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In today’s fast moving world competition for survival and excellence is growing exponentially and making right decision at right time hold the key to achieve success.
Being optimistic offers you a positive mental attitude and helps you achieve success in life. People who procrastinate most of the time tend to fantasy about the result even before starting their task. People who are active in their lives always encourage and motivate others to do their best.
Self reward mechanism has always found to be beneficial in people who regularly procrastinate.
This is not the exhaustive list but gives a fair amount of insights on what are some of things that need to be looked into to defeat procrastination. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Purpose word in speech bubbles over people with a mission, goal, objective or ambition to achieve with success in life. When you put important things which need your urgent attention to some later time all you are doing is procrastinating.
Everyone is unique and what works for others may not work for you and this is true for everyone.

Most of us out there are bad at managing times and in due course of time it reflects in your daily activities. They are impatient and expect to see overnight result of their work this leads to false expectations and cause delay. When you are in the company of such productive people it can help you get rid of persistent procrastination. If you decide to be persistent and have a strong will power to succees in life then it becomes easy to overcome procrastination.
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. We all have had the habit of procrastination in our lives but as we move ahead we prioritize things and learn to manage time. First thing you need to do is contemplate the reason for your Procrastination, is fear of failure keeping you away from taking decisions? To manage time you need to set your priorities right, work on things that are important and need urgent attention, put off things that are unimportant and keep away from distractions like constantly engaging yourself in checking emails, social media updates etc. If fear of failure is keeping you away from taking actions then being positive about the outcome can immensely help you.
People who regularly procrastinate should realize that unless and until one put hard effort in their endeavor achieving success will always remain elusive. At the same time you should replace your negative thought with the positive thoughts and self-motivate yourself to complete important tasks.

If you complete your day’s schedule then you can reward yourself with nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. Procrastination can put your life out of sync it can cause delay in making important decisions, make you lazy, and make you miss opportunity. You can use online tools or keep a dairy and make a note of all the important activities that needs to be accomplished in a given day. It also relives of mental stress and unwanted anxiety which can also lead to procrastination.
You can even create a list of rewards depending upon the task you complete more important  task should get higher rewards. Once procrastination becomes a habit then it becomes really hard to get rid of it and can become a hurdle on your path to success. As the day progresses strike off each of the activity that you complete and incase if you are not able to do it then you can put in pending list and complete it later. However, there are some professional tips and techniques that can be used to overcome this habit and get your life back. Look for the best solution that works for you, ask help professional help or take advice from family and friends.

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