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While that may be understandable, maybe even exciting, for you, what do you do about your kids? Plan, plan, plan: Inform everyone of the name change -- schools, sports organizations, associations, doctors, health care providers, postal service, insurance companies, family members and even business associates if applicable. Talk to extended family and friends: Involving your loved ones helps with support and minimize the surprises. Be ready for opinionated staff: Even though the world may seem like a changed place, traditional values are still deeply entrenched.
Follow up: A few weeks after you make the name change, call or visit the various offices to make sure that the names have been changed and changed correctly. Speak up immediately: If someone addresses you incorrectly, don’t let it pass, Utt-Grubb says.
Once I knew I was getting divorced, I also knew without a doubt I wanted to change my name back to my maiden name. My ex is of Eastern-European heritage and little did I know that taking his name, would mean that I would always have to say it and then spell it for anyone writing it down. Filed Under: Life After Divorce Would you like to read these posts from the convenience of your email? I changed my name back within a week of separation, since I knew there was no chance at reconciliation. In court, state that you want to include a notation in your divorce papers that you wish to change your name back to your maiden name.
If name change is part of the divorce papers, be sure to ask for several certified copies of the order of name change from the court clerk. If you live in a state where an order of name change is allowed but not part of the divorce papers, contact the judge who presided over your divorce. Legally changing your name in the state of Kansas requires a series of relatively straightforward steps. Many times when women and men divorce, the woman no longer wants to keep her ex-husband's last name.

Ultimately, what you are doing is help change society’s collective mind while developing pride in your own name and grace under pressure,” she says. After they split, Tina fought in divorce court to keep her stage name despite their volatile marriage (the singer accused Ike Turner of physical and emotional abuse, which he downplayed), because she had worked so hard to make it famous. There was a part of me that never knew why I had changed my name in the first place although I think it had to do with demonstrating commitment and maintaining traditions. For anyone who would have to say it, I also had to give them the phonetic pronunciation otherwise they would inevitably say it wrong. So then I asked them about whether they would like to hyphenate their last name to have my maiden name also.
Join my mailing list and receive a free copy of the ebook Untangling From Your Spouse: How To Prepare For Divorce. When a judge approves and signs the order, be sure to request several certified copies from the court clerk. To do this, bring a copy of your divorce papers or your order of name change to the Social Security office in your city.
To do this, bring your new Social Security card along with copies of your court order as a document supporting the fact that you have changed your name. This will enable them to change things such as the name on your pay check, business cards, email addresses and any other company documents. Medical files alphabetized under the wrong last name or school personnel reluctant to release a child to a parent with a different surname are a few of the potential difficulties,” Utt-Grubb says.
The former couple, who split in 1975 after 13 years of marriage, had one child together, son Ronnie Turner. We were in the car, on the way to piano lessons and it was one of those classic sibling moments when they were both in agreement and just melted in fits of giggles – ‘what would happen if we married someone who had a hyphenated name? This form, along with others noted in this article, can be found online at your city or state's court website or at the local city hall. Also notify the human resources department if you got a divorce so that they can change your tax information to reflect single status.

Each card one held a hand-selected passage of scripture that helped her cope and survive that stage of her life. While changing your last name may have seemed like a no-brainer when you said “I do,” it becomes a major decision if you divorce.
Some women change their children’s last names after divorce, some hyphenate their children’s last name, especially if the woman takes back her maiden name, and some actually change their children’s name to their maiden name. Would we have four last names then?’ Then they proceeded to match themselves with kids who had a hyphenated name.
Since Comcast is my phone provider it means that my ex’s name shows up on the caller ID. To make a name change, there are special procedures for divorcées, but regardless it can be done by contacting the right authorities in your state.
If name change is not a part of your state's divorce proceedings, you can remedy this after the divorce is final. Now, in this powerful daily devotional, Kristin offers the same inspiring verses that helped transform her heart. She also adds her own compassionate, personal messages of faith and love.Spirituality is one of the most important ways to take care of yourself after a divorce. It’s so important to build emotional and spiritual strength to help you weather the storms ahead. You’ll be dealing with everything from child custody to alimony to changing your name (back to your maiden name)…you need a strong foundation of God! In this post, guest author Sydney Tyler Thomas describes the thought process she went through when changing back to her maiden name after her divorce. It felt like I was giving up my identity.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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