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There are a multitude of special effects that can be created with type that has been converted into a vector shape or path.
Step 3: Press A to activate the Path Selection tool and draw a box around the letter you want to spin and move, or just click within the letter. Step 5: Move the letter so that it overlaps the one to its right by clicking and dragging within the transform box.
Step 6: Hop up to the Options bar and click the Exclude Overlapping Shape Areas button, circled below.
The result is that wherever the letters touch, the background of the document can be seen through them, like a cut-out.
Step 7: After placing a piece of beautiful vector art from over at iStockphoto, I wanted to see how the text looks if I picked up a color from the illustration.
Step 8: In the resulting Color Picker, use the eyedropper cursor to grab a color from the illustration. 150 ml Plastic (HDPE) vitamin bottle with box rendering mock up cover actions to showcase your health products bottle label designs.
Also color selection for the bottle made available so you can change the bottle color to any other color to fit your need.

150 ml HDPE Vitamin Bottle-Standard Cap Mock Up Photoshop Cover Action1 Action Script (ATN file) PLUS 1 PSD Template Include As Pre-Described Above. 2-In-1 150ml Glass Bottle & HDPE Pills Bottle Mock Up Action Set2 Action Scripts PLUS 1 Ready Made PSD Template that perfect fit for both actions. Since I've been going back and forth with my editor getting the typography chapter in tip-top shape, I have yet another text tutorial for you. Though the text becomes uneditable, the former type layer is morphed into a living, breathing, and resizable, distortable piece of art or editable path.
You may have noticed that these options are grayed out on a normal type layer; however, they’re ready for action on a shape layer. Instead of creating each letter on its own layer and rotating them individually (also known as A Royal Pain), convert the word into a shape layer first, and then use the Path Selection tool to grab each letter and rotate it with Free Transform, as shown below.
Once you’ve converted text into a shape, you have the full arsenal of shape commands at your disposal, including the ever-useful Exclude Overlapping Shape Areas option. That’s right, you can send the file off to a professional printer, or to an inkjet for that matter, without a care in the world.
Rotate the letter by hovering your cursor just below and outside one of the corner handles.

Your cursor will automatically change once you mouse away from the Color Picker dialog, so just give the new color a click and your text will take it on instantly. This action script allows you to create a single pills bottle OR pill bottle with box, OR pills bottle with flat bottle label layout displayed as background. Create a work path from the text and use the Path Selection tool to twist and pull the letters any which way you’d like. If you’ve ever wanted to create text that fades into the distance in proper perspective, here’s your chance.
By converting text to a shape, you don’t have to worry about including the original fonts or how the text will print.

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