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This will also have the same effect when you’re using Google Chat or any of the other Google services. You can change the name that’s linked to your email address, but not the address itself. TIP: Sometimes these changes are not reflected immediately so i would suggest logging out of Gmail and restarting your browser to make sure that the changes take.
When everyone is looking forward to study web and apps usage analytics and traffic statistics to understand better about consumer behavior towards certain products, the outcome will result in better products.
Major email newsletter service providers do provide complete stats and analytics so you can study when’s the best time to send out newsletters, preferred contents, how many newsletters were opened and read and more.
Gmail Meter is a special script that can be used to help you understand your email usage behavior, find out who interacted with you most via email, when is the peak time for email traffic and many more.

To start using Gmail Stats, go to the Google Docs homepage and create a new spreasheet file. Search for Gmail Meter from the search bar and when the results appear, click on the Install button, then click Close.
When installation is complete just before you click on the Close button, a popup will appear, click on Authorize then hit Close.
After you hit Close, notice that there’s a new item added to the menu bar, go to Gmail Meter and select Get A Report. When the report is ready, it will be sent to you via email, with easy-to-read charts and graphs of your email statistics carrying details on volume, frequency, top senders and receivers. At the end of the email, there’s a last section called Your Own Statistics with links to raw data that was used to create all of the charts and graphs above.

Human interaction has become the main target to increase engagement, but we forget a rudimentary tool, that of email statistics. But those features were not available with your Gmail, not until Gmail Meter hit the scene.
This link will directly open the Gmail Meter document you created at the beginning of this guide. The document will carry more details including senders email address, and you can even use this data to make your own charts.

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