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If you were able to maintain a level of self-confidence that no circumstance could shake, what would you be doing differently?  Just imagine the things you would accomplish if you were confident that you COULD. Plenty has been written about building self-confidence – creating a plan, setting goals, finding the right mentor, etc. Running around in your underwear isn’t the solution we’re talking about here, although I’m sure that would feel uncomfortable and look pretty silly.  What we are talking about is growing your inner strength and building your confidence by occasionally putting yourself in situations where you are forced to overcome new and unknown obstacles. You have to remember that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail or how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop taking steps forward.  In the end, those who don’t care that failure is inevitable are the ones that most often achieve success.
The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion, compassion, humor, generosity and kindness, and using these tools to make the world a happier place. When things don’t go as planned, laughing or crying are often the only two options left, because they are both instinctive human responses to frustration.  Both are OK, but laughing usually feels better. How would your life be different if you stopped allowing people who don’t matter to poison your mind with their opinions? To resist at the beginning is always the easiest choice to make, and it’s also the only choice that guarantees you will never reach the end result you desire. Right now, without calling attention to yourself, you can begin to make things happen.  You can take a small step forward, and then another, and grow more capable and more confident with every new step you take.
Let’s revisit the question I opened this post with:  If you were able to maintain a level of self-confidence that no circumstance could shake, what would you be doing differently?
Also, what would you add to the list?  What has helped you build your confidence?  Please let us know by leaving a comment below. When was the last time feelings of exhaustion challenged your ability to confidently manage your presence as a leader?
Do not miss out on the privilege of allowing color inspiration to create a remarkable presence!  You deserve to be perceived as a competent and credible leader because of the effect your colors have on you and others.  Introducing new hues can add more value to your appearance and your attitude.
Color is such a powerful way to create a remarkable personal brand as a leader.  It can be used to communicate the uniqueness of your leadership presence with a creative twist.
If you’re wearing a neutral-colored cardigan, wear a bold-colored blouse underneath or bust out and wear a leopard print cardigan over a neutral-colored blouse. Choose colors to relate to specific occasions – realizing the perception and effect it will create. You deserve to create the best version of yourself every time.  The key is to be open minded, choosing only to wear the colors that inspire your heart to sing! Once you finish it, find a suitable place to hang it so that it becomes a daily reminder and motivator. Hopefully, you can follow and incorporate at least one of these examples in your life.  By doing so, you will in turn create remarkable examples for others to follow. Joyce Meyer, a Christian author, speaker and minister with programming aired in nearly 40 countries, was a thirty-something divorcee with a rocky past when she accepted the call to ministry. For another, even more familiar example, you would have to live under a rock to not be aware of the many devastations and injustices that Oprah Winfrey survived on her rise to greatness in spite of the perceived barriers. If you have experience with any of these empowering actions, please let me hear about them this week. Recently, I hopped into my daughter’s car to run an errand – totally unprepared for what I experienced.
2.  Reflect – Think of how you lost focus and determine what is needed to get back on track.
Word of advice, there could be something medically causing the lack of balance.  Your mind, body and spirit needs time to heal.
3.   Realign and balance - Allow your life purpose and core values to be your guard rails to the road to clarity. Consider an area that you need to declutter:  your work, leisure time or closet in order to gain greater clarity so that you can make the necessary choices to help you better manage your presence.
Also, make exercise, deep breathing, meditation, prayer and journaling, healthy diet and supplements a regular part of your lifestyle.
Set clear and measurable goals and develop a clear strategy and action plan to help you to accomplish your goals.

