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Facebook is changing the default privacy setting for new status updates from Public to Friends.Besides it is introducing expanded Privacy Checkup for people already on Facebook.
Besides it is introducing a new and expanded Privacy Checkup for people already on Facebook. So, going forward, when new people join Facebook, the default audience of their first post will be set to Friends. From now on first time posters will see a reminder to choose an audience for their first post, and if they dona€™t make a choice, it will be set to Friends. For existing users, over the next few weeks Facebook will bring out a new and expanded privacy checkup tool, which will take people through a few steps to review things like who theya€™re posting to, which apps they use, and the privacy of key pieces of information on their profile. The move is a rational one but it has taken Facebook five years to implement or rather understand the importance of user privacy on a network.
One thing is evident – Facebook is working hard to improve the user experience on the platform, even though it still leads as a social network. How To Change Your Existing Facebook Fan Page Vanity or Custom URL You are using an outdated browser. Users of Facebook can now easily scroll back in time and see what they were saying and what they were sharing previously on Facebook. The Timeline allows users to upload a large photo or Cover right at the top of your Timeline.
Any picture you add here needs to be 851 pixels wide to display correctly.A  The cover dimensions are 851px by 315px.
There is still some confusion as to what type of image you are allowed to show here.A  Many business marketers are keen to upload an image that is basically a company advertisement, but a word of warning. For now, it’s probably safest to choose an image that represents your personality and life, rather than a commercial advertisement for your business. Do remember that this Cover image, being public, can be seen by any Facebook user who checks out your Timeline. Even if your Timeline is entirely locked down for viewing by friends only, the Cover image is still public. To upload a photo, click the arrow beside the Add a Cover button on the top of your Timeline (previously Profile) page. The notification we showed you above will immediately appear to remind users about what photos are allowed on the cover space. You have two options here a€“ upload a new photo or choose from photos already in your existing albums.

To avoid showing your image in pixels, upload a fairly high resolution photo as your Cover image. Consider using the social sharing icons below to share this post on your favourite social networks.
Lot of Covers app and website , now you can also create cover from your friend profile picture.
Also mention the default Max Size of fb cover is 850 x315 , You can also share with your reader about us , we create cover photos using friend profile picture.
Wendy Chamberlain is a sought-after speaker, Trainer, International Best Selling author and Online Engagement Strategist who is passionate about showing business owners and Entrepreneurs how to navigate the online world and social media.
Inspired by the desire to educate and empower others and driven by a need to follow her passion, Wendy threw in her high-powered, six figure job with its $45 million budgets and gut wrenching stress to follow her passion. Wendy can show you effective online engagement strategies to connect with and influence your target audience. Wendy Moore has been named a 2009 Finalist in the 6th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in two categories - Best Asian Entrepreneur and Best New Service of the year. How to Add a Cover Image to Your Facebook Timeline Facebook is changing and the Timeline is coming. Facebook Fan Page Timeline: How to Pin a Post to the Top The new Facebook Timeline for pages is here. The world’s most popular social network, in a latest blog post, has announced that it is changing the default privacy setting for new status updates from Public to Friends. We recognize that it is much worse for someone to accidentally share with everyone when they actually meant to share just with friends, compared with the reverse.
However, users can change who they are posting to at any time, and can change the privacy of their past posts too. In short Facebook will educate you and provide options to make your privacy strong on the network and in a way better the experience. While Facebook fan boys might be proud of the move but this will lead to a new problem for the social network. It becomes your (sometimes major) job to track down where you have published that URL and change it.We want to avoid frivolously wasting this opportunity to change this URL. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on our Savvy List Building Articles.
Follow Wendy Moore for the latest about the platforma€™s new features, tips and tricks as well as social media updates.

Often times, we find ourselves, a year or more in the future and facing an unplanned and unexpected (or legally obligated) business name change and needing this. You only get the one… so hold onto it if you can!However, if you’ve been waiting on this opportunity, it’s now available! Many users tend to goofup with name field and want to change display name of their Facebook account.
Because the policies now match, I would not expect to ever be able to change it beyond that….
Thankfully, Facebook does have option to change the display name.Change display name of Facebook account1. Like you can display nickname or maiden name for easier dicovery by friend who know you by nickname instead of full name.3. It will take upto 24hrs (or 48hrs) for new name details to appear in your Facebook account. Facebook requires you enter your real name, which I agree with, but you are now also stuck with displaying your full real name.
I can see that i am not the only one that has tried to do this and i can’t believe that there is no soultion to this problem.
Why does facebook allow you to create a username if you can’t use it for this purpose. ReplyJue says: February 25, 2011 at 5:55 amwhy facebook rejected my request to change my display name??? ReplyJaved says: June 29, 2011 at 5:22 amI want to change my name in facebook id but I received a mail from facebook server that your name will not change ? Replykelly johana says: August 19, 2011 at 2:41 pmcomo puedo cambiar mi nombre si asi aya llegado a el limitehow I can change my name if you reached the limit ? Replyemon khan says: June 9, 2012 at 11:43 pmwhy facebook rejected my request to change my display name??? The name fields no not appear as FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME & LAST NAME to change my name.

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