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In a new report, the National Center for Policy Analysis is claiming that by embracing a private school voucher program, Texas could both save money and improve academic outcomes for its students. School choice for Texas children could be implemented through universal tuition vouchers, as well as corporate and individual tuition tax credits. A feasible voucher program could significantly lower discipline issues and dropout rates, allow for greater school choice and competition, and would not reduce the funding per public school student. Andy has been awarded a 5-year EPSRC Fellowship focusing on the Internet of Things and is currently collaborating with Richard Mortier, University of Cambridge, and Hamed Haddadi, Queen Mary University of London, on the Databox project. We are editing a special issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing on the Internet of Things and Privacy. Currently, more than 40% of public school students are not in a learning environment that suits them best, and by providing more flexibility and putting more control into the hands of Texas families, the voucher program would not only benefit students but also provide public schools with an incentive to get better.

Therefore, they have no real reason to change the way they approach learning, even if the current approach doesn’t work for a large chunk of their students.
However, the most important reforms would give Texas students the option to choose to attend private schools.
If the vouchers allowed students to use up to 75% of their per-student allotment towards private school tuition, all it would take is for fewer than half-a-million families to take advantage of the voucher for the state to save nearly $2 billion over just two academic years. Additional benefits of school choice include higher teacher pay due to the increased demand for high-quality teachers, increased private spending on schooling, and higher public school performance and standards due to increased competition for students and specialization of schools. Creating a voucher program would provide a reason while at the same bringing about the increasingly-embraced concept of school choice. A voucher program open to all Texas K-12 students — enrolled in public or private schools — could be structured in a way that does not reduce the current funding per public school student, and adds no new cost to taxpayers.

Recent Developments in Ethnomethodological and Conversation-analytic Research, International Sociological Association. Experience Reporta€?, National Centre for e-Social Science Research Node DReSS Deliverable, ESRC RES-149-25-0035.
Indeed, the program would increase the funding available per public school student and there would be substantial long-term savings to public schools in reduced capital costs. Back to the Future of Organisational Work: Crowdsourcing and Digital Work Marketplaces, February 16, Baltimore, ACM.

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