eight work groups in a variety of organizations (colleges, banks, hospitals) and found "alternating inertia and revolution" with groups typically spending the first half of the total project completion time doing almost nothing, followed by a sprint to the finish. Clearly guiding a project through an organization requires patience, persistence, and an understanding that progress will seldom run to a timetable.
Maybe start with a relatively easy, straightforward one such as taking a lunch break each day or tackling the most urgent tasks first even if they are also the hardest. Instead she envisions a price dynamic in which residential solar photovoltaic build-out causes electric utilities to lose customers, lose revenue and respond with rate hikes that further incentivize home owners to convert. It didn't occur, to me at least, that some people would be so keen that we couldn't keep up with them! At the same time it was gratifying that about 75% of the clubs responded positively to the invitations when they were received, often the very same day! Many scholars, going back to Lewin in the 1940's and even before, have commented on the tension between pressures faced by organizations to change or stick with the status quo: risk vs. After removing the alternator and V-belt, obtain an exact match of these parts at a local mechanic store or online.
At this point, about ten months in, I can say that we've seen everything from slow to fast, and quite a bit in between.
Other priorities, first of all: two of the three PSOs organized major provincial championships spanning multiple weeks in the spring. It appears that a period of processing time in which other priorities are cleared off the plate, the change is re-imagined in specific organizational context ("how will this work for us") and tactics are decided, is needed before a project can go forward. When the crankshaft begins turning after the engine is ignited, it rotates the drive belt, which forces the alternator to rotate in response.

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