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Tip: Don't bother struggling with the oil filter if it's stuck, it will be easier to get at later. Is it nessacery to change the waterpump or just leave it alone because it seems to be working great. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. I read over your instructions again very carefully and I think that I am going to put everything back together and test to see if I can move the tensioner pin freely. The thing is my little brother has had this car for the past 3 years and I don't have a clue what all he has done to it.
I am trying to pack all this information in my head at one time and it confuses me sometimes. OK so once I get the sprockets lined up and the pulley, tensioner, and water pump replaced I should be good to go right? GL-5 Gear oils (rear differential): Red Line 75W90, Valvoline Synthetic, Mobil 1 synthetic. After using Red Line oil in the transaxle for two years and about 8,000 miles, I drained the oil from the transaxle and replaced it with Pennzoil Synchromesh. The 1992-1996 3000GT Service Manual recommends changing the gear oil every 30,000 miles (48,000 km) under severe usage.
I suggest using two fluid pumps to add oil; one for the GL-5 oil for the rear differential, and one for the GL-4 oil for the transaxle and transfer case.
For 1993 and newer models, all cases are filled to the bottom of the filler plug or level check plug opening and exact volume measurements are not required if the car is sitting level. I wanted to send you a letter describing the terrific results I have obtained using Red Line products. Except for the small gif and jpg images, the content, images, photographs, text, and multimedia displayed are Copyright ©2000-2003 by Jeff Lucius and K2 Software.
It runs great, says a little on the cooler end not quite in the middle for the temp gauge but a little under it.
Set the mark one tooth counter-clockwise because when you tension the belt it will rotate the crank sprocket 1 tooth and line it up.

Some people will swear up and down that they will only use OEM parts on their car but none of them have yet to provide any evidence that non-oem parts fail more often than OEM. He claims to have bought of the parts from 3si guys so I am hoping we have some honest people out there. The used Red Line oil looked satisfactory: it still had a reddish brown color and that "Red Line" smell. Position your container to catch the fluid (I add some cardboard and newspaper on the floor also), then remove the drain plug. Many people report improved and smoother shifting after switching to Red Line gear oil in the transaxle. You don't want to pay for, or redo the job of a 60K again just because you skimped on a few $100 bucks in parts.
As long as the lower timing cover isn't too messed up and doesn't interfere with anything then you should be fine. I understand how to set the timing with the bolts and washers (once I saw the holes behind the cam sprockets).
Use the dealer code 675421 to recieve a 10% "club" discount off the listed price of $7.00 per quart. To change the oil in any of the gear boxes (if you are doing one you might as well do them all), you will need to lift the car or have access to a pit.
I talked to Red Line about why they recommend a mixture of MTL and MT-90 for our gear boxes. No part, section, image, photo, article, or whole of this site may be reposted or redisplayed without permission of the author. I think you're very confused on some simple matters so we will just avoid all the confusion and get new parts. The rear differential and transfer case oils were changed before when the transaxle oil was changed. They said that MTL and MT-90 are essentially the same product with different viscosity ratings. You might as well do the water pump if the car has more than 60K and you don't know if it has ever been replaced.

I have reproduced the Red Line technical brochures on these products at the following links.
The oil in both of these cases looked like new and were at the correct levels; I left these cases alone. Because Mitusbishi recommends 75W-85W weight GL-4 for our transaxle and transfer cases, adding some MTL to MT-90 provides a lower-viscosity mixture than straight MT-90. However, I did notice a very dramatic improvement in shifting in my 1987 Mitsubishi Pickup after switching to Red Line gear oil.
Also you can pick up the hydraulic tensioner, tensioner pulley, idler pulley, and timing belt while you're at it because the hydraulic tensioner should not be able to be pushed in by hand.
After switching to Pennzoil Synchromesh, I found the shifting to be improved in the transaxle. After the oil has drained out, replace the drain plug (tighten to 22-25 ft-lb or 30-35 Nm).
After the oil has drained out, replace the drain plug (tighten to 43-51 ft-lb or 60-70 Nm). The "gasket", or metal o-rings, used on the drain and fill plugs are not the compressible type.
So one cup plus two tablespoons will measure out 270 ml or 0.27 L, just what you need to put in the 1991-1992 transfer case. For 1991-1992 models, I use the transfer case oil level tool I made out of a thin copper strip (pictured below) to check the fluid level. Replace the fill plug (tighten to 18-22 ft-lb or 25-30 Nm), and the level check plug for 1993 5-speed models.

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