Develop a sensible schedule and minimize the big projects that you can accomplish in a day. You deserve to show up with the ability to develop and project a confident and authentic image that is polished, professional and poised regardless of the situation, so that you show up as an approachable and credible voice of authority compelling others, for the sake of inspiring them, to greatness.  Allow those around you to gain a clear picture of a leader who is aligned and balanced because you have taken the time to present, package and project the best Y-O-U! It is refreshing to encounter leaders who make great decisions and produce incredible deeds that are inspired by great thoughts. Often, people are evaluating our effectiveness by making impressions or perceptions about us based on our words and behavior. Your presence as a leader should convey values that empower you to stay centered because they are based upon who you are, what you believe, what you are passionate about and they are the ‘why’ behind your behavior.
What changes do you need to make in order to authentically lead according to your core values?
Make the time to determine your values so that people around you will gain a more accurate impression of who you are, what you believe and why? Action Point: Go through your closet and remove all garments that you don’t love or that don’t flatter your body shape and overall coloring. As it has been said, “it matters not how you start but how you finish.”  So go ahead, seize the moment, reflect the BEST of you every day in every way.  Hopefully you will show up the way you deserve to be perceived – brilliantly! Yet, college was a “game changer” because I consciously decided to take steps toward overcoming my fear. Even now, the journey continues, as a speaker and member of Toastmasters International where the goal is to help eliminate the number one fear in America: public speaking, by becoming competent communicators. For example: Which movie did you see recently?  Which character could you identify with and why? For example:  How long have you worked for your company?  What do you find most fulfilling?
Daily, you experience the beauty and power of color.  Yet, color can be more than something you just passively experience.
Why do you think that many pricey restaurants use bold colors that evoke emotions (sometimes good, sometimes bad depending on your taste) and are clearly meant to make a clear impression on you?  For a more common example, let’s look at McDonalds’ decision to make the most visual part of its brand – the golden arches – yellow. McDonalds’ successful use of the power and psychology of color in its branding is validated by research including a 1981 study by Wohlfarth and Sam which concluded that blood pressure and aggressive behavior can be controlled by altering the lighting spectrum within a subject’s environment.
As a result of the very real power of color, I encourage all of my clients to put it to use as part of their personal branding strategies.  My goal is to empower you to maintain a competitive edge that will compel potential clients, customers, employers and employees to find you a desirable business partner. The key to managing your presence and others’ impressions of you is to choose colors that will intensify and bring out your best features.  In my own closet, I have a turquoise dress that brings amazing reactions every time I wear it.
Simply put, color may be the missing ingredient limiting your ability to make the impressions and influence the perceptions that you desire. If you don’t know what each color in the spectrum communicates and how that lines up with the messages that you want to send, you are in danger of falling behind professionally.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Hopefully your creative juices are flowing and you feel more confident about using color in your wardrobe.  Remember color inspires and invigorates you to appear powerful so that you are perceived as an expert in your field, creating a ‘top of the mind’ leadership presence.  So, now go and create a more compelling colorful expression! Therefore, I am here to inspire you to have fun and play with color.  To revamp or reframe your presence, invite some new colors in your wardrobe to express and give life to your authentic personal style!  Whether you desire to create a presence that represents authority, femininity, innovation, trustworthiness, energy or approachability, communicate it with color. The beginning of a new year is a great time to reframe or reset your life and leadership with a life makeover.  This makeover allows you to refresh or refine your life goals with promises, commitments or resolutions daily, which empower you to create the best version of your life experiences and live it in your own style the way you deserve! This way, you can actualize what you are dreaming in your head and keep it before you so that it can become an achievable reality.
The game couldn’t start until someone claimed the role of leader and made it clear that they were the one to follow. An effectively managed image communicates the value you can deliver to those in your sphere of influence; ultimately, your image cements your brand and communicates it to all with whom you interact. Learn to communicate, verbally and non-verbally, with a confident grace towards others that communicates your character.

My experience as a Leadership Presence Expert tells me that a key explanation is each woman’s ability to identify and infuse an authentic leadership presence in the moment. To be an effective leader, we must learn to manage our presence by leading and living our lives in such a way that our actions are fueled by values that come from our core – our best inner person. Determining and consistently representing those values matter because they will greatly shape and impact the culture around you, where you choose to lead and exist.
As a result of this fear, oftentimes my presence, lacking of power, went unnoticed.  That fear followed me throughout high school. It is critical to your success because the inability to communicate clearly, confidently and effectively can affect your ability to create a compelling presence personally and professionally.
A little punch of color in your wardrobe can turn heads, get you noticed and speak volumes without ever saying a single word.
I would love to hear your stories about any lessons you have already learned the hard way about the role of color in making that right – or wrong – impression. Sometimes they revolve around one hue, but then they’ll add accent colors that make everything look fabulous. Next time you are in these stores, walk in expecting to walk out with some new ideas that will have you more excited about looking for these colors in clothes. No matter how many years have passed since you last played this game, never forget that your adult professional and personal life will be enhanced when you learn how to stand out in the real world and brand yourself as a leader.
Your brand is your best authentic self with a remarkable message in motion to share with the rest of the world.  Your presence, the way you show up and “own” your space, will help or hinder your ability to deliver your message well. However, my inability to maintain focus, because of my discomfort, made it difficult for me to enjoy my trip.  Without a doubt, the mechanic revealed the real issue: the car needed 4 new tires, to be realigned and balanced!
It shapes our beliefs about values expressed by others.  Therefore, determine to focus on identifying your values and living them out clearly, authentically and consistently as a leader. Likewise, extend grace for temporary detours and setbacks realizing that with the right support and encouragement you will get back on track. Therefore, focus on the strengths that you possess by learning to showcase and promote them to the world. I vividly remember declining the office of President of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) because I was too petrified to give a speech before the student body.
Maintain eye contact by avoiding making a panoramic view of the room searching for the next interesting person to engage in a conversation.  Throughout the conversation, make well timed and meaningful comments to indicate that you are actively listening to the individual. Take the time to hear their heart.  This can potentially help you to assess what type of assistance or service you can provide later, once trust is built. To avoid empty and meaningless chatter be aware of what is happening in the outside world.  Keep up with current events by gathering information from the newspaper, local news station, magazines, latest shows, movies, music, news feeds, morning news shows or any place where you can expand your knowledge and intellectual capital in order to add richness to any conversation.
This article about UPS and other successful businesses shows how critical colors can be to a corporate brand.
The real difficulty in life is when people around you start feeling inferior when they see you rising.
Why not capitalize on their terrific efforts and consider wearing some of these colors in a new outfit.
You can start this branding process today by first cultivating an image that makes you identifiable to others.
A successful leader is capable of completely being in the moment to create and communicate greatness.
Living with simplicity reduces your stress level, strengthens you financially and increases your productivity.  Learn to repurpose your clothing, furniture, containers, books and magazines etc.
Back to embracing your body: if you love your eyes, wear eye make-up or choose a blouse color that will intensify and enhance your eyes. Unlike some bright colors or distracting patterns, blue is ideal for presentations and first-impression appointments.

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