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The font size of mail messages can appear really small on the iPhone and iPod touch screens, but the default setting can be adjusted and increased substantially if the text size just looks too small.
Try a few different options out, and ultimately it will depend on the quality of your eyesight as to what you’re most comfortable with.
This is nice because it gives you a live preview of what the text size will end up looking like in mail app and elsewhere.
The default font size for messages and texts on the iPhone is fairly small, and while it may look fine to many users, it’s simply too tiny to be easily readable for others.
The preview text alongside each option gives you a general idea of how things will look, but it’s really best to make a settings adjustment, then flip over to the Messages app and see how things look directly. With both iOS 6 and iOS 7, increasing the font size setting here expands beyond Messages content, and it also boosts the text size in Mail app for email body and subjects, Calendars, Contacts, and Notes too. I have fairly decent eyesight and I find myself most comfortable with the 20pt font size setting on the iPhone, and for older folks and those with visual difficulties, I always opt for 24pt, 30pt, or higher. By the way, if you also use Messages on the Mac too, you may wish to boost the text size there as well so that all messages are more legible, regardless of the platform you are reading them on. Thanks for the clear & (hopefully) helpful suggestions for enlarging the text size w\ o blowing the whole pg up off the screen! If the default font within the Notes app burns your retinas nearly as it does mine, it may deter you from using the Notes app. Here you can switch between three options; the default Noteworthy font, Marker Felt, and Helvetica. While Helvetica may be the only acceptable option at this time, it will be a lot easier on the eyes than the default font. Some developers have reported a perplexing issue with refunds on the App Store whereby Apple is allowing bulk refunds for apps years after their purchase.

Former head of technology at Nest, Yoky Matsuoka, has joined Apple to work on health initiatives such as HealthKit and ResearchKit.
However, I noticed a friend had rather large text on her phone the other night, so I had a little look in the settings and worked out what she had done.
I've noticed recently that I too have to hold things further away to read them or even look over the top of my glasses. Hiya, I'm Chrissie, a slightly older mum of one who drinks far too much red wine, is obsessed with slow cooking and likes to tinker with tech. I have fairly decent eyesight but wear corrective glasses, and find that increasing the size a little bit is enough for me.
Extra Large and Giant are accurate descriptions of their accompanying text sizes, you will want to take a look at just how big they are before using them as primary settings. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
You can put the AA in your Toolbar by going to View>Customize Toolbar and increase the website text using it without Reader. The result is a much more readable experience in places where it matters most, and if you ever find yourself squinting to read the small on screen words, just take a moment to increase the sizes here, it can make a big difference in usability. While some users may prefer something more powerful like Evernote, the Notes app gets the job done for a lot of people, especially since it supports iCloud sync. I have definitely noticed that I struggle a bit when I read medicine bottles, I guess next it will be text messages. Apple has gone to great lengths to make their devices accessible to all people including those with hearing, sight, and motor skill impairments. After downloading the font a homescreen icon will be created which can be used to change and add fonts on your iPhone and iPod Touch .

The biggest barrier is not MyFonts’ image recognition technology (which has proven itself online), but the dreadfully inadequate iPhone camera.
Changing  the text size will affect your text messages, Contacts, Mail, Calendars, and Notes. Just ensure that the lighting is good.And remember, that even with a great photo and big type, there are no guarantees. An icon will be created which gives access to the latest fonts available on the developer’s website . Although the MyFonts database of type is big, there are numerous foundries and faces that just aren’t there.
There is a huge collection of online fonts that can be downloaded through this web app based application .For more jailbreak apps and tweaks check out our iPhone Jailbreak Apps section . See my font identification post for further resources.The next app (free) is imaginatively named Fonts. Just draw the character (Kanji) with your finger, and it finds it in the extensive Japanese dictionary:The Lite version is free.
The standard ShinKanji, with an expanded dictionary and alternate input and search methods is $5.99 (much cheaper than an electronic dictionary).
Imagine a mobile version of FontStruct, or … well, I have some ideas too, so stay tuned.

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