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Once you’ve got your account set up in Instagram, then the next thing that you’ll want to know is how to get more followers. More followers means more people seeing your posts, finding out about your business, and potentially purchasing your products or services. Of course, when they do come to your account it’s important that they understand what you do immediately. To keep up with the pros on Instagram you should write your bio in the Notes app* and copy and paste it into Instagram. Cross-promote your Instagram account across all your marketing platforms by adding in an Instagram feed plugin on your website, a custom tab on Facebook, and links from your other social media profiles. You can even embed Instagram posts onto your website or blog by using Instagram on your desktop computer to get the embed code. If you sell a physical product, include a postcard or flyer telling people that you’re on Instagram and ask them to join you there. For printed materials, don’t rely just on an Instagram icon; you need to include your actual Instagram username. By adding hashtags to your posts they have the ability to be seen by more than just your followers.
Hashtags serve to connect your account with people that are interested in your creative business. The questions below are a quick way to start thinking about which hashtags you should use on your Instagram posts.
Tip: For a lot of businesses starting out on Instagram connecting with the local community is a great way to build your following. By only using one hashtag to describe what you do you are missing out on marketing to a broader reach of customers. Remember people still need to be able to read your comments, so make sure that hashtags don’t take over!
While you may sell only one product, it’s important to show this off in a variety of ways so that people are continually interested in your posts.
In contrast to Pinterest (where users prefer images without people) photos with faces receive more interaction on Instagram.
Collaborations involve working with other Instagrammers or businesses to build your following.
Collaborate with other accounts for competitions and photo shoots to cross-promote each other.
Collaborations can also involve tagging locations and other users so that they receive a notification and will potentially repost your image as well.
Instagram is a great platform to work with other businesses that you know and ones that you don’t.
At Dotti Media, we teach creative business owners and entrepreneurs how to use social media to promote their business and sell more products. If you want to turn your handmade hobby into a full-time business - to create AND thrive - you've found the right place to help you turn your dream into a reality! It can be expensive to travel but I have never once regretted the money I’ve spent to attend a creative conference, workshop, or retreat. The most important thing to remember when it comes to finding your tribe is to start small. The Braid Method Branding ECourse is for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to supporting themselves financially with their business, create a blog or consistent online presence, and finally turn the work they’re already doing into a digital product, package, or offering for dream customers.
Braid Creative & Consulting is branding and business visioning for creative entrepreneurs. This ecourse is for creative people like designers, photographers, stylists, lifestyle coaches, wellness professionals, yogis, foodies, writers, bloggers, and creative consultants. The device uses an Arduino controller and comes with two games designed by 15 year-old Finnbar Keating. Ikea Hack: Build a Farmhouse Table (the easy way!)   This project is not new to East Coast Creative Blog, actually it is one of our most popular posts of all time and it came way back when we first started the blog. Step 7: This is an important step- you need to create an apron to hide the subframe and give the table a finished look. Thanks for stopping by our blog, we love hearing from the viewers of Knock it Off, we appreciate the support.
That said, I found this on Pinterest and I get mildly cranky about how people claim stuff is SO SIMPLE!

