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Creates a Right Hold procedure in the Current position with the current heading as inbound. The FMC is the best tool for the planning and execution of the flight route, either for long travels and high cruise levels, as well as short ones to low altitude, it will ensure all possibilities of any airliner.
You can select a different OAT Temperature (perhaps the aircraft is in the shadow and the runway temperature is higher).
You can enter the flaps for takeoff, acceleration altitude, altitude for thrust reduction, The UFMC tells you the wind at the runway heading. You can change the climb speed here from the Econ Speed calculated by the UFMC, entering Kias and Mach.
This Page shows the Cruise Altitude Selected, The Optimal Speed (you can change it here), the Optimal Thrust limit that you can change in the Thrust Limit PAGE. You can see here in what Waypoint the optimal descent finished, The optimal descent speed, that you can change it here, The arrival airport transitions and any speed restrictions.

In this second Progress Status Page, we can findi?? the heading wind as well as the lateral wind components. From the list of Runways, When one selected, the UFMC list all the Procedures SIDs (Departures)A or STARs (Arrivals) to Select one.
The UFMC automatically tunes the VOR's and radionavigations to make a more accurated route.
In this second Progress Status Page, we can find the heading wind as well as the lateral wind components. You can also change the transition Speed and transition altitude (Altitudes to Flight Levels), as well as the Speed restrictions if any. Here yoy can find the last Waypoint name, altitude , zulu time a fuel remaining when passed. The V1, Vr and V2 speeds are calculated by the UFMC, but you can enter manually if you want.

If you have reached the Optimal Cruise, this page tells you the next Climb Step (35000 feet here) and WHEN you can climb to the newA Optimal Cruise Level and How Many Nautical Miles far is the climb step. You can see the magnetic heading and distance to every Waypoint, as well as the Speed and Flight level or altitude.
We can also see the waypoint we are flying to, the next on and our destination airport name and ETA. It shows the Lateral error from our track in Nauticals Milles and shows the Vertical error from our Vertical path in Feets. We can see the TAS, SAT and total Fuel FLOW as well as by any of the four engines (in this case it is an aircraft with two engines) At Last, The Fuel Remaining masured by the instruments and calculated by the UFMC.

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