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You could be the most talented actress in the world but if you don’t know how to market yourself or your image correctly then you wont ever become famous. You might already even be at the stage where you have an agent or a manager who is working hard to get you work.
If you can make use of all the major social networking platforms it will be a great start and will give you every chance of becoming a famous actress. So if you really want to become a famous actress you need to increase your online presence to make sure you are everywhere all the time and to the point that the big film companies simply cant ignore you and your talents! The question how to Become Super Popular, Rare, Famous on Animal Jam has been asked 1645 times by our users.

Being a former entertainment agent for several celebrity actors I can easily tell you just what you need to do in today’s world which will give you every chance to become a famous actress.
Well stick with them but be sure to keep doing the work on your end because unless your current manager is going to get you a role in a Hollywood blockbuster then you need to continue to market yourself to attempt to get a more major agency interested in representing you. So do what you can to get over a million followers on Twitter, over a millions fans on facebook and millions of hits on Youtube.
I know for a fact that these days when looking for new talent, somewhere such as Youtube is a great place to start.
If you become famous on Youtube especially then you already have a face that might already be well known to millions.

If the actress then looks like they already have a fanbase on Twitter of Facebook then even better as we feel we might already have the finished article!
When a director is looking for new actors for his upcoming TV series or movie then he might just want to try this person who has been causing such a buzz online.

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