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The actor spoke with Zap2it about making the change from Jay to Zoom, when he found out he was the villain of the story and why he wishes he wasn’t. Zap2it: When it was revealed in Season 1 that Harrison Wells was Reverse Flash, Tom Cavanagh was very open about that turn being one of the major reasons he signed on to do the show in the first place. But in the episode where Caitlin and I are in the park and I point out my doppelganger Hunter Zolomon, I knew this was, in fact, the path we were going to go down. It was a difficult thing to do because I’m an honesty-first guy, through and through. Looking at the moment it did happen, as an actor what it like getting to play these two extremely different characters in one role?

Then as the character, it’s sort of wonderful because Jay had almost lulled them to sleep in a way that they would never expect this mild-mannered, upstanding guy who was on their team could possibly be anyone but who he says he is. I got on a call with Andrew Kreisberg and company and he told me this was the plan for the season, and it all sounds very exciting. But in the TV world where big reveals are the reasons we tune in and stay tuned in, I had to sidestep that initially. One, as an actor, suddenly I was no longer on the same team as all these other actors who had become my friends and allies.
Many months into shooting there had been no word from the writers and no indications in the script.
Many months into shooting there had been no words from the writers or any indication in the scripts that I was going to morph into this other character, as it was originally intended.

Now I was across the room from them, which was awkward, wearing a different suit and brandishing a different attitude. That first day of shooting was a little bit less comfortable than it had been, but in good fun of course.

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