In the last post of the series, we were talking about costly mistakes many sellers make in business. In start-up you typically purchase all of these materials as an investment into your new brand and business. Add the time it took to do all of this per listing and multiply by your hourly rate of pay.
On the same note, please don’t underestimate your customer and try to charge sky-high prices as soon as you open.
If this seems impossible, you may want to question your business model and tweak it accordingly.
Sometimes it can be difficult to work out what to include for office equipment, supplies, utilities, etc.
Join thousands of creative entrepreneurs and learn how to build your passion into the career of your dreams! However, you may have noticed that other accounts have a bio that has been formatted with line breaks. Use emojis to add more flair but remember that you’ve only got 150 characters to play with. Once you’ve written down your answers above, take a moment to come up with variations on the same theme. This also serves you when people come to your account so that they’ll choose to follow you as well.
If you’re contacting another account to collaborate with, work out exactly how you want to work with them beforehand and know what you can offer them in return. We consult with artists, creators and makers on a regular basis and depending on their needs.
The outer layer might be blog readers, Instagram followers, and friendly acquaintances at the coffee shop. It always connects me with the people I’m supposed to be friends with (and the bloggers I leave comments with).
This branding ecourse comes with 7 learning modules in a 300+ page digital download, a workbook with 20+ branding exercises and scripts, a quarterly masterclass, and an exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with us and other students. From tiny shacks to complex architectural beauties such as treetop observatories or castles there are a wide range of styles and designs of houses built in trees.Tree HouseThere are many reasons why people are excited to build a house in the tree. While it may not have all the gaming ooomph of a Playstation or an xbox, their DIY Gamer Kit provides something more – a means to learn some of those much in-demand coding and electronics skills while having fun.
Once you’re happy with your spacing, attach each board from the underside of the table using screws.
After working with over 65 homeowners on our TV show and countless more just in life, we’ve found that the idea of build furniture can be intimidating. We’ve had the original version of this project for 4 years now and every Tuesday we have about 25 people over for dinner- if it can survive that, it can survive anything!!
My brother made us a farmhouse table for our wedding gift out of wood from a really old barn that I passed by on my way home every day and was getting torn down. I really love it, and I’ve pinned it so I can hopefully convince my husband we can do this, too! Went to those fancy furniture stores that will remain unnamed, and they wanted at least $4,000 for the table alone!! I’m pretty new to DIY and am looking to undertake this task (with relatively little knowledge on woodwork). If you live on a planet filled with people that are all super artistic and good at wood working. As far as building a custom table in a super cheap manner that takes loads of time and steps off of building an actual farm table, this becomes relatively easy. In this post we are going to discuss cost, and there are a lot of hidden costs in a creative business.
As your business gets up and running, it’s important to gradually replace this early investment. Keeping the cost of labor low is just one more reason why I’m such a *HUGE* fan of repeating designs and re-listing them in your online storefront. Perhaps some of your role model businesses are charging an arm and a leg … guess what, they’ve paid their dues! There is no schedule, but I will be able to pick up my writing hours here again very shortly ?? Thanks so much for your interest.

I am Lisa Jacobs, and I'll show you how to get more website traffic, sales and professional recognition for your creative business.
And then just this week one of my creative coaching clients asked me how she can build her following and find her tribe. Many are building for their kids, for others building and manufacturing is a hobby and for many is the love for environment intertwined with a bit of childhood’ reminiscent.Whatever your reason is, your house tree has to be strong and safe.
I truly cherish the table but I know one day when we have kids I am going to want this table to go to our dining room or maybe bar area in our basement and get a different table. It is a great idea either way but with a little thrift, you could get by with a $100ish total investment.
You might even be able to find an inexpensive high table and then just add the wood like we did.
I actually 100% agree and if you saw when I posted this on my IG account I totally made fun of myself for writing that.
A lot of new business owners often under-price for shipping, pay too much for supplies (and over-price a product), or under-charge for custom orders.
Cost is made up of much more, and for each product you list online, it’s a good idea to know an average cost of expenses beyond your materials.
Once you’ve paid that off, this added charge per listing should start to build an expense or savings account for your business. That way I know those office expenses are covered without having to dive too far into the minutia. This would be super simple to make and I wouldn’t mind what the kids spilled on it or if it got dinged up. In this post, I’ll help you find a happy medium that works for both you and your customer. Whenever the need for a new computer or more materials pops up, you should have a reserve of cash waiting to cover it … rather than making another investment to your already established business. If you see a project that will not work with your skill set, no need to say anything, just find a different project.
Then there are you close friends – the ones you text your secrets to and have 5-hour long brunches with. Without the benches and if you have all the tools, I think you could get by with $240 total investment.
I have never done anything like this before but I will make this my project over the next few months. If you are making the tree house for your children, you should build your tree house close from the ground, 5 feet (1.5 m).
Be sure your construction will not affect the pruning of the tree.11 Amazing Home-Away-From-Home Tree HousesGeneral contractors, home builders, and more ?Whether granite countertops, a custom kitchen island, or built-in wine racks are new kitchen musts, discover thousands of kitchen designs to help make your dream come true. Select outside patio furniture to match your style, designer garden shed designs or even a greenhouse design to personalize your landscape.3) Building a good platform is critical. The platform will provide the foundation for the rest of structure and you must build a strong, level and safe platform.
The platform must be closed from the trunk, supported by big branches and diagonal bracing and must be balanced equally around the tree. Try do not affect the tree, cutting the bark all the way round when you build the platform.4) When you are sure the platform is secure, you can start the floor.
However if the tree branches are too thick and it is difficult to lift it into position then it is better to build the roof in situ. You can cover the roof with external plywood sheets, roofing felt and shingles.7) For windows and doors let your imagination free. Choose whatever you like and fit.8) It is extremely important that your house tree to have deck and railings. However, you should build a strong and safe deck and railing.9) The last thing is the access for your tree house.

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