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As a new Christian, I always heard that I must meditate on the Word of God, but no one ever told me how. We will once again use the gift of a song to lead us to an even deeper impact on our souls, and that is hiding the truth of Scripture deep inside. I can’t wait to explore this interesting and stirring story about a man who walked with God.
There are many sorrows in the world today that we can point to, but even in the midst of the sin trouble we see around us, it is evident that God is still on the move! Don’t make the mistake of thinking the theme of your praise is derived from your circumstances. We do well to learn as much as we can from the very human, very flawed people of God as revealed in Scripture. Sign up to receive my podcast and blog posts via e-mail and get memory verse downloads weekly for FREE! The practice of writing down my thoughts as I read my Bible has had a transforming effect on my devotional times.
When we allow our circumstances to define the character of God rather than His Word, we can easily be led to fear and doubt instead of trust.

When you take the time to dwell in the same places the songwriters did, the meaning gets deeper, the lyrics seem richer and the Truth invades your memory.
And this truth is supremely powerful…the Spirit of God is alive in those who follow Christ as their Savior. The Bible is the very words of God, given to us that we might know him, love him, and obey him. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It has been one of the greatest keys I have ever learned to obtain understanding and truth.True meditation will give you understanding of God, His ways and His Word. I use this song to introduce us to Hagar, who had to do a little submitting to God’s will herself.
So, how do we fight the temptation to boil down all of our deeply held beliefs based on the truths of Scripture into catch phrases, platitudes or misused verses? The Psalm itself details how we can be fooled into defining the character of God through the lens of our circumstances. According to our culture, meditation is the relaxation of the mind to the point where little or no thought occurs.

As you begin to meditate on the Word, you will know how to walk in what God is revealing to you. It was not only a plea that God would not leave Him alone, but a reciprocal petition asking God not to ask them to go anywhere without Him.
But according to scripture, meditation is the increased focus of the mind with much deep thought occurring. We must have God open our eyes to understand and apply the glorious truths that we read in scripture.
I find that my most effective times of biblical meditation come in the quiet of the early morning, before my day is rolling. The goal of secular meditation is to empty the mind, the goal of godly meditation is to fill the mind with God’s truth. Meditation isn’t just for Tibetan monks wearing burlap robes that chafe their armpits.

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