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This entry was posted in Success, Thought For The Day, Words of Wisdom and tagged reaching goal, Secrets of Success. No, it’s not having a talent to make important decisions, an ability to solve problems, or having an “eye” for business.
Never settling for second best and NEVER QUITTING until your goals have been met and surpassed. Take action right away!  DO NOT WAIT to take action if you have a desire to achieve something, or if you have a great idea or plan.  The VERY MOMENT you are inspired with an idea, desire, or goal is the VERY MOMENT you need to do something about it. Even if they made a huge “mistake” and have to start over from scratch, they keep pressing forward. Take a small step back from what you are doing and see what your “mistake” is trying to teach you. Try to do one or two more things tomorrow that will help you with your goal.  Then do that again the next day.
Do you have any success stories because you were persistent and never gave up?  Share your story in the comments and inspire us! Ever asked why are there people experiencing success like if it was something easy to achieve? Today, I’ve watched a Jim Rohn’s video about how your personal development is more important than anything else when you want to be successful and want to get wealthy in your life. If you want to learn how to achieve success in life it’s important you surround yourself with people who are already experiencing success, learn what they do and how they do.
Don’t listen to what everyone says, listen to what successful and positive people teach, understand which people to ignore and just follow who you should. Listen to people who are being successful in their life and in their business, get new ideas, find out how you can get those new ideas working for you. Don’t operate on your mind, operate on paper, make a plan with all the steps you need to reach your goals and follow it! It’s very important that you be a quick learner, you don’t need to fall several times on the ground to know it’s not a good thing to happen. Instead of waiting for a miracle that will change your life why don’t you take charge of it and change it yourself? If you enjoyed today’s post please ‘like & share’ this page so someone else can benefit from it! Check out the findings from several studies, which shine a light on what it takes to achieve more in life. Authenticity is a much sought-after leadership trait, with the prevailing idea being that the best leaders are those who self-disclose, are true to themselves, and who make decisions based on their values.
According toA researchA conducted by University of California Santa Barbara economist Catherine Weinberger, the most successful business people excel in both cognitive ability and social skills, something that hasn't always been true. Writer James Clear suggests starting small, choosing one thing to improve incrementally every day, and committing to not pushing off things that take less than two minutes to do, such as washing the dishes after a meal or eating a piece of fruit to work toward the goal of eating healthier. Psychologist Angela Duckworth has spent years studying kids and adults, and found that one characteristic is a significant predictor of success: grit. According to research conducted by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, how people view their personality affects their capacity for happiness and success. After following the lives of 268 Harvard undergraduate males from the classes of 1938 to 1940 for decades, psychiatrist George Vaillant concluded something you probably already know: Love is the key to happiness. Some people are naturally more comfortable tackling risks than others, but it is a skill that can be learned.

Believe in yourself, who you are and what you know, and understand that you won’t get them all right. Enthusiasm is contagious and aligning yourself with the organization’s goals and vision can put yourself on the path to achieving your own success.
Instead of feeling like they are failures, they take a step back to see what they can learn from their experiences.  This brings me to the second benefit of persistence. Of course, it means you have to learn what you have to do but, also, you have to understand what not to do. Well, Jim Rohn says that if you really want to learn how to achieve success in life you must understand that more important than talk is to listen. Watch how they talk, what they do, how they react, copy what’s working for them and adapt to yourself.
Pay attention and you’ll notice that you’ll come up with answers on how to achieve success in life.
It may seem longer and sometimes a more hard-working task but what matters is that you’re doing it the right way. It’s when you accept that and change what you’re doing that you’ll experience true success. But for simplicity's sake, let's assume the higher you are onA Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the better you're doing.
Highlighting scads of studies that have found that a wide confidence gap exists between the sexes, they point out that success is just as dependent on confidence as it is on competence. She crunched data linking adolescent skills in 1972 and 1992 with adult outcomes, and found that in 1980, having both skills didn't correlate with better success, whereas today the combination does.
Follow-up studies over the next 40 years found that the children who were able to resist the temptation to eat the marshmallow grew up to be people with better social skills, higher test scores, and lower incidence of substance abuse. Those with a "fixed mindset" believe things like character, intelligence, and creativity are unchangeable, and avoiding failure is a way of proving skill and smarts.
Even if a man succeeded in work, amassed piles ofA money, and experienced good health, without loving relationships he wouldn't be happy, Vaillant found.
I tend to consider two attributes of the choice in front of me: What is the chance of things going south, and what is the potential gain or loss? Waiting for the time and circumstance to be absolutely perfect is as wasteful and thinking change will happen by itself without your input, and it’ll work out exactly like you hoped. The second step is harder: Encourage those on your team to take risks and help them learn when they make mistakes. You know the areas where the damage caused by faulty risk-taking would be minimal…start them there. This is one of the worst things you can do because it shows that you either do not care or are not competent to make it on time. A mentor is the perfect guide to help you learn more about the path you are looking to follow. Do not get a lot of personal phone calls or chat with everyone in the hallways on your fifth coffee break of the morning. Simple things that are required by each employee make sure you are doing in a timely manner: expense reporting, answering emails or returning phone calls.
Other employees will be pleased with your behaviors and that you are demonstrating a commitment to work together.
It can mean working within the same company for a long period of time or getting promoted quickly.

You don’t want to compromise that and waste your time on something that seems faster or easier but it’s not how it should be done. It’s not a shame to admit you’re doing it in a way that maybe is not the best one, it’s a shame and a pity when you don’t accept that and keep trying your way and failing while others are getting success. In case you don't remember the levels from Psych 101, essentially, people can't be their best possible selves (self-actualization) until lower-level needs are met first. People with a "growth mindset," however, see failure as a way to grow and therefore embraceA challenges, persevere against setbacks, learn from criticism, and reach higher levels of achievement. If I have to run outside, for example, and I’m only going to be gone a second, what’s the chance that my dog will run outside into the street and get hurt? Rather, learn from them, discuss them with your staff, learn what to do differently the next time around. Even though most people show up only a few minutes late, it can be the habit that is holding you back. By showing your boss that you are making each task effortless it will only help your career. Your personal commitment to your organization can influence and strengthen the commitment of other employees.
If you are dealing with customers or clients as people do in many fields, then this can be especially beneficial. Wealthy people don’t think that way and if you want to how to achieve success in life it’s absolutely key that you start thinking the same way. But how to improve your ability to delay things like eating junk food when healthy alternatives aren't available, or to remain on the treadmill when you'd rather just stop? By not taking risks, you’re staying in the present situation, and your competitors and enemies most certainly are not. Fix those that went wrong, and put safeguards in place so that the errors are unlikely to be repeated.
If your manager knows you are on top of your own workload this will help you rival the competition. This is a method that can make you stand out as someone that has made a difference to the organization. Even if not, in many fields you have to deal with colleagues and of course you have to deal with the boss. No, but they believe that a person's true potential is unknown (and unknowable); that it's impossible to foresee what can be accomplished with years of passion, toil, and training," sheA writes. The mentor can help you get a promotion by discussing all the achievements you have made during the relationship.
Some people find that their bosses appreciate it if they stay late on the days that there is an important assignment or something else going on.
Be a person that people want to be around and that makes the office environment a better place.

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