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Secret Paladins have been terrorizing the ladder for a couple of weeks now, and while the deck is still very new, the urge to find ways to counter it is just too big for me not to write this article.
Before I begin, I would like to let you know that I played over 100 games with both versions of Secret Paladin trying to figure out which were the best ways to deal with such a deck.
In the end I figured out it is not as hard as it looks, and the simple fact of knowing how the deck operates and its tricks is already enough to have a decent win rate against. Secret Paladin is a deck that plays around Mysterious Challenger powerful Battlecry and tries to take full advantage of it. Overall, I believe the aggro version might eventually die since the Midrange version seems to be a lot stronger, because the aggro version relies heavily on playing certain matchups, and the Divine Favor draw is a must in some games otherwise the deck simply loses, while the Midrange has more snowballing potential and doesn’t depend on what the opponent is playing. Tempo – As basic as this may sound, this deck is capable of generating a lot of tempo.
Hard to Play Around – For anyone new to playing against this deck, it should be a nightmare to play against it, because you usually don’t know what secrets are in play, and how they’ll work.
Now that we are aware of the Deck’s strong points, knowing how it operates, it is time to know the deck’s weak points, to then (in the next section) understand how to properly play against it and counter it. Tempo – Being a tempo deck also means it may sometimes run out of steam before killing the opponent. Vulnerability to Sweepers – Despite having a lot of Sticky Divine Shield minions, the deck is usually weak against cards like Brawl that can bypass the Divine Shield.
Now that we know the Deck’s weakness and Strengths, it is time to tell which decks are better against it.
We know we need good early game board position as well as decent sweepers, therefore Dragon priest seems like the perfect response to such a deck. Patron Warrior, an almighty deck, is also extremely efficient against Secret Paladin, given the Deck’s ease when dealing with board full of minions. If they have a secret up and you have whatever removal you do, only use your removal after popping their secrets! On an aggro mirror, never trade, always go face, trading = popping their secrets = you lose. Having achieved the Legend rank every single season this game has ever had, Nuba has only grown in knowledge throughout the time he has been writing for this website, and is happy to share it all with his loved readers! Over 400,000 people each month use Hearthstone Players to improve their Hearthstone skills. Yesterday we learned Miles Morales and the rest of the Ultimate universe would enter Secret Wars Battleworld in Ultimate End.
Being marvel I’m sure the 3 titles will be so interconnected with multiple crossovers that it will pointless just buying one. With the multitude of colic articles and advice you receive while you are pregnant, how do you know which is the safest for your baby?  There are old wives tales and a shelf full of medicine at the pharmacy but the safest and most effective tricks start right at home are cheap or free.  Understanding what colic is and what colic causes are your first steps in discovering homemade and all natural remedies.
First of all, remember you are not alone and this can be a very frustrating time with your little one.  Your traditional comforting techniques may not work during these periods but there are other steps you can take. Get moving.  Babies are comforted by motion whether it is a walk around the house, swaying back and forth, dancing, or a trip in the car around the block. Resist the urge to overfeed.  Stick to your baby’s normal feeding regime either by ounces or minutes on the breast. Foods to avoid while nursing: eggs, beans, cabbage, beans, caffeine, chocolate, wheat, soy products and dairy products.
Try eliminating one at a time or simply reducing your consumption.  Fussiness and gastrointestinal distress can be a result of a cow’s milk protein or other food allergy and can show like colic in babies. As with all medical advice ask your pediatrician or health care advisor before changing baby’s diet or trying new remedies for colic or if you suspect your baby may have colic.  Most important take time for yourself to relax and if the crying tries to get the best of you don’t be afraid to ask for help.
DisclaimerContent provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not a suitable replacement for a consultation with a licensed medical professional.

