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The overall model of the gun is made after the 3rd Gen Glock 17, however it is shown without the under-barrel rail.
The standard carbine used by Secret Service and enemy troopers, based on the AR-15 platform. Sometimes, the player's character will pull the charging handle instead of hitting the bolt-catch release button. The R700P is used by USSS Agent Pierce in the levels "Inaugural Assault", and "Last Stand".
The Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser is featured in the game as one of the two pump-action shotguns. The M26 Taser is used during the part when the player has to face some USSS Agents with questionable loyalties.
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Under "Account settings" there is the choice to "Change your default shipping or billing info", click that link and then enter your Apple ID e-mail and password to login.
You will then see a form for entering your payment information, add your new card details on the right and click save. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged apple-id itunes-store or ask your own question.
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The reasons may be many, your credit card expired, you change bank or you just lost the card and you have new one with different number.
The weapon's model is directly from the developer's previous game Soldier of Fortune: Payback, with the foregrip and incorrect 7-shot capacity. It should be noted that the screw placement on the receiver is completely wrong for the 870 series. Instead of firing two small dart-like electrodes, the in-game M26 fires hi-speed darts (that are not connected to the main unit).

You'll see a box with the heading "Payment Information" under Account Information, click the Edit button there. The card you enter here will be used on the Apple Online Store, iTunes and Apple App Store.
12-rounded magazines do not exist for the Glock 17 in real life, only for the sub-compact Glock 26, however those magazines cannot be used with the full-sized Glock 17.
The in-game Remington 700 is clearly the "P" variant, but it is shown with a 5-round detachable box magazine, like the R700 Export. The only difference is the weapon's name; in SoFP it was "CAWS-90", in this game it is called "CAWS-50".
As she imagines what tactical processes they are going through to accomplish their task, she continues in her torment.

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