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The special edition of Q Magazine has been published with 25 different covers of various artists, one of which features the Red Hot Chili Peppers!
Le immagini, gli screenshots, i video su queste pagine sono di proprieta dei relativi autori e sono offerte solo a fine di recensione. J-Music Italia vuole esser un sito di informazione sulla musica giapponese realizzato da appassionati per altri appassionati. Screenwriter Randall Jahnson will discuss how his exposure to the punk rock and independent music scene of LA in the early and mid-’80s armed him with a sensibility, an aesthetic, a DIY work ethic that infused his writing with a vision and authenticity that producers, agents, and studios yearned to find. He?s had close encounters of the professional kind with such film-making talent as Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Jonathan Demme, Alec Baldwin, and Penelope Spheeris.
Way back in the 1980s he made music videos for the Minutemen, Black Flag, Henry Rollins, and Stan Ridgway.
Almost everyone uses some form of music streaming service these days and there’s a never-ending list of options: Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Rdio, Google Play Music and 8tracks are just a few among the ton of services out there.
As someone who obsessively searches for new bands, I tend to like, favorite and add tracks to playlists across a multitude of services. After picking up a pair of Sonos’ new Play:1 speakers for our apartment though, I was amazed by just how much a Sonos setup transformed my listening habits. One of the largest drawcards of Sonos’ products is their ease of use, and the setup didn’t fail to deliver. To add the second speaker (which I put in the bedroom upstairs where there’s no network cable), just repeat the same two-step process. With the setup done, it was time to add a few streaming services to get a good selection of music. From here, all I needed to do to play music was to select the service I wanted to stream from and pick a playlist, track, album or artist.
When I first picked up the Sonos, I had expected it to function in a similar way to Apple’s Airplay, but that’s not the case at all.
This was a weird concept to wrap the mind around at first — but this means once music is playing through the speaker, you can actually switch off the device you played it from and the music will keep playing. You can also easily control the music from any other app or throw new songs at the speaker. This is one of the reasons Sonos is so compelling — because we could play music in any given room (or different music in different rooms), it meant there was something playing at almost any time of the day. But, the true magic lies in how well Sonos ties together multiple streaming services, as well as the content from my iTunes library.

It’s impossible to explain in words how good the audio projected by the Sonos speakers was. The Sonos speakers also let you set alarm clocks using any music source, which fade in to wake you up. There’s only one major drawback with the Sonos setup — and that’s the lack of updates for its mobile apps. At times it can be easy to get lost in menus on the apps and it’s often unclear what will actually happen if you click some elements, resulting in a pretty high learning curve for new users. That said, after a few days of using the system and becoming familiar with how it works, it was no longer an issue for me to put on new music quickly. The Play:1’s design is quite striking and looks good in the home, as opposed to many other speaker systems. There’s only one warning I should give about the Sonos speakers — they’re so good that you’ll be hooked once you buy just one and you’ll want more speakers almost immediately.
The Sonos setup has changed the way I listen to music because it brings everything I love into a single app and makes it easy to play my choice of music in any room (or the whole house) with just a few clicks.
The reason I went was that Kiss were supposed to open for them and I was obsessed with Kiss when I was 13.
Among his credits are Dudes, The Doors, The Mask of Zorro, Sunset Strip, and episodes of the HBO series, Tales from the Crypt.
However, they are rarely listened to again because it’s hard to remember where I left off — and I simply have no time to listen to them all. The speakers can be used with a wired network, but the company touts that its sound system creates a dedicated wireless network just for sound — so you’re required to purchase its wireless bridge to use the system wirelessly. Once unboxed, you simply plug the bridge into your wireless router and then plug at least one of the speakers directly into the bridge. Subsequently, it’s as simple as pushing a button on the top of one of the speakers (or the bridge) to set up the system, and just picking a name for the room it’ll be placed in. To get the most out of Sonos, it’s best to download the app onto every device in the house.
The streaming services you link to the Sonos setup are linked to the system itself and the apps on your phone or computer are simply remotes. Essentially, all of the users in a particular house can have the controller installed, so they can play music whenever they want. It’s effortless to play music within a specific room or the whole house simultaneously, and as you get more speakers this only gets better. It brings together siloed music services from across the Internet and makes them all available in one consistent interface.

It’s nice to wake up to music and even nicer to ditch the worries of whether your phone alarm will ring. The apps are very confusing to use at first and look extremely dated, since the last visual overhaul was back in 2009. No more plugging in devices, messing with cables or settings on stereos — just click and play.
The up-front price of some of the devices may seem high at first but it’s worth it, considering just how much you’ll use it once it’s there.
My brother played the guitar, and I’d started to play the drums OK, so we began playing in a band together called… Rocking Conspiracy!
He also wrote the epic Western video game, Gun, which was voted Best Story at the 2005 IGN Video Game Awards. There are apps for tablets, smartphones and desktops which can all control the system at the same time. This means you don’t actually use the official Spotify or Rdio app to stream music — it’s all done from within the Sonos app. If playing a particular track in the whole house, the music is always perfectly in sync and it’s fantastic to walk to the other end of the house and hear the same track playing at the exact same moment. Sonos sells its speakers with the promise that they will “fill your room with music” and they deliver with deep, powerful bass and clear highs. The devices are simple and unassuming, with only a mounting screw and network port interrupting the speaker grill on the back. There’s always something different playing in our house now, because it’s so easy for anyone to play something. Sonos is a frictionless way to play music and this ultimately means you’ll listen to more music than ever before.
It was right around the time of Watergate and all that shit – we were very controversial. It wasn’t like I ever wanted to emulate that sound, but it just was a song that got to me.

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