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You will be surprised to learn about amazing animals never seen before and concepts such as bio-luminescence! This super subject includes three component subjects that will get you focused a little more on what you may be looking for. There have been a lot of shipwrecks throughout history, but nobody ever knew how this affected history. Mariana Fuentes always loved working with animals, but she didn't know what career to pursue. Make sure it has not been resized by your browser (you might need to click the image again). The Junior Knights Sports Association is a non-profit, parent directed organization dedicated to providing athletic opportunities for covenant youth as directed by constituent parents. If we talk about formal hairstyles for medium hair, there are a huge number of options that one can try on one’s mane. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Red Hair With Blonde Highlights, Blonde Hair With Red Highlights, Hairstyles For Square Faces and Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair.
This sleek and sexy medium hairstyle is super formal in outlook and also goes great with the face shape of the girl.
The copper chestnut shade and the curls are a sure shot recipe for a charming and chirpy look. The smiling beauty looks very chic in her medium brown hair styled in simple wavy layers and bangs.
This off-center side parted updo has a playful and pretty look that is well-suited for formal occasions. The green-eyed beauty looks pretty in her side swept front bangs and easygoing medium wavy tresses. Jet black wavy hair reaching up to shoulders, let loose with side parting, complements the diamond-shaped face perfectly.

Styled with angular side swept bangs and wavy layers, this medium hairstyle oozes a vibrant elegant appeal. Middle parted wavy blonde layers look very sweet and frame the face in a very cool stylish way. The actress wears a flattering formal hairstyle with long front bangs that highlight her beautiful eyes with amazing perfection. The young actress looks very charming in her shoulder length dark curls worn with side parting. The layered brown curls grazing the shoulders look very decent and create a very smart look for the girl.
Check out this girl’s shoulder length voluminous dark wavy curls worn in a side parted fashion for a vibrant look. This back swept formal medium hairstyle is perfect for corporate women and also adds the height to one’s stature. The long slanted front bangs and the layers create a lovely look that is quite formal and flirty in outlook. The tattooed girl has got her layered straight hair dyed in reddish shade for a formal and trendy look. Wear a formal and playful look by getting your medium length tresses curled, just the way shown in this image. Shiny reddish brown hair with long front bangs, chin length and longer layers looks very classic. Give your medium tresses a slightly layered look and let them loose with a side parting for an elegant formal look.
Take a look at this natty medium hairstyle done with wavy blonde layers and worn in a side parted fashion for a formal occasion.
Voluminous straight dark brown hair with short side swept bangs makes for a plain formal hairstyle.

The layered wavy locks spread around the face with center parting look very formal and easygoing.
This medium blonde hairstyle with modest waves looks very pleasing in its side parted avatar. Finally, the sea even affects things like the weather we experience on land as well as sustains the food chain. Ask any girl or woman and you are sure to hear appreciative words about this neither long nor short hairstyle. The Middle Sea focuses on the oceans, the animals that live here and the work that humans are doing to learn more about this environment.
Since medium hair is easy to maintain and elegant in outlook, it has become the trend in the present times. The Deep Sea is all about exploration and learning more about the deep unknown here on our very own planet. For instance, if you want a modest flirty look then you can curl up your tresses and wear them in a side parted fashion for a quick formal look.
Here we have created a catalogue of 27 images that show girls wearing various types of formal medium hairstyles. Check them out to find out more about the varied fashionable looks you can wear on your hair.

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