As music’s biggest night prepares to rock our world on the 56th Grammy Awards, the music industry’s hottest players are plotting the best live performances that the business has to offer. Honorable Mention: I couldn’t help but mention one other duo that belongs in this category.
During my career in the beauty industry as a lead Master Hair Designer and the author of “Bella’s Secret”,  I have been extremely lucky to have been surrounded by wonderful role models, educators and dear friends.
If you want to take yourself to the next level as a beauty industry professional and would very much like to see a result, this is the place where you can educate yourself and be more successful in your career because this is exactly the place where my winning profession is coming from. By running cards that are not good enough by themselves, the deck becomes slightly inconsistent because it makes it so you will have a couple of bad draws here and there. Make no mistake: Both versions are tempo-oriented versions, and the main different is that one list will run 2 copies of Argent Squire and 2 copies of Divine Favor while the other will run a second Truesilver Champion, Loatheb, Tirion Fordring and the almighty Dr. Every time you completely understand how a deck works, you become better at playing against it.
With a bunch of low-costed cards, this deck can snowball pretty easily, and its big turn-6 play, Mysterious Challenger is the true definition of Tempo: The card itself plays 4 to 5 other cards together with it.
It is very hard to tell which secret has been played because of the high number of secrets the deck plays. Being a tempo deck doesn’t necessarily means the deck will always win over tempo, and there are multiple ways of disrupting this tempo.
Meaning sometimes pressuring the deck means it won’t be able to respond and that their early secrets will go to waste. Other cards like Hellfire and Lightbomb are also extremely efficient against it, despite the divine shields, given the shields have been popped before playing.
This is the reason most Secret Paladin players are moving towards the Midrange version – This weakness doesn’t apply to Midrange Secret decks, that still have other win conditions in the form of Dr. Being an inconsistent deck, means that Secret Paladin is also an explosive deck, so you can still lose a couple of games here and there to bad luck when playing decks that are good counters to Secret Paladin. Secret Pally tends to run pairs of Avenge and Noble Sacrifice while only having one of each of the other secrets. It should be possible to tell if an opponent is playing Repentance by counting their number of secrets when they play Mysterious Challenger.
You bank on winning the game with Mysterious Challenger and if enemy has the answer, some sort of board wipe (Brawl, Lightbomb) you’re often in a big trouble.
Today Marvel announced superstar writer Charles Soule would bring the Inhumans into Battleworld with the new ongoing series Inhumans: Attilan Rising.
Attilan Rising is poised as a sweeping war epic that puts the royal couple Blackbolt and Medusa front and center.
These esteemed celebs are prepping their vocal cords and tuning their instruments for music’s biggest night, but let’s not forget that the Grammy’s aren’t all about the music, they are also one of the biggest nights in fashion. There were many spectacular looks to choose from on this red carpet but here is a mix of the culture of the Grammy Awards in the top 5 looks of the night. P!nk (left), the lady in red started the night off right in this stunning Johanna Johnson gown.
Grammy nominated for Album of the Year “Red”, Taylor Swift arrives at the red carpet in a show-stopping Gucci gown. Katy Perry (left) showed up to the Grammy’s in a Valentino white and whimsical musical note clad gown. Two of the best-dressed men on the carpet last night were Ryan Lewis and Macklemore (right). Paris Hilton (left) shows us the definition of a party in the back (of her dress that is) in this Haus of Milani white long sleeved gown. Electronic artist Nadeea Volianova (right) is not getting our attention for the right reasons with this blue high low dress accompanied by lace up heels.

Robin Thicke’s wife, Paula Patton, proves to be as wild as her husband in this zebra inspired gown.
Boom – The aggro version also rearranges the secrets to adapt to its more bursty version. That is why in all the “How to Beat X” Series we talk about both the Deck’s strengths and weaknesses. This happens because outside of Haunted Creeper and Piloted Shredder the deck lacks defensive Deathrattles. So taking note of which secrets have and have not been played can give you the upper hand when playing around them.
What’s most exciting for Soule about launching this book in the coming mega-event Secret War is being able to give these characters a new context. The Grammy’s are the perfect time for artists to express themselves and bring out the color, sparkle, studs and take some major risks on the red carpet. This daring long sleeved knee length dress sparkles and reflects green and purple specs in the light. Ciara (right) certainly stuns and is absolutely glowing from head to toe in her maternity style dress showing her baby bump in a bronzy gold Emilio Pucci gown.
Swift is looking edgy in this short-sleeved chain mail floor length gown that complements her flawless skin tone and slender figure. This dress proves to be a classic Katy Perry look including both a beautiful silhouette with a little humor added to the mix. These two clearly let their personalities shine through with their looks of choice, not only did they go home with awards but their looks win our sign of approval.
This gown topped off with two animal heads bordering her cleavage, isn’t exactly getting the roar that Katy Perry would support. Julie, the Director of Business Development for “Milady” has created a blog called “THE BEAT”, which is a blog for beauty students and professionals alike to learn useful and relevant information about beauty and today’s trends in the beauty industry. Its best to pop the secrets, have the Challenger get buffed by Avenge and then kill it, than merely killing it, giving them a Redemption Proc and other good buffs.
How to Limit Hit From Maternity LeaveFor women, taking time off work to raise a child can mean taking a big salary hit.
Some of these celebrities were risky in successful ways and others were not exactly getting looks of approval from the fashion police. This look is non-traditional but speaks to the funky flavor the Grammy’s allow artists to play with. Later on in the night she went on to show off her gymnastics skills in her performance with band, Fun, showing us that she is multitalented and has the ability to work it on the stage (or in the air on silks in her case) as well as the red carpet.
The “Roar” singer was not holding anything back this year with her album Prism as well as her memorable red carpet look.
Well aside from the obvious creature that landed on top his head this look does not suffice for the Grammy nominated artist.
Boom on 7 intro Tirion on 8 is the dream, but it happens more often than you’d expect.
This Vivienne Westwood hat does not compliment his casual look of jeans paired with a red leather track style jacket. After you throw the Mysterious Challenger on the board and get rid of all the Secrets from your deck (so you won’t draw into them), most of your draws are really good. Even something like Piloted Shredder or Kings can keep up the aggression just enough that you can kill the enemy in case he deals with your Challenger